The White Stripes Sign to V2 Records

Holy mother of… The White Stripes just signed a 2 album deal with V2 Records here in the US. After reading that article, you sort of feel like it’s The Strokes RCA deal… part 2. Crazy. It seems they’re going to have a lot of control over their work…My favorite part? “The arrangement with Third Man gives Jack, in essence, an A&R and production role with V2, with opportunities for other Detroit acts he has been producing.”

All the best to ’em!


Jack Black vs. Jack White

I just realized. Jack Black, action hero. Jack White, rock hero. I wonder what Jack Red, Blue and Green are doing. Probably rockin’ out somewhere.

You know what else? I figured out who Jack White’s voice reminds me of. The enjoyable Vince Vaughn. Both of them need to be on Ritalin. Bless.

Music of the Moment: “Screwdriver,” The White Stripes (John Peel Session); “Push It,” Stereo Total; “Since I Left You,” The Avalanches; “A Stroke of Genius,” Christina Aguilera vs. The Strokes, “Tie Up My Hands,” Starsailor.