I Heart Goldfrapp

I left the house at 6:30 in the morning because my computer has gone crap and I had to use the computer lab to finish my draft for Feature. I hardly slept last night. I keep updating. Help me!

Don’t steal my idea, but I want to make pins that say, “PUKKA” or “JAMIE OLIVER IS A WANKER” in an homage to the Mockney Crockney.

Oh, and the ‘Frapp last night on Conan? Totally rocked. I heart Alison.

Yo- British hommies and Anglophiles- White Teeth is gonna be made into a four-part TV series.

Abbey Road goes Digimon. To celebrate Abbey Road Studio’s 70th birthday, they’ve decided to make a crap looking video game. Those CANNOT be the real graphics, can they? Em… I know it is still sorta cool to do a 80’s throwback… but for electronics? I don’t think so.

Oh and check it out, our favorite cocaine-requesting bratty Brit artist, Damien Hirst, has his work “Pharmacy” up on the Tate Modern website.

MMmm… Digiart!

Why Does Ryan Adams Wear Flares?

Betty just asked “Why does Ryan Adams wear flare pants?” I don’t know Betty.. I just don’t know.

Right now Adams is so hyped and lauded over that everyone is gonna wank on him soon. I’ve already slagged him off, so I’m gonna be ahead of the curve and say he’s now cool. I give it until the end of the year… at the most.

Oh, and in randomness- there was a South sticker on the Route 80 bus I went on today to get to the Much Ado… theater. Bizarre.

Ryan Adams: So Uncool He’s Cool

Ryan Adams on Leno right now. He’s wearing sunglasses indoors… who does he think he is? Elton John? Oh wait…

Too many American flags. Dweeb. (When was the last time you used that word? Great word!)

Oh shit.. he ISN’T? Is he? Oh he IS. He’s wearing a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt.

AHAHAHAhaha. Leno struts over to the stage- Adams looks like a kid who just killed a bunny on Easter. He’s giddy. Leno grabs Adams’ right hand and squeezes it and says, “Thank you!” Adams screams out, “OWW!!!” Then we remember, Ryan Adams broke his hand mysteriously falling down some steps… or like it has previously been suggested on this page, it was broken in a failed attempt to dislodge the big stick up his *ahem*.

Leno giggles his stupid Leno giggle and as they fade to commercial, the faint sounds of “We love you Ryan…” can be heard, subtly, but surely inducing vomiting across the country… although the vomiting will be staggered for a few hours for our Central/Pacific friends.

Now they are talking to Adams. He’s still wearing the shades from the ’70s, he seems drunk. Why are they talking for so long? He’s telling about how he never has time to resole his shoes and that’s the reason why he made like a dumba** and broke his hand.

The girls just screamed for Adams again. They will be put to death by my special “phazer.”

You need some Sigur Ros right now to balance out all that Adams talk. Sorry.

Jenn just told me, at the JJ72 show tonight, The Sheila Devine opened and came on stage and said, “Hi, we’re The Sheila Divine and we know The Strokes.” ::rolls eyes::

I’m giving up. Ryan Adams is so uncool, he’s cool now. I enjoy the idiocy. I’m going to the other side. Can’t fight any more. Just too tired.

Get Over It: Jack and Meg White Were Never Married

Dude… the intro to the Leno program said, “Musically acclaimed singer… Ryan Adams.” *Snort*

Ewan. On. Leno. Tomorrow. ::breathes::

Rerun of The Strokes on Conan December 10.

Can we finally bury the hatchet on this are they, aren’t they business about Jack and Meg? THEY AREN’T. THEY’RE NOT. THEY WERE. Why did they do it?, you may ask? According to this Age interview, “According to Jack, they invented their alternate history ‘when a journalist we didn’t like started saying stuff about us and we decided to make them look stupid’.” It’s a pretty good article.

And in a nod to *The* Neil Vickers, let’s give a shout out to Martin Amis!

Blast! Blast! Blast!

I taped That ’70s Show instead of Undeclared. Blast.

Ryan Adams on Leno, Goldfrapp on Conan.

I just saw Much Ado About Nothing for my Shakespeare class. It was this ’60s- Austin Powers, The Avengers, James Bond swingin’ sort of thing. It was hard to watch a dark-haired heavyset man play Benedict. Oh my Kenneth Branaugh. Oh my Kenneth!

I bored this poor girl Rebecca by telling her all about my Paul Rudd adventures.

On the web-surfing end… I thought this Blah blah blog site looks lovely and Tiny Mix Tapes has great taste in music. Check out Tamec’s current playlist- sportin’ The Strokes and D Plan. Rock on man! Also, the November 22nd entry had me laughing… they write:

The Strokes? They were so Feb ’01 – Oct ’01

Yes, the hype is beginning to fade for the NY-based punk rockers The Strokes. It was a good run while it lasted, though — it even remained fairly strong during the Sept 11th attacks.

Also, take your pick in the poll on the lower right-hand side…. The Strokes, “amazing,” “pretty good,” or “over-hyped”? Currently winning out? “Over-hyped”…. and don’t you just love this guide to making the perfect mix tape? But my only question is… is this dude’s name REALLY Jack Tripper? Like from Three’s Company?

Inspired by The Strokes message board… What do YOU smell like? I smell like… “Refreshing Garden Mint.” Sniff and let me know.

And hey- I have no clue what any of this says, but this Andres Lokka dude’s got a picture at the Ed Harcourt show and has bought (at least I think that’s what that column is…) Starsailor, Spiritualized, The KOC, The Moldys, The Strokes, The Dirtbombs, Basement Jaxx, Air, South, Turin Brakes, etc. (there are too many good things to list) …. and that’s enough for me. ::makes wild “cowabunga, man!” gesticulations:: Awesome!

Unrelated… SIDA is the Spanish and French way of saying AIDS.

Jack White Is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Edward Scissorhands

It’s that time of night/day where I watch video clips of The Strokes and The White Stripes on TOTP. Check out Jules blazer-wearing days and shorter hair. Why does Jack White scare the living daylights out of me with his pale pale face and his dark dyed hair? He looks like a rock ‘n’ roll Edward Scissorhands.

But this is far from being the most upsetting calamity of the evening. SOMEONE LET NICKY OF WESTLIFE SHAVE OFF ALL HIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR. He used to be adorable with his Ronan Keating-esque hair. Now he’s… just bald. I blame Becks. Or Jude Law. Or anyone else who’s gone bald.

To add insult to injury… they let Nicky TUCK HIS SHIRT IN HIS PANTS. WHERE WILL IT END?