Vampire Weekend on Colbert Report: LOLapalooza

If you didn’t see Stephen Colbert‘s interview with Vampire Weekend last night, click on the video below immediately.

I just about died when Colbert served VW drummer Chris Tomson by saying he appeared to have the same hygiene practices of Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson and later when he schooled the whole band by breaking out “The Elements of Style” to debate the merits of the Oxford comma.

(I for one am a believer in its usage.)

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Musicians and Celebs Help Crafts for a Cause Raises Money for Haiti

Binki Shapiro of Little Joy has gotten a TON of top-notch musicians, artists, and celebrities to contribute custom made artwork and items for her Crafts for a Cause auction. All proceeds will be donated to Artists for Peace and Justice, a charitable organization started by filmmaker Paul Haggis.

The online auction will begin on March 15th, but for now you can check on Binki’s Tumblr blog for the event which features teaser shots of some of the goods that will be for sale. Contributers are a who’s who of popular indie rock and mainstream musicians (Daft Punk, The Strokes, Norah Jones, No Doubt, Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis, Shirley Manson of Garbage, Mark Ronson, Adam Green, SIA, Grizzly Bear, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, just to name a few!!!) and film celebs (Spike Jonze, Natalie Portman).

Photo of Fab Moretti and Nick Valensi with the signed bag from The Strokes from the Crafts for a Cause site

You’ll find hand-drawn artwork, signed canvas bags, designed t-shirts, embellished guitars, and much more.

Sounds like an amazing collection of artists helping out for a great cause. Don’t forget — March 15th the auction starts online!

Here’s a video of SIA creating the wallet she donated:

SIA for Crafts For A Cause! from binki shapiro on Vimeo.

Plenty more info on the Crafts for a Cause website or on Binki Shapiro’s Twitter

Vampire Weekend @ 9:30 Club

Here’s a report from our special correspondent Sarah B from the December 2nd 9:30 Vampire Weekend show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.:

How can I describe the vibe of the classic DC crowd at the 9:30 on Tuesday night during Vampire Weekends second consecutive sold out show? Polite. They displayed their good upbringing by cheering and clapping at the appropriate times (but not too much or too loud) asking nicely and for an encore, singing along when it was requested and bobbing their heads coolly when asked to by frontman Koenig to do so during a new song, unnamed but breathtaking. In between all that, the vibe was…reserved. DC has a hard time relaxing. The last song, “Walcott,” got the biggest rise out of them.

The bands energy more than made up for the conservative crowd. Lovely and uncomplicated, clever and hard to classify, Vampire Weekend’s sound and lyrics create collages of random images–more like experimental film than anything else. It’s not surprising two of the four have dabbled in that medium.

They worked their way through the album, inserting the aforementioned new beauty, and a better- than-the-original Fleetwood Mac cover. This, of course, slightly lost on the youthful crowd. An enlightening moment came right before they launched into “M79.” Koenig asked us if anyone knew Jackson Crowter (stumped silence from the underwhelmed crowd). He went on to explain he was just a kid who rode the bus with keyboardist Batmanglij. That’s it. No complicated story. So nice. Just another random image in the collage…

Vampire Weekend Video for “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” Causes Mass Confusion

The much-talked about John Hughes-inspired video for Vampire Weekend‘s song “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” has been revealed on their MySpace page. There’s also a nod to “Thriller” in the second act of the video, with the band turning into a goth-y, Cure-loving looking band. (Probably a not so subtle mocking of VW’s perpetual preppiness as played up in the press.)

The resounding verdict? A big ol’ “HUH?”

Watch for yourself:
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

I liked the last video where they ripped off/made fun of Wes Anderson better, but still… can’t someone pitch more original ideas to these guys? This novelty video shiz is getting old real fast.

Trendrr Analysis: Does Vampire Weekend Owe Success to Sweaters?

My friend Mark just started this awesome website called, which allows you to track and graph all sorts of different data, then slice, dice, and compare your findings at will. Want to track record sales of “Consolers of the Lonely” against the frequency of “internet downloading” on Google News? Just punch in the appropriate keywords and start tracking.

Ever since joining the site I’ve spent hours creating, searching, and viewing my own and other people’s graphs. It sure does make for some fascinating findings. Take for example, my recent comparison of sweater sales on eBay vs blog posts about Vampire Weekend:

Not only is eternally preppy overwear on a greater upswing than Vampire Weekend, it seems like VW might even benefit from the increased awareness of knitted pull-overs in the form of more blog posts. Are the two really related? The world may never know, but it sure is fun finding what other keywords might be tangentially linked to the band.

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Tomson Has a Case of the On-Camera Giggles

I couldn’t help but be bemused by the most recent commercials for the Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend episode of Saturday Night Live happening this weekend.

NBC are now airing ads featuring the four New York band members standing behind Amy and an SNL cast member, but instead of watching Amy Adams, who is usually the person talking in almost all the promos, my eyes start gravitating toward VW drummer Chris Tomson. It’s not his dashing good looks that are drawing me in, it’s his completely hilarious barely suppressed goofy grin. I DARE YOU TO LOOK AWAY!

I wonder how many times they had to shoot those promos before the director gave up screaming, “SMILE WITH YOUR EYES, NOT WITH YOUR MOUTH!”

The video example above is by FAR the least of Chris’ grinning crimes. The worst offender? The one where Amy Adams explains that she does not endorse vampires, but werewolves are fine.

Vampire Weekend on SNL This Saturday

Woah nelly! Was anyone watching Wilco trying out their new songs playing songs off their latest album, Sky Blue Sky, (which some people have described “Hate It Here” in particular as sounding like “house band music”) last night on SNL?

Relive the horror of the first song (vid via Stereogum):

Also, download MP3s of the performance here.

Oh, if anyone can find a good screen cap of Tweedy wearing that white and red nudie suit during “Walken”, I’d love to put it next to a photo of Jack White for a good ol’ “Who Wore It Better?” contest. This image is not big enough.

Did anyone else’s jaw drop when they saw that Vampire Weekend is going to be the musical guest on next weekend’s Saturday Night Live? (Guest host is Amy Adams.)

Vampire Weekend Hit the Glossies

New York City homies Vampire Weekend are quickly becoming as ubiquitous as MacBook Air commercials–currently gracing the cover of the music magazine for the “blawg-rockers”, SPIN and now they are featured in the new issue of Nylon magazine:

nylon vampire weekend
(Bigger photo on

The shots were taken at Tom & Jerry’s bar in the East Village by TMA friend Vorrasi. We were lucky enough to be on hand for the shoot. Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot:
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