Ryan Adams Dresses Down for Mandy Moore’s Big “Tangled” Premiere

Last night was the LA premiere of the new animated Disney princess flick, Tangled, for which Mandy Moore lent her sugary sweet voice to the character of Rapunzel.

While Mandy was decked out in a futuristic-looking hot pink one-shoulder dress, Ry Ry chose to go casual with his standard checked shirt + jeans ensemble.

I gotta say, these two look so happy together. They look like such a great couple.

On the “awww” mushy note, take a listen to this rendition of Ryan and Mandy doing a “Oh My Sweet Carolina” duet during a rehearsal for a 826LA benefit from last month hosted by Judd Apatow. Adorable!

Sassy Asians I Adore

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! You know what that means, time to talk about some awesome Asians!

Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American vlogger who found fame via her YouTube makeup tutorials and was recently hired by Lancome as their video makeup artist where she produces videos for them on a regular basis.

Here’s just one of her videos about how to do makeup if you wear glasses:

The other night I was watching the Oprah episode about the world’s most talented kids. I missed the Justin Bieber segment, but caught the amazing little Filipina singer named Charice. She too rose to fame via YouTube popularity, which landed her spots on Korean TV, and then later Ellen DeGeneres and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Her debut self-titled album on Warner Brothers dropped this week. Check out her single, “Pyramid”:

Lady Gaga Was Never Going to Be the Next Julian Casablancas

One of the things that made me laugh the hardest whilst reading the New York Magazine feature on the making of Lady Gaga was the fact that La Gaga was more or less discovered because circa 2006, a producer named Rob Fusari was “interested in locating a female singer to front a band like the Strokes.”

After hearing her sing, Fusari told NY Mag that he noticed “she didn’t have that kind of undersinging character voice of Julian Casblancas” and immediately “dropped the Strokes thing right away.”

Sorry, but I find this whole thing hilarious.

Mandy Moore Is Simply Delightful

Yesterday night I braved the impossibly miserable weather to check out the record release party for Mandy Moore‘s new album, Amanda Leigh, at Joe’s Pub here in NYC. The new Mrs. Ryan Adams (to my knowledge sans Ryan Adams in the audience), who was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt with a slim fitting leather blazer, looked radiant as she, her band, and a guest string trio featuring opener Tracy Bonham, glided through a number of songs off her new album. All the while, the massive all-diamond wedding band sparkling on her ring finger nearly blinded the front row.

The new tunes show a more sophisticated side to the songbird, some of the tunes seemingly inspired by Joni Mitchell, and yes–even a little dash of Ryan Adams, all the while showcasing Mandy’s incredible voice. (Seriously, why hasn’t she ever done a Broadway musical?)

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Giveaway: Tickets to Little Boots at Le Poisson Rouge, May 18th

Little Boots has steadily become one of the rising stars of the independent British female pop star phenomenon. In preparation of the June 9th UK release of her first full-length album, Hands (and a US-only EP called “Illuminations”), she will be performing a special show here in NYC on May 18th at Le Poisson Rouge. This is the only US performance currently scheduled for the new queen of electropop over the next few months.


Want to win a pair of tickets to the NYC show? Just answer the following (super easy) question:

What US late night talk show devoted an entire episode to Little Boots earlier this year?

Just send an email with the answer and your full name to contest @ themodernage.org with “LITTLE BOOTS” in the subject line.

The first two people to answer the question correctly will each win a pair of tickets to the concert!
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Ryan Adams Rolls Out a New Website

You knew it couldn’t last long…that’s right, Ryan Adams‘s addiction to the internet has called him back to the blogging world, this time complete with real-time updates via his new Twitter account @ryanada_ms.

Clearly he was inspired by the few minutes he hijacked wifey Mandy Moore’s Twitter account @themandymoore last week.

Guess who’s back…and who’s taking the photos…

In addition to the up-to-the minute tweets, everyone’s favorite oversharing musician has also unleashed a brand new website, ryanada.ms which features a pretty mean picture of Ry Ry shredding up some bowl or swimming pool whilst on a skateboard emblazoned with the word “WEREWOLPH” (see below).


The new site also includes some of the things we’ve grown to love about Ryan Adams’s websites…
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Radiohead Is Just Not That Into Miley Cyrus

According to a recent interview with Johnjay & Rich, Miley Cyrus confessed that at the latest Grammy Awards she was snubbed by her most favorite band in the world, the group who made her love music…Radiohead, obviously.

The band, who was performing at the awards ceremony, was stationed in a dressing room four doors down from the pop princess. Miley had her manager request that she get an audience with the famously anti-social band. When they denied the request she was shocked and appalled, citing that she thought they were very “rude” for saying no.

According to Miley, she had already texted all her friends bragging that she was going to meet them, and when her wish did not come true she was so devastated by the experience that she left the awards ceremony immediately afterward and missed their live performance on the show.

In the interview Miley also states that her new mission is to “ruin” Radiohead as a result of their dis on her. Good luck with destroying the careers of one of the biggest recording artists in the world, Miley.

Listen to the full snippet of the interview in which Miley discusses her non-run in with Radiohead:

Methinks Miley comes off as a bit bratty in this interview…I can understand being upset that your favorite band does not want to meet you, even for a minute, but when that band is well-known for hating publicity, really Miley, are you that surprised?

On the upside, Miley finds Chris Martin to be supernice…


OMGWTF? Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Are Engaged


Mandy Moore’s rep has confirmed to E! News that she and Ryan Adams are currently engaged…you know, TO BE MARRIED.

Who knew that everyone’s favorite perma-bachelor had it in him to be prepared to tie the knot…however, he is the enternal romantic, and he DID just release an EP titled “Extra Cheese.”

…Still a little part of me just died.

Here they are shopping for groceries in LA today

Do you think this love will last between the two former and current flames?

Thanks to Bao for ruining my bday.

Dear Grammys…

…don’t ever make me watch the Jonas Brothers perform with Stevie Wonder ever again. It’s just too painful.

…watching a uber pregnant M.I.A. perform alongside T.I., Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne, was awesome. She is possibly the coolest woman in music EVER.

…make all of Coldplay wear the same purple outfits that Will Champion was wearing.

…keep giving Jennifer Hudson awards for her amazing singing, but make it a stipulation that she’s not allowed to wear outfits that cover her face anymore. (Luckily her makeup was gorgeous.)

Katy Perry should not be allowed to perform anywhere, let alone as Chiquita Banana.

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant doing “Rich Woman” = fantastic. It kinda was like this:

…don’t ever allow Gwyneth Paltrow to present again dressed up as a gold disco ball. Especially when she’s wearing some throwaway shiny tights from some high school cheerleader conference. Especially when she’s salivating over Radiohead. (Are you trying to make her British-obsessed lady boner explode? Granted, it’s hard to say who was more excited, her or her Radiohead-worshiping husband.)

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