Greil Marcus Hearts Julian

Yeah blah blah blah blah…On speech…

Check out this interview with BRMC. They like Joy Division. They like The Strokes. Shocker.

Dude- a re-airing of an 11/8/01 talk on the World Trade center featuring my buddy Eric Darton is on C-Span right now. I’m flippin’… the channel, that is.

Oh sh*t… The Strokes AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make it on to Salon?!?!? Number One and number two respectively on Greil Marcus’s list? I’m just as confused as you are.

The Strokes Are Buying Coney Island High?

I just got a craving for fried chicken. I’m listening to The Avalanches and craving chicken. Turkey will have to do.

I think you will all be happy to know my room is SO clean. It’s so lovely and neat and clean.

Whoah. Wait a minute. Was Stephen Daldry suppose to be gay? Now he’s not gay, but I didn’t know he was suppose to be gay… or did I? I have to go searching for those clips about his “surprise” friendship with dear Jamie Bell.

Oh, and by the way, someone needs to get me “Your Favorite London Sounds.” According to the LMC website, you need to send 12 GBP (for us overseas folk) to LMC Ltd, 3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN. Perhaps I’ll just have to go pick it up myself when I go back to London… it’s sold at Rough Trade, Covent Garden; Smallfish, Hoxton; 323, Highgate; British Library, Euston; and Tate Modern, Bankside.

If you’re by Rough Trade in Convent Garden, go ahead- be trendy and check out Duffer, which is also on Shorts Garden.

Check out this interview with Albert… he talks about his problems with diarrhea, Halloween, and the Guru.

From Buddyhead: The Strokes are buying the old Coney Island High club and turning it into a private rehearsal space. All it takes is a phone call to daddy for some people.

P. Diddy Loves Coldplay…Huh?

Oh shit. Someone just got shot outside Hammerstein Ballroom. Damn.

Last night boxer James Butler sucker-punched his opponent after losing his match at Roseland Ballroom last night.

What the HECK is going on in this country? I just saw an advert for Jeep with that “Hero” song by that other Iglesias. Now I’m finding out P. Diddy is a major Coldplay fan! Says Diddy, “The whole melancholy, emotional vibe. That guy’s wearing his heart right out there. It’s unmanlike, it’s so strong.”

Something is in the air- and it’s not just anthrax.

Remember the race riots in Britain this summer (and pop-rock having a scary moment when Andy Dunlop’s black cab was attacked outside Shep. Bush on the way into the Black Crowes show)? Yes? Then I think you need to read this whole Race In Britain special from The Observer.. No? Then I think you need to read this whole Race In Britain special from The Observer.

Here’s your chance to find out who penned two of the greatest pop hits of the year like Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” and Atomic Kitten’s “Whole Again.”

I should be asleep, but I keep looking at the photos on this site, Podular. Beautiful.

Music of the Moment: “The Ballad of Helen Keller and Rip van Winkle,” The Moldy Peaches; “Dry The Rain,” The Beta Band; “Radio,” The Avalanches

Are the Strokes the McDonald’s of Rock and Roll?

Word. So many cartoons of The Strokes!

Help out Mick Jagger by being a part of Mick Aid. Hell, just buy it so you can get the freakin’ pin that says “Mick Aid: I did my bit for the old git,” distributed by The Sun!

I’m watching It’s A Wonderful Life right now, and I feel that somehow it’s wrong. I know it’s after Thanksgiving, but damnit- it’s really nowhere near Christmas!

Have you ever read an article that compared The Strokes to McDonald’s and Starbucks? You have now.

Find Out What Julian Casablancas’s Parents Look Like

God how I love Steve Lamacq… He’s doing a docu on “The Fantatics- Obsessive Fans.” Sure to be a classic.

Right now I’m in the computer lab transferring files from my Zip disk from home on to the Net so I can down load them from the Internet on to my computer. It’s a very complicated process, what can I say?

Thanksgiving wasn’t as relaxing as I would have liked it to have been. Came home ON Thanksgiving, had turkey, watched Legally Blonde… then, in a flashback to freshman year in high school, I watched R+J for the first time since I saw it in the theaters. I thought I was going to cry. It was so brilliant. I loved it so much. Leonardo DiCaprio? So good in it. So cute! (Whatever happened to the deary? What a pity Titanic was, eh?) It was really so great.

I also watched some of the “Random Mix Tape #6,” which seems to be made up of clips from late 1999- early 2000. It starts out with all this fabulous stuff involving Scotish people (bizarre). Travis on Conan, Travis winning a Brit Award, Dougray Scott in M: I-2, Alan Cumming on Conan, etc. Good stuff.

Then yesterday I saw a bunch of people from back home… Jen, Debbie, Rebecca, Kim. We went to Borders, and that was interesting. Then we went to Jen’s and just bummed around. They refused to let me watch television. I was horrified.

Oh yeah.. and what holiday weekend would it be without some commentary on The Strokes. 30 December. I’m going. Don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it. Too upsetting. Too ridiculous. Boo.

I wish Bridget Jones’s Diary was on TV today, but it’s not. Boo. Maybe I’ll watch some of the movies I actually own. Ripley, Twelfth Night (evil Lincoln Center version), Sliding Doors? I’ll probably just end up watching regular TV… or Moulin Rouge.

I wanna get back to my dorm. Why won’t these files load faster?

Loading is done, but now I’m just surfing some sites.

And in case you were wondering what Julian Casablancas’s parents look like… have a ball.

I knew it! A link from Online Journalism proves those crazy European kids can’t get enough of their bloody “mobiles.” But they also love the Internet. Yay!