Your Thoughts: “Consolers of the Lonely”

Officially in stores starting today, folks! The Raconteurs’ second album, Consolers of the Lonely. Post your first listen opinions right here. And if you have any photos of the record in your local shop, post those too!

For local peeps: Other Music opens at 12 noon and is selling the album for 16.99. Best Buy locations open at 10am and have it on sale for 14.99. Circuit City is selling it for 13.99 and open at 10am. Etherea’s site is down so not sure how much they are charging.

Sound Fix in Brooklyn is having a listening party today: “Come out and listen to the new Racontuers release “Consolers of the Lonely.” Free PBR and Vinnie’s pizza from 7-8pm. This is also street date for the CD so pick up a copy in the store.”

consolers of the lonely

Some early comments, “Why are the Raconteurs grow-ers, not show-ers?”

Apple’s iTunes “Leaks” Raconteur’s “Consolers of the Lonely” Days Before Release Date

Looks like the much bally-hooed effort of the Raconteurs to make their music available in various formats simultaneously has been foiled by the crew over at Apple’s iTunes. Folks over at The Little Room message board are reporting that they are now able to legally download the ENTIRE Consolers of the Lonely album via the iTunes digital website.

Writes one poster, “Um, so…am I in the dark about something?…cause I just downloaded the new album on itunes thinking it was a pre-order and now have the entire album on my computer…….isn’t official release tuesday?”

It’s currently available on the US and UK iTunes websites.
UPDATE: Looks like Apple has at the very least disabled the US download.

It has also been rumored that some record chains in the US have already sold copies of the album to customers. Fans in the UK have been treated to auditory previews by overzealous music shop clerks who have played the album over the PA systems in stores.

In addition to that, folks are posting that the album has now made it to the illegal downloading circuit.

Will Jack and the boys be pissed at this technical snafu? Was this not a mistake, but a carefully planned “legal leak” to drum up publicity? Will Jack go on a No Country for Old Men-style rampage, killing everyone who downloaded the tracks early? You make the call… Either way, I’m kinda bummed that it’s already out there.


Tip for UK peeps: Don’t search for “raconteurs” — it won’t come up. Instead, search for “consolers” or “consoler”

PS: I haven’t downloaded it, will wait to purchase it next week in the store so I can’t say that it’s 100% true, but sounds valid. Have any of you, dear readers, been able to purchase a copy in advance?

The Raconteurs Announce Tour Dates

From the official mailing list:

The Raconteurs are pleased to announce the following North American tour dates. You want tickets before they go on sale to the public this weekend? Tomorrow, March 20th, at 10 am local time, you can visit the following links to buy your tickets before everyone else. Please note they are on a first come, first served basis and you’ll need the special password which is “consolers”.

April 20th
Commodore Ballroom/Vancouver, BC

April 21st
Neumo’s/Seattle, WA

April 22nd
Wonder Ballroom/Portland, OR

April 23rd
Bimbo’s 365 Club/San Francisco

April 26th
The Joint/Las Vegas, NV
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The Raconteurs Release “Consolers of the Lonely” Next Week

Holy sheboigies! According to the LA Times, the second Raconteurs album, Consolers of the Lonely, will be out NEXT WEEK, on March 25th.


Why is this the first time you are hearing about this album? Oh, that’s because Jack White just dropped it off at the record label LAST WEEK. According to Radiohead’s Atease message board via Rolling Stone:

Jack White went into the Warner Bros. office last Tuesday, handed them the master tape for the new Raconteurs and told them that he wanted the album out this Tuesday.

The album will feature 14 tracks and will be available at “mom and pop” shops, iTunes, Amazon, and corporate superstores who are able to stock the title with such short notice. It will be released on Third Man Records via Warner Brothers and XL Records.

The first single, “Salute Your Solution,” will also be released on the 25th via the internet (all editing disasters aside).
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Jack White to Cameo as Elvis Presley In “Walk Hard”

According to internet buzz on Cinematical (via the Thigh Master), Jack White will be hitting the silver screen once again–this time in the comedy Walk Hard starring John C. Reilly. It’s a tongue-in-cheek spoof of musical biopics that have taken over Hollywood in the last few years like Ray and Walk the Line.

Can’t wait to see Jack strut those blue suede shoes! Of course he will not perform any “Elvis songs” in the movie because “Elvis songs” do not exist.

Unconfirmed Rumor of the Week: Karen Elson and Jack White Are Pregnant Again

All you kids have been buzzing in my ear about this, so here’s a post devoted to your whisperings: it has been rumored that Miss Karen Elson and Mister Jack White will have another addition to their family because Karen is pregnant again. According to Us Weekly, “They’re very happy and excited.” (Link from Anne.)

Does that mean little Scarlett will soon have a sibling to play with?

Jack White Wears His Love of Loretta Lynn On His Sleeve…Literally

It’s no secret that Jack White loves the legendary Miss Loretta Lynn–so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jacky boy is the proud owner of a tattoo-style tshirt with the name “LORETTA”

One day the proprietor of Curiology, the LA-based company that makes the shirts, rang up the White Stripes management office and dropped a custom-made “Loretta” shirt while Jack was in town for the Grammys.

Later that same day, they called her back to tell her that Jack LOVED the shirt, and that he wanted a few more to give to Loretta’s kids.

Want to show your love for the Coal Miner’s daughter, Jack White, and/or your own fella/lady love? Head over to the Curiology site to put in your custom order.