Phantom Planet Plays Last Show: Still Pissed at Jason Schwatzman

Last week, SoCal band Phantom Planet played The Troubador in LAs for their last show for a very very very long time. The group, who are signed to Pete Wentz’s label Fueled By Ramen, announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus in late November.

While their goodbye show was a mix of sad and happy (and complete with an appearance by lead singer Alex Greenwald’s former flame, Kirsten Dunst), there was still room for a little bitterness directed at former drummer Jason Schwartzman.

As you may recall, Jason Schwartzman abruptly left the band in the middle of recording their self titled album in order to pursue his acting career. Watch as Alex lets the insults fly:

No word on whether Kirsten giggled at the expense of her Marie Antoinette co-star.

More over at Bolt of Blue.

Shock of the Day: Phantom Planet Are Touring with Panic at the Disco

Woah! Holy bejezus! As some of you are aware, I semi-maintain another blog–one that focuses on emo-ish kind of music–So More Scene. As a result, I keep tabs on bands like Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is…, and All-American Rejects. Well I just *happen* to be watching a promo video for the new Panic at the Disco tour (they have a new album dropping later this year) when my jaw nearly hit the floor:


I’d always grouped Phantom Planet in the indie pop-rock category, having seen them play medium-sized rock clubs with bands like Superdrag and since disbanded New York band The Realistics since 2001. The last time I saw them was in 2004 at Irving Plaza while they were Jason Schwartzman-less and promoting their self-titled album.

So you can understand my shock when I heard Panic’s Brenden Urie uttering “Phantom Planet” in that video: 1. I couldn’t believe that Phantom Planet was still around and 2. Why they hell are they touring with Panic, Motion City Soundtrack, and The Hush Sound?
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