Jack White Slept Here…and Recorded Here…and Ate Over There…

Jack White has officially wiped his hands clean of his former hometown of Detroit, MI. (He currently hangs his hat in Nashville, TN.) He has now put his house in the D on the market, the historic 1731 Seminole, with an asking price just under a million dollars: $930,000.00. Not bad for a house he bought the deed for $1 from Richard L. Bradley and Kenneth B. Welsh in 2003.

The house is beautiful and well-maintained (Jack spent a reported $200,000 in restoration/ modification on the house), containing many of the original details of the house. The expansive house features a laundry room, attic, library, sunroom, formal dining room, full dressing room, and a Herring-Hall-Marvin Walk-In Safe. One of the hidden treasures of the abode is a large “secret garden” courtyard with a Koi Pond in the center.

Probably my favorite part of the web site for his house is the image they use for Jack White‘s headshot.

So hang on real estate hounds and voyers, here’s a peek into Jack’s old house:

jw bedroom

Jack White’s master bedroom in a tasteful muted brown…

jack white foyer

Second floor foyer…

jack white kitchen

Jack’s all white, red, and black kitchen with cooking island…

jack white staircase

The grand staircase and foyer where Get Behind Me Satan was recorded.

For more photos and information, head over to the web site for the house.

Thanks to JWG for the link.

New Raconteurs Video Changed Jack White’s Life

According to a long-time reader Norwegian reader named Idioten, this week in a press conference, The Raconteurs announced that they shot their video for upcoming single “Hands” at the Dikemark hospital in Oslo with a group of deaf girls.

Wrote Idioten: “Jack White said that the whole experience changed his life. He was very inspired by the girls who danced to and felt their music without actualy hearing it.”

If you can read Norwegian (yes YOU, Sondre Lerche), check out this article for more and head over to Candy Cane Children for more discussion.

WATCH: Behind-the-scenes footage of “Hands” video

More Raconteurs

I know this is late, but here’s a message posted on the Raconteurs newsletter yesterday:

The Raconteurs just added a second date in NYC. So if you didn’t have a
chance to get tickets to their Roseland Ballroom show on September 26th,
tickets just went on sale for September 25th.

Tickets still available.

Raconteurs Team Up with Paul Ruebens

From the Raconteurs mailing list:

The Raconteurs have teamed up with Paul Ruebens, best known for his work as Pee Wee Herman, in a brand new video for their single, “Steady, As She Goes.” In this video, each band member plays an imaginative speed-racing hero in an old-fashioned soap box race, following the heroes on their cut-throat chase for first place. Ruebens plays an unscrupulous pit boss, stooping to low levels to ensure a win for his racer.

The video will premiere exclusively on Yahoo! Music on Monday, June 19th. You can also catch a debut live performance of “Steady, As She Goes” and an interview with The Raconteurs on Live @ Y! Music beginning today, Monday, June 12th, recorded live at Y! music studios last week.

UPDATE. Rayna emailed me the link last night:

WATCH: “Steady as She Goes” video by The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs So Electric, the Power Goes Out

Within seconds of starting their in-store performance at Tower Records in New York City, The Raconteurs were too hot for the sound equipment to handle, causing them to lose all electric power for their instruments. They managed to get through a few songs like “Hands” and “Yellow Sun” before retreating for a “five minute break” until the tech crew got the electric up and running because according to Jack White “only the drums [were] working.”

After the sound was sorted, they came back on to complete what was about a 45 minute set.

During a lull in the performance, Brendan Benson asked if anyone had any requests. Someone in the front shouted “Blue Veins” to which he said, “Well we’ll have to check with Jack since he sings that one.” Jack said ok and they ripped into bluesy “BV”. And somewhere over the course of the evening Jack thanked us for wearing those things on our wrists for 3 days. Uh HUH.

Oh and drummer Patrick Keeler? Still officially the most adorable member of the band.

SET LIST: Hands/ Yellow Sun/ Together/ Steady as She Goes/ Level/ Broken Boy Soldier/ It Ain’t Easy/ Blue Veins/ Hands (with electric power)

the raconteurs tower records

raconteurs tower records

brendan benson tower

The stairways were jam-packed with the VIP folks, and the floor was a crowd of maybe 200 folks…many of which were balding (according to my photographic evidence).

raconteurs tower records

Old and young came out to see the 4 (5 with keyboards) piece…here’s the littlest Raconteurs fan at the gig, who managed to snag a drumstick.

raconteurs wristband

Here’s a copy of the set list (sent in by a reader)…obviously they didn’t follow it…

raconteurs tower records

raconteurs tower records

WATCH: “Hands” by The Raconteurs @ Tower Records

WATCH: The Raconteurs live @ Tower Records

WATCH: “Steady as She Goes” by The Raconteurs on Conan O’Brien 

Raconteurs at Tower Records: The Line

Hi everyone… were you braving the rain and waiting on line today to get a wristband (and commemorative laminate) to the Raconteurs in-store at Tower Records on Thursday? Will you be at the show? One of the first people on the line had a baby in a snuggly and two young children. Around 9:30 I saw the line was about midway down the block…

But what’s up with them putting the wristbands on each and every wrist? People are reporting that they feel as though they’ve been forced to be Julian Casablancas for 48 hours and/or they just got out of the hospital.

raconteurs wristband

The Raconteurs Play Tower Records and Conan

Hi guys. Sorry, been kinda under the weather, so I’m sure you’ve already read about this, but I’m just going to mention it anyway. According to the Raconteurs official mailing list:

The Raconteurs will be performing on Conan O’Brien on Thursday, May 18th…be sure to tune in!

If you live in New York City you will also get the chance to see them play live at Tower Records (4th & Broadway) on Thursday, May 18th at 10 pm EST. Beginning 9 am EST on Tuesday, May 16th, Tower (4th & Broadway) will be giving out a wristband for this performance when you purchase their new album, Broken Boy Soldiers. One wristband per person limit. Space for this performance is limited so don’t miss out!

Will this be an epic wait on line a la Pearl Jam? I think not, but who knows!? What are your plans you crazy cats?