Have I Underestimated Jason Mraz?

Sure, in 2005 I called Jason Mraz an “annoying pop singer”. At that time he was best known for his debut Top 40 single “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry),” which he co-wrote with the once ubiquitous songwriting team The Matrix. And despite the fact the song was inspired by some very serious personal experiences, it remained one of the most irritating songs of 2002.

Well nearly four years later, I’m eating my words. Despite the fact that the Mraz song “I’m Yours” was apparently a huge hit in 2008 (and recently nominated for a 2009 Grammy Award for Song of the Year), I’d never heard it until his live performance on tonight’s SNL. Sure, Mraz has always leaned on the reggae-influenced, hippy dippy side, but surprisingly this song is incredibly charming and catchy.

The live version he did on SNL is actually superior than the version from the album:

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Former Hot Messes Lily and Britney Clean Up Nice

Ok, so sometimes I’m a bit slow to catch on the things happening on the internets, but I semi-try to keep informed… here are some new music videos that have sprung up in the last week from some notable people who at one time could have been described as “hot messes” or “trainwrecks” but have seem to cleaned up their acts for the time being:


Ultragrrrl linked to a video of Lily Allen’s new song “The Fear.” I think Lily looks AMAZING. With her jet black hair hanging long, and the bangs going across her face, I think she looks like a white Gogo from Kill Bill walking through a Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers TV commercial. It was directed by Nez.

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Bonus Jonas Mania Manifests Itself

Recently I’ve been expressing my fascination/obsession with the Jonas Brothers to a few friends. Well, sometimes mentioning random musings to people yields hilarious results, as is the case this week. My friend who works at Neighborhoodies took it upon himself to pitch the below t-shirt in their daily idea meeting.

Get your credit cards ready… let me introduce…


What is a “bonus Jonas,” you may ask? The Jonas Brothers is band comprised of three real-life brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. But according to a recent New York Times article, they have a 7-year-old younger brother named Frankie–and for better or worse, their father touts him as “the Bonus Jonas.”

“Bonus Jonas” has since become a hilarious catchphrase among young adults and teens who are Jonas Brothers fans/detractors.

Seriously, how could you NOT love this face?

You Write the Caption: Jack White + Amy Winehouse + Beyonce

This photo of Amy Winehouse, Jack White (HELLO CASPER), and Beyonce Knowles watching Jay-Z’s set during Glastonbury 2008 IS THE MOST AMAZING PHOTO OF OUR TIME.

Words cannot describe, but you can give it a try.

This photo is also hysterical–Jack cannot see what’s going on because Amy Winehouse’s arm is in the way. Someone give Jack White some room!

BONUS: Who would win in a fight: Amy Winehouse, Jack White, or Beyonce?

Would You Let Ryan Adams Touch You There?

As you’ve probably already seen, some more pix of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have surfaced. Here they are at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California… and much has been made about the precariously “familiar” position of his hands on La Moore.

ryan and mandy moore
Image via The Superficial

I had the following conversation with my friend:

RyanLvr: Are they datinggg?
TMA: Dunno, does going to comic book stores constitute dating?
RyanLvr: Hahaha. Come on, hes TOUCHING her! My guy friends don’t touch me like that unless they’re gay–and HE’S NOT.

All I care about is the fact that Ryan still looks like Boober (natch) from Fraggle Rock.


Looks like all that cooing blogging about how great “M” is payed off. Well played, Mr. Adams.

NKOTB Mania: Getting Hotter By the Second

Did you watch the video of NKOTB announcing their reunion tour and new album on the Today Show this morning?


I wasn’t fortunate enough to see them live in concert when they were popular in the early 90s. My mom wouldn’t let me go to any of their concerts (too young) but now 20 years later, I’m er… old enough to do WHATEVER I WANT, MOM!


Danny looked SO old on the Today Show. The Knight brothers still look very young, and Donnie looks older but still good (WALHBERG’S FOREVER!), and of course Joey Mac (my favorite) is still hot and adorable. I love their WICKED MAAAAAAASS accents.

According to the interview, they plan on doing FULL DANCE ROUTINES on the new tour. I CANNOT WAIT! That’s going to be so awesome.

NKOTB is blowings ups all over the internets:

David Cook: Goodbye Emover!

So I’ve sorta been watching American Idol every week, and I basically hate all the contestants except David Cook, who I lovingly refer to as “the Creed guy” because he totally sings like one of those dudes in some “rock” band from Canada or who loves Jesus. I missed this week but was pleased to see pictures and footage of the show which showed a remarkable change in David’s outward appearance: David Cook’s “emover” (aka the “emo combover”) has disappeared!


david cook


david cook
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