The Right Way to Start Off Your College Career

One of my friends, who shall remain nameless started out his/her school semester in fine freshman fashion, sleeping through his/her first two classes of the day and completely missing them. Awww. Hahaha. Aw.

Hmm.. Combustication is like a trip down NYUK memory lane. Link from the Journal of Kire Nelad.

I just woke up like 40 minutes ago to the sight of Kylie Minogue. I’ll have to watch again at 2 so I can see the whole video. And it’s totally poo outside. Raining.

Holy mother of god, someone find me a ticket to the Starsailor/Charlatans show. They rocked D-town last night. While in Down Under news, Ryan Adams covers the White Stripes’ “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” on Tuesday at the Metro in Sydney. Ok.

Hyper Awesome News

Does anyone have a spare to the Starsailor/Charlatans Irving Plaza show next week? Email me.

From the Strokes board: “Ryan Adams references The Strokes Posted 1-22-2002 15:47. Just saw an amazing show by Ryan Adams. There was a big blue neon “BAR” sign at the back of the room, and he commented ‘hey, it looks like a Strokes’ light show back there, all the silhouettes.'”

after leaving a concert at madison square garden, i saw two men on the sidewalk. one had flashlight under his chin while he distorted his face, and the other was yelling to the crowd “FREE SCARY FACE!”, then quietly repeating “just kidding”.
needless to say it was the highlight of my night.

Catch other equally funny/horrifying/embarrassing moments over at Lowbrow. Link from Betsy , who has a cool new layout!

In sneaker news… A historical look at Chucks via the Smithsonian… link courtesy of Jen.

Prefix of the week: hyper. Example: “Ewan McGregor is hypercute.”

First Day of School

Ryan Adams is interviewed by Elton John in the February issue of Interview with Nicole Kidman on the cover. He wears the plaid shirt. *Surprise.*

Today was magazine day because I had Magazine Article today. One assignment was to go out to Barnes and Noble and answer questions about… magazines. I know. I’m sorry that the first day of school is so lame. Nothing exciting happened today. Sleeeeeeeeep.

I didn’t actually remember I was going to school again. I just kinda got up at 11- no, that’s a lie- my alarm went off, I looked at the time said, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” in my head and rolled over. I eventually started out-of-bed movement at approx. 12:40ish… I stumbled down Broadway around 1:30. Got to 2pm class around 1:45. By 2:20 I was like “shit! I’m in CLASS right now! I want to go back to sleep.”

We went on that magazine “scavenger hunt” around 3:00, breaking up the whole “school feeling”…When class was over, I walked down Washington Place, glancing west and realized, “Oh damn.. there are like freshman and stuff like going to school… some of these people like go to the same school as me. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m back in school. I went home and pondered the fact that I went to school today. Altogether shocking.

There was talk of Ryan Adams, Pete Yawn… I mean YORN, and Neil Vickers in and out of Barnes and Nobel today. Jeez.. what a grouping.

Oh, and btw- if anyone makes me listen to Andrew WK, “Party Hard” one more time, even by accident, I’m going to kill you.

I really don’t know what’s going on in Omaha… you know, The Faint and all… and their music might really suck, but all things aside, the Desparacidos– they look kinda cute in that picture. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? You know, looking good in pictures? Dude- why did you name your band after one of the most horrifying times in Argentinian history (that has yet to be sorted)? Ok. Link from Aaron.

Hold Me Closer Tiny Jeans Wearing Alt. Country Posterboy

Oh yeah.. as reported last year, Ryan Adams is having his dad- I mean Elton John– play a purple-clad wizard in his new video for “The Weight.” Oh wait.. I mean “Answering Bell.” Adams has a smootch-fest with Leona Naess in the mini-opus as well. You remember Leona Naess from the Travis The Man Who tour. Irving Plaza, 2000. Remember how you laughed through her entire set because her pants were too tight for her butt? No? Are you sure? Ok. Or maybe it was because you were talking about step-mommy Diana Ross? No? Ok be that way.

Adams also pulled out of doing a lot of press work. Guess stringing along a cattle-herd of ladies makes a young Alt-country stud get run down. (Leona, honey- watch out on the tour!)

It’s official. Ryan Adams is a music video whore.

Speaking of music video whores… Some old school interview with Rufus “I know Gwen Stefani” Wainwright circa Rufus Wainwright (this was before they made that rule about automatically winning a VMA if you had a Stefani-featured vid). The Adams-Wainwright connection? Both are chums with Beth “Get out of my way, I need to get to the backstage door” Orton.

Music of the moment: The Man Who, Travis; “Disco 2000,” Pulp; “Murder on the Dancefloor,” Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Mercury Lounge = Begging Central

Catherine’s entry from Thursday cracked me up. Yeah… I think a LOT of people were doing the same thing last night as well. Tonight the Mercury Lounge becomes “I will do anything for a ticket.. no really, ANYTHING” central. WoohOO! Ticketholders, be prepared for a lot of propositions. Let the begging begin!


Starsailor fans in Chi-town. Check ’em on the 22nd at Virgin.

Tonight in the world of drunk.. on WFUV: “1-3 AM, The World Café: Ryan Adams is David Dye’s guest on this edition of the World Cafe. Ryan, formerly of Whiskeytown, brings his full band into the studio in support of his 2nd solo album Gold. The CD is aptly named, as it is one of the best albums of last year in David’s view.”

And hold on to your emo, kids- we have to draw the Gideon-line somewhere. (Who saw the new hair?)

Did I mention this before? The Dirtbombs hit NYC March 23 at Bowery. Holly Golightly and The Greenhornes 2 days prior, March 21 at the Mercury Lounge.

The Kiss of Death for Ryan Adams

Sorry buddy, People Magazine just put you down as “Set to Sizzle in 2002.”

Taking bootlegging to a new level… getting the artist to actually sign away their souls for free promotion. Yow. Makes you want to re-think going to Irving Plaza, no one’s telling me if I’m being freakin’ recorded!

And wait a minute- did an official US Gov’t statement really say anyone harboring bin Laden is, “Out of their mind”? Yeeessss. Classy. These artist’s rendering of bin Laden sans beard? All this reporting on “bin Laden might be dead… or he might not…” is just ridiculous. We’re living in a totally bizzare, Wag the Dog world.

The word of the day is…cacophony… please use when describing The White Stripes.

I missed it the first time, but this explains a lot… like what’s the point of electronic music, video art and other “artsy fartsy” genres.

And I don’t think the Hives “sound New York” at all. What do these British people know anyway?