Transcribing The White Stripes

Holy shit, I was just looking at radio scripts, and this has got to be the funniest transcribing I’ve seen in a long time. Imagine being the person who had to do THIS (Lyrics from The White Stripes, “Little Room”):

Well, you’re in your little room, and you’re working on something good, but if it’s really good, you’re going to need a bigger room. And when you’re in the bigger room, you might not know what to do. You might have to think of how you got started, sitting in your little room. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, ya-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. A-da-da-da-da-na-na-na-na-na-na, na-ya-na-na-na-na, na-ye-na-ne-na-da-na. Ya-da-la-le-ya-da-da-ee, na-da-le-na-da-ni-a-da-ne-ya. Yo-na-da-le-da-da-na-na-na-de-da. O-la-ya-he-da-en-ee-da-da-la-da-yo-ne. A-la-na-a-na-a.

Getting a Peek at an Older Version of Me

You know you’re a sad rock icon when… you have to start paying people to be groupies. Sorry Mick.

You know you’re really sad when… you read a weblog that freakishly reminds you of yourself. I’m gonna fucking cry, it’s so frightening. It’s like the older version of me… but the one that actually SAW THE WHITE STIPES SHOW AT PIER 54 INSTEAD OF SITTING AT HOME BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO LAZY TO GET HER ASS OUT TO SEE IT.

I guess I should mention there was a reunion yesterday for lunch at Cafe Gigi. The gang was there. Cole wore a Strokes tshirt. Word.

And I don’t think I quite get a real definite meaning from this story… but it’s bad to be a groupie.

The New York Times Can’t Tell the Strokes and the White Stripes Apart

*Snort* I still find this funny. The Times sucking it up big time. Oh the irony of the mixup!:

The picture caption on Thursday with the Pop Life column, about bands that are bringing new energy to rock ‘n’ roll, referred incorrectly to a highly regarded recording by the White Stripes, which is in the forefront of the movement. It is “White Blood Cells,” not “Is This It,” and it is the group’s third album, not its first. “Is This It,” as the column noted, is the first album by the band Strokes.

Cast, “Desert Drought”… the singer sounds like Robbie Williams… and Saves the Day.. that Funeral song or whatever it is… are these kids out of high school yet? I saw the vid last night and I kept thinking of Ben Lee or something.

And I don’t know what this is… but it’s an odd design for a site basically about porn.

The Strokes, “When It Started” is on NME Radio right now. Excellent.

And no matter what anyone says, Starsailor is quite good. Even if “Lullaby” sorta sounds like “Happy Xmas” by John Lennon.

I keep forgetting… Travis loves NY… and NY loves Travis.

Coldplay just updated…. Wonder if they are going to do the cover of “Here Comes The Sun” in New York next week…


Get Over It: Jack and Meg White Were Never Married

Dude… the intro to the Leno program said, “Musically acclaimed singer… Ryan Adams.” *Snort*

Ewan. On. Leno. Tomorrow. ::breathes::

Rerun of The Strokes on Conan December 10.

Can we finally bury the hatchet on this are they, aren’t they business about Jack and Meg? THEY AREN’T. THEY’RE NOT. THEY WERE. Why did they do it?, you may ask? According to this Age interview, “According to Jack, they invented their alternate history ‘when a journalist we didn’t like started saying stuff about us and we decided to make them look stupid’.” It’s a pretty good article.

And in a nod to *The* Neil Vickers, let’s give a shout out to Martin Amis!

Jack White Is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Edward Scissorhands

It’s that time of night/day where I watch video clips of The Strokes and The White Stripes on TOTP. Check out Jules blazer-wearing days and shorter hair. Why does Jack White scare the living daylights out of me with his pale pale face and his dark dyed hair? He looks like a rock ‘n’ roll Edward Scissorhands.

But this is far from being the most upsetting calamity of the evening. SOMEONE LET NICKY OF WESTLIFE SHAVE OFF ALL HIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR. He used to be adorable with his Ronan Keating-esque hair. Now he’s… just bald. I blame Becks. Or Jude Law. Or anyone else who’s gone bald.

To add insult to injury… they let Nicky TUCK HIS SHIRT IN HIS PANTS. WHERE WILL IT END?