David Ryan Adams Goes Gonzo with a Secret Late Lunch Show in NYC

So it was rumored on Brooklyn Vegan, the secret Ryan Adams show DID happen around 4:30pm at Cafe Select on Lafayette Street. It was webcast live in the Cardinal Cave, although judging from what could be seen on-site, the laptop that was streaming the show kept crashing and the broadcast probably cut in and out.

So close you could pinch his cheeks

The site of the stripped down show was a mid-sized snack/coffee shop, with perhaps no more than 100 people sitting down in the space. Chairs were brought out in the walk-through aisle so people in the front could sit down and folks in the back could see.

Ryan strolled in after 4 wearing a blue windbreaker, a rock t, jeans, dark rimmed glasses, rainbow colored socks, and his signature brown hair all in a tizzy. He and his band strummed out a number of tunes off the new album including “Evergreen” and “Fix It.”

Video of banter and “Fix It” (sorry it’s so dark… there wasn’t a lot of light there):

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Ryan Adams and the Cardinals to Release “Cardinology” Oct 28

Official news from Ry Ry and the band: They will release a new album entitled Cardinology on October 28, 2008. Ryan will also release his first book, Infinity Blues, on March 16, 2009 (Akashic Books).

Read the press release for the full deets:

The Cardinals–Ryan Adams (vocals, guitar, keys), Neal Casal (guitar, vocals), Chris Feinstein (bass, vocals), Jon Graboff (pedal steel, vocals) and Brad Pemberton (drums)–have confirmed an October 28 release for Cardinology, the band’s latest collection of all-new studio material for the Lost Highway label. They will return to their TV-home-away-from-home, THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, the following evening.

Like its predecessor Easy Tiger, which TIME magazine hailed as “a career breakthrough,” Cardinology is a concise and focused collection of twelve unadorned gems, the final sequence of which will be:

Born Into A Light

Go Easy

Fix It



Let Us Down Easy

Crossed Out Name

Natural Ghost

Sink Ships


Like Yesterday


First single “Fix It” will be digitally released to radio Tuesday, September 23, while “Stop” will receive a sneak premiere in the Tuesday, September 30 episode of THE CLEANER on the A&E network (check local listings).

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Ryan Adams: Spiritualized, and Talking Back to Courtney Love

It’s Wednesday, which means two things: 1. A new episode of Project Runway and 2. Ryan Adams has a new website.

Leading off with a quote from the Buddah (“Doubt Everything. Find Your Own Light.”), this newest reincarnation of “Ryan minus Adams dot com” includes an abstract Cardinals logo, and prominent links to the Humane Society, Tibet.org, and the official site of Ram Daas.

In the upper right corner is a link to a “Personal Statement” where Ryan waxes philosophical about how he’s been working very hard, and hopes that his artistic endeavors speak for him. In addition to that, he reveals the following:

i’ve realized and accepted that if people decide to dislike me, they’re going to find reasons to justify disliking me. there’s nothing i can do about that. that said, it still does pain me to be accused of fictional crimes against innocents or to be implicated in romantic gossip involving the possibly reality-challenged–however unreliable the source or outlandish the accusations. in the end, however, i know that i have never done or even meant anyone any harm.

…which is surely a response to a recent diatribe by perennial crazy-person Courtney Love, where she accuses Ryan of stealing $858,000 from her daughter Francis Bean’s trust fund as a result of charging expenses to the recording of “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” (Funnily enough, in the midst of her crazy rant, Courtney does make a valid point–“Rock ‘n’ Roll” is probably one of Ryan’s worst albums EVER–“Demolition” aside.)
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Would You Let Ryan Adams Touch You There?

As you’ve probably already seen, some more pix of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have surfaced. Here they are at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California… and much has been made about the precariously “familiar” position of his hands on La Moore.

ryan and mandy moore
Image via The Superficial

I had the following conversation with my friend:

RyanLvr: Are they datinggg?
TMA: Dunno, does going to comic book stores constitute dating?
RyanLvr: Hahaha. Come on, hes TOUCHING her! My guy friends don’t touch me like that unless they’re gay–and HE’S NOT.

All I care about is the fact that Ryan still looks like Boober (natch) from Fraggle Rock.


Looks like all that cooing blogging about how great “M” is payed off. Well played, Mr. Adams.

Bob Gruen’s Opening at the Morrison Gallery

In the midst of watching the new episode of Gossip Girl (Michelle Trachtenberg, really? Vampire Weekend‘s “Campus” playing during a Brooklyn scene?) I’m finding time to log in some quick updates during the commercial breaks.


Last Thursday I headed over to the new Morrison Hotel Gallery, now located on the Bowery in the former location of the CBGB’s Gallery. What for? The opening of rock photographer Bob Gruen’s new show, “Rockers,” which features photos of Blondie, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, the White Stripes, and his famed photographs of John Lennon wearing that “New York City” tshirt.

Some famous faces popped in to take a look at the shots: Yoko Ono dressed all in black with shades and a floppy hat was in and out very early, and later Debbie Harry strolled in, all dolled up in a body-hugging champagne-colored floral dress.

More over at VanityFair.com