Ryan Adams Resurfaces Werewolph

Ry Ry must be feeling nostalgic, because he’s gone ahead and resurrected his death metal band Werewolph… well, at least on the internet he has decided to give the side project at least one last hurrah.

Pizza and pentagrams, the breakfast of devil-worshiping champions.

The group how has it’s own website, Werewolph.com (obvs), where you can hear the tracks “Dead People Unite,” “Evil Weekend,” and “Mega Wizards.”

Ryan Adams Rolls Out a New Website

You knew it couldn’t last long…that’s right, Ryan Adams‘s addiction to the internet has called him back to the blogging world, this time complete with real-time updates via his new Twitter account @ryanada_ms.

Clearly he was inspired by the few minutes he hijacked wifey Mandy Moore’s Twitter account @themandymoore last week.

Guess who’s back…and who’s taking the photos…

In addition to the up-to-the minute tweets, everyone’s favorite oversharing musician has also unleashed a brand new website, ryanada.ms which features a pretty mean picture of Ry Ry shredding up some bowl or swimming pool whilst on a skateboard emblazoned with the word “WEREWOLPH” (see below).


The new site also includes some of the things we’ve grown to love about Ryan Adams’s websites…
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OMGWTF? Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Are Engaged


Mandy Moore’s rep has confirmed to E! News that she and Ryan Adams are currently engaged…you know, TO BE MARRIED.

Who knew that everyone’s favorite perma-bachelor had it in him to be prepared to tie the knot…however, he is the enternal romantic, and he DID just release an EP titled “Extra Cheese.”

…Still a little part of me just died.

Here they are shopping for groceries in LA today

Do you think this love will last between the two former and current flames?

Thanks to Bao for ruining my bday.

Ryan Adams Gets Extra Cheese-y

Ryan Adams is in the mood for love: The prolific troubador has released a new EP titled “Extra Cheese” in advance of Valentine’s Day.


The extra play contains a studio recorded version of fan favorite song “Hey There, Mrs. Lovely,” in addition to some of Ry Ry’s most swoon-worthy songs, “Answering Bell,” “Desire,” “Blossom,” “Two,” “My Love for You Is Rea,” and “Evergreen.”

You can download it now via iTunes for $3.98

Press release after the jump
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How Ryan Adams Spent His New Year’s Eve

Just like the rest of us, Ryan Adams is getting older. And with that old age comes New Year’s Eve celebrations that teeter on the mundane as opposed to the monumental.

According to a Happy New Year greeting penned by Adams on the Black Book site, the bespeckled songwriter spent his NYE as he does every year, going to sleep early and avoiding the hype (and the inevidable disappointment) of the new year.

Writes Adams, “I always always sleep in and early to bed on New Year’s Eve. I don’t like it. I never kiss the girl. I don’t drink, so there is that—that added annoyance on the streets really, not a bother, just a reminder of what I might have been like in my early twenties on any night … no good. Nope. I go to sleep before it turns New Year’s.”

But unlike the many of us who have no specific reasons for shuttering ourselves in for an uneventful Dec 31 to Jan 1 changeover, Ryan is very specific about his choice:

But there is one major reason why: time travel. That’s right. It’s free time travel, and when you are a shut-in reclusive wash-up like myself, you need dreams baby. Big dreams to keep your sails full of hot air.

Ooookkaaaayyyy Ryan. Happy New Year’s anyway.
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Ryan Adams: The Most Prolific L’Homme Fatale?

My friend Alyse sent over this humorous/terrifying story from the New York Observer that dissects the practices of a type of New York male they call the Homme Fatale–he’s a man who’s not necessarily attractive, but always seems to be surrounded by scores of beautiful (and eventually heartbroken) women.

Ryan Adams Heartbreaker

And despite the fact that the author Irina Aleksander makes clear in the first page that the “the Homme Fatale, while related, is not the same as the oft-bemoaned indie rock or emo boy,” she specifically names Ryan Adams as one of the archetypes of l’homme fatale kind of man.
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Jack White and Ryan Adams Both Try Their Hands at Journalism

Tired of simply of blowing our minds with amazing music, both Jack White and Ryan Adams have decided to only let their pen and papers do the talking.

In the latest issue of Interview magazine, Jack plays journo and interviews the stunning Cate Blanchett.

And according to Page Six, Ryan Adams has been making good on his internship at BlackBook Magazine. He’s just been promoted to staff writer:

The singer who shuns baths will write a weekly column about life on the road as he traverses the country promoting his new album, “Cardinology.” Let’s hope Adams, who likes to ramble on incessantly on the Web, has a good editor.

Now who do you think makes the better journalist? Jack or Ry Ry?

Thanks to HT for the links.

Ryan Adams Answers Is This It?

There’s a column in the Guardian newspaper called “Is This It?” [sic] where they ask celebs questions that are taken from song lyrics. My friend Imran sent over the latest one done by D. Ryan Adams. As you can imagine, the repsonses are somewhat hilarious. Examples:

Who wrote the book of love?
I don’t know but, whoever it is, when I find them I’m going to beat that person senseless. Why? Because when they wrote that book, they obviously forgot to put the warning on the front. And now I’ve spent my life having that job. “Warning: real love may come with extraordinary amounts of sadness, depression and self-loathing.” Love can make you a reluctant existentialist.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
I mean, seriously, who is Kenneth? The answer should be, “Hey Michael [Stipe] what would happen if you sat down and actually thought this shit out for 10 minutes?” I mean, no offence but there’s a slight difference between Monster and Fables Of The Reconstruction and we all know what that is; it’s a level of giving a fuck. $80m will do that to anyone who has a credit card and access to a Barney’s. I have seen the band since and I say all this as a fan, by the way.

When will I be famous?
My God: if you’re lucky, never! Fame is an unnatural construct and those who go in search of it are the least likely to find it. I mean, really, does anyone want to sit through a show by the Killers? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unfortunately with the exception of the Killers.

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