Sondre Lerche Auditioned for “Spider-Man” Musical

The impending Spider-Man musical (Spider-Man Turn on the Dark) makes me giggle with delight. It seems like possibly the worst and best idea I’ve ever heard. I love Julie Taymor, so I’m definitely going to see it, and the idea that Bono and the Edge are doing the music makes it even more intriguing.

The concept of a guy in a Spider-Man costume singing… it’s just beyond words.

I just imagine the entire show looking like this:

Although it’s already been announced that Evan Rachel Wood (who also starred in Taymor’s Beatles musical, Across the Universe) will play Mary Jane and Alan Cumming (another Taymor alum — he was in Titus) will be playing the Green Goblin, there has been no announcement as to who will be playing Peter Parker himself.

The super-cute Jim Sturgess has done workshops of the musical during its development, but so far has not signed on to be Spidey.

Which leads me to the following bit of amusing info. Writes a long-time reader from Norway:
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Random Photos/Emails I Found In My Gmail Account

Currently my Gmail account is at 97% full–I know that seems humanly impossible, but it’s true.

So I’m taking some time this weekend to go through and delete some of the old stuff I have on the account, and I came across some things that I thought some of you might enjoy.

Check it out:

Sept 24, 2004: Scans of a Sondre Lerche interview in Interview magazine.



October 11, 2004: An image of Julian Casablancas taken at the Ramones Tribute gig at Irving Plaza.

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Sondre Lerche’s Secret Inspiration: Alex P. Keaton?

Yesterday I was flipping through my choices on Netflix Instant (aka The Best Thing Ever Created) when I decided to watch Season 1 of Family Ties, which was probably the best decision I’ve made all year long.

Family Ties is possibly the best show EVER. Even 20+ years later, the episodes are still funny and still great.

As I was watching the episode “Summer of ’82,” I kept wondering what was so… familiar… about Michael J. Fox’s portrayal of tight-laced young Republican Alex P. Keaton. Then it hit me: Sondre Lerche.

Is it just me, or does it appear as though Sondre Lerche has basically stolen all his mannerisms and cadence from the young Alex P. Keaton (and perhaps a bit of his 80s hairstyle)?

Anyone else picking up on this? Contrast and compare:

Alex Keaton:

Sondre Lerche:

Sondre Lerche and Sylvie Lewis @ Bowery Ballroom, November 20, 2008

My computer power cord snapped this morning, so unfortunately my videos are held hostage at the moment, but last night’s Sondre Lerche show at Bowery Ballroom was charming as per usual. Hopefully a photo will do for now:


Sondre tested out four new songs he’s been working on, including “Heartbeat Radio,” and the “world premiere” of an upbeat tune called “Don’t Look Now.

Opener Sylvie Lewis came on stage for a number of Sondre’s duet songs, “Modern Nature” and “Hell No.” Very cute.

Her own set was quite nice. One song in particular was captivating–a song she had written about New York where she makes beautiful metaphors about rain puddles and the like.

Also at the show Sondre was selling his “Polaroid Pumpkin Party” EP, which contained 6 new songs, and a Polaroid photograph taken by Sondre during Election Night in NYC, featuring friends and random strangers. Hahah!

Sondre Lerche @ the Canal Room for TriBeCa Film Festival

One of my favorite things about the TriBeCa Film Festival is that it’s a relatively low-key event. Basically the only time I remember it’s going on is when I see people walking around with those big stupid purplish badges slung around their necks as if to say, “No, I don’t know how to blend in, and Yes, I would like to get mugged.”

Another thing that fills me with glee is the fact that at least once a year a slew of free music events and movies are held delightfully close to where I live (hooray downtown Manhattan). So although I pass on a lot of the stuff going on, I do get to take advantage of some of the great happenings that go on–a prime example being the TriBeCa Film Festival Music Lounge at the Canal Room.

sondre lerche

I was thrilled to see that their lineup for Wednesday included a set by TMA fave, the Norwegian wunderkid, Sondre Lerche, who was slated to play from 5-5:30 pm.
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Ode to James McAvoy

Ever since he scampered onto the screen as Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, James McAvoy has been on my shortlist of most favorite movie star crushes. Sorry, but I’m a sucker for pale, blue-eyed Scottish boys. Throw in the fact that he’s wee (James is only 5’7″) AND has a vague resemblance to Sondre Lerche, and well, I’m hooked of course. Just like Scot hottie Ewan McGregor, James is a very fine actor, which increases his hottness by 10.

Anyhoo, I just saw him in Atonement, the film adaption of the novel by Ian McEwan co-starring Kiera Knightley. Having read the book before seeing the movie was probably the main cause of why I thought the movie wasn’t all THAT great, and I really wished that there had been more James (of course). Atonement still has nothing on his performance in The Last King of Scotland.

But in any case, I’d love to see him get recognized for his work in Atonement at this year’s Academy Awards, as well as Sondre for his music for Dan in Real Life. Just imagine it: James McAvoy AND Sondre Lerche at the Oscars. My head would surely explode!

Check out James being interviewed about being nominated for awards on “Shootout.” The full episode of him being interviewed alongside Atonement director Joe Wright) airs again this Sunday at 11am on AMC:

Here’s Sondre talking about music and blah blah blah to some dude from YeboTV:

Sondre Lerche on Letterman Tonight



October 15, 2007


Film & Soundtrack Due Out Next Week

Album features 11 New Sondre Lerche Compositions And
Performances By A Fine Frenzy And Regina Spektor

Sondre Lerche will perform “To Be Surprised” from the original soundtrack for the upcoming Touchstone Pictures film Dan In Real Life on “Late Show with David Letterman” tomorrow, October 16th. The film and the soundtrack are both scheduled for release next week.

UPDATE: Here’s the video (below) and Sondre’s blog entry

Sondre Lerche Gets a Little Movie Magic

I was so thrilled when I heard that Sondre Lerche was coming out with a new album in October. I was even more thrilled when I heard that the album was actually the soundtrack for a major motion picture by Peter Hedges (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) called Dan in Real Life, starring Steve Carrell and Juliette Binoche!

According to Sondre’s blog entry on the project, he not only got to work with many of the amazing actors on the film, but he and the Faces Down also get to make an on-screen appearance, performing “Modern Nature” in the final scene of the film.

He also teams up with Regina Spektor on a song called “Hell No” featured on the soundtrack.

The album includes:

1. Family Theme Waltz – Sondre Lerche
2. To Be Surprised – Sondre Lerche
3. I’ll Be OK – Sondre Lerche
4. Dan and Marie Picking Hum – Sondre Lerche
5. My Hands Are Shaking – Sondre Lerche
6. Dan In Real Life – Sondre Lerche
7. Hell No – Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor
8. Family Theme – Sondre Lerche
9. Fever – A Fine Frenzy
10. Airport Taxi Reception – Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down
11. Dan and Marie Melody – Sondre Lerche
12. Human Hands – Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down Quartet
13. I’ll Be OK (Instrumental Reprise) – Sondre Lerche
14. Let My Love Open The Door – Sondre Lerche
15. Dan and Marie Finale Theme – Sondre Lerche
16. Modern Nature – Sondre Lerche and Lillian Samdal

Check out the trailer for the film!