PREVIEW: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Bowery Ballroom

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Nick of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs captures the moment

The show was freaking AMAZING. I was feeling kind of sick (the plague still lingers) but I hauled ass and headed to The Dirtbombs with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Bowery (which was sold out!!)…. Thank god I did. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of NYCs greatest bands- hands down. The crowd was rockin’, the band was rockin’, it was a get down and dirty rock-a-thon.

And one of Detroit’s finest, The Dirtbombs, fucking cleaned up as well. It was totally great. Everyone was “shakin’ their ass” (it was the big quote of the evening)- including a certain Miss Karen O, right up in the front going mad and throwing shit on the stage! Utter chaos broke out during the last song, with drum kits being dismantled, band members jumping around the stage, guitars being thrown up in the air… All in all a fantastic night for music! That makes me happy. 🙂

I think you need to give both bands some lovin’- so please check them out the next time their in your neck of the woods. UKers and other European neighbors, that means y’all gotta get geared up for a bit of NYC in April. Get your tickets if you already haven’t. You won’t be sorry. Philly folk can catch the Dbombs tonight in the last show of the east coast tour before they head back home.

…Or lucky Londoners can not only check out The Dirtbombs but also the Von Bondies and THE WHITE STRIPES… all at one show. Do you need me to repeat that? What could be called “THE DAY DETROIT TOOK OVER SHEPHERDS BUSH” is happening, May 2. Damnit. Wish I could go… but alas. It’s all part of some Q concert series that’s making me foam at the mouth because it’s so amazing: Ed Harcourt, CTC, ESP, British Sea Power, Alfie, MHS, Alison Goldfrapp (DJ set), Kosheen, Simian… shoot me now.

And the new White Stripes album is gonna be called “Elephant.” And Ms. Meg will sing on the album.

Yeah, I don’t get the Valensi-De Cadnet thing either. Link from the Strokes bb (which I hadn’t checked in weeks).

Music of the moment: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP; Ultraglide In Black, The Dirtbombs; What’s the Story Morning Glory?, Oasis; Wonderland, The Charlatans UK; From Here On In, South; When It’s All Over…, Snow Patrol; “You Got To Leave” EP, The Bees; Free All Angels, Ash; The White Stripes, The White Stripes.

Ash or Starsailor? Dude, I just saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Dbombs- how can I even think of answering a question like that? But if I had to… Ash… because I wouldn’t kick Tim out of bed for eating crackers either… nor any other member of Ash.

Going Down in the East Village

Late breaking news… Dennis of The Realistics, Mercury Lounge, Feb 1. Acoustic set 8pm. You can still make it to the 11pm Yeah Yeah Yeahs set at Brownies (and stay for the French Kicks at 12) if you make a day of running up and over Avenue A.

Rolling Stone’s Latest Picks and Pans

Check Starsailor (dude- Walsh “brings the madness”), Clinic AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (can you believe the locals made it?!) in Rolling Stone’s “10 Bands You Need To Know” list. “Alias” cover. Dang. Please look past the Hoobastank and Andrew WK.

Rolling Stone also tips their hats to The Shitty Beatles. Word. But they hate Starsailor. Dang. But remember how they also hated Ryan Adams? Word. Also finally mentioned British Sea Power. Whatever. I should write this column.

Image trouble for the black-haired guy of Savage Garden. He’s gone back to his lighter-colored locks, causing Aussies to ask, “do we still have to admit that Savage Garden came from here even though they don’t exist anymore?”

Someone on a WS group posted a little snippy that some Aussie paper printed on Monday about Jack White and some guy in Kosheen getting into some ruffian behavior over some girl at an Auckland hotel bar on Friday. Hahahahah.

There’s No Question Mark In “Is This It”

Finally watching the Coldplay “Request” bit on M2. Guy and Jonny mutter nothing. Jonny’s wearing the ugly green hat, and Guy is wearing his brown one. The one I was looking at when I told him to cut his hair. Aaah. Takes me back to… last week! (Was that really only last week? Damn.)

I’m a little disturbed by people who list Starsailor, “Lullaby” and Incubus, “Wish You Were Here” as two tunes they are listening to, but I’ll let it go for now.

Other things, like people putting a QUESTION MARK in the title of “Is This It” pisses me off to no end. Get it right, dude.

Look at me- Watching “Pagan Poetry” on M2 makes me want to whip out the ol’ (free) Verspertine.

British Sea Power. Not just for sailors and seamen. What do you think? I’m giving it one yawn.

Oh man, Trash is spinning “Danger! (High Voltage)” (love the Jack White. Worship the Jack). They’ve even got the Yeah Yeah Yeahs spinning in room 2. Uh HUH. It sort of disturbs me that their playlists mimic my own.

They just got Guy to say “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.” I forget- OK, I don’t forget, that Guy is Scottish. Yes.

Oh no. I’m 55% British, just like
Hugh Grant.
. I forgot Americans drink beer cold. How odd. My favorite question? “19) If you stole and old lady’s bag and ran past a policeman what is he most likely to shout? A) Stop or I’ll shoot! B) Stop or I’ll shout ‘STOP’ again! ”

And oh yes.. I’m Piet Mondrian’s Composition A!

And look- The Modern Age in Cockney. Suprisingly not far off from how I usually speak!

Links from Ben.

Greil Marcus Hearts Julian

Yeah blah blah blah blah…On speech…

Check out this interview with BRMC. They like Joy Division. They like The Strokes. Shocker.

Dude- a re-airing of an 11/8/01 talk on the World Trade center featuring my buddy Eric Darton is on C-Span right now. I’m flippin’… the channel, that is.

Oh sh*t… The Strokes AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make it on to Salon?!?!? Number One and number two respectively on Greil Marcus’s list? I’m just as confused as you are.

The Moldys Were So F*cking Great! And No One Is Online For Me to Tell!

They were really so fantastic- and the verdict on Adam Green? DEFINITELY A-DORA-F*CKING-BLE! So cute. So Beck meets Julian Casablancas. SO young. So… *sigh.* What a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving weekend!

well now that adam's already on the floor, we might as well just rape him... oops... was that out loud?


But the show.. Altogether the show wasn’t bad. I didn’t go to the show on time, so I missed the first 2 opening bands… Squares and something else… uh… I ended up getting to the Mercury Lounge around 10 and came in just as Dufus was taking the stage. They were… interesting…. Then about an hour later, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs took the stage, and they were actually quite good. That lead singer chick was rockin’ it. A little Debbie Harry, a little Cyndi Lauper… all good.

But the Moldys stole the show (and my heart). They came in and did the dance number- I nearly died laughing. It was so cute. Adam was wearing a spiffy new Elvis jumpsuit made by Kimya’s aunt. So fantastic. Just seeing Adam Green jump around and shake his tush wearing a white Elvis jumpsuit w/ rhinestones on it totally made my week. I can’t wait to see the Moldys again at the Vanderbilt. Forget the freaking STROKES- It’s the MOLDYS I want to see! Seeing the Moldys makes me happy to be in this country… and especially in New York!

Why did I keep noticing Adam’s nether-regions? Oh that’s right, because it was at eye level. Yes. Right. Yes. It’s so hot when Adam plays the recorder.