March Madness: The Shitty Beatles Perform at Mercury Lounge

The Strokes March Madness continues with this great concert listing from January 2002. Scan the list of names of the bands playing the Mercury Lounge and does one stick out? Who were The Shitty Beatles? On January 18, 2002 they were Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond Jr., Nick Valensi, Fabrizio Moretti, and Nikolai Fraiture.

That’s right, the fab five played under the pseudonym at a “secret” gig at the Mercury Lounge.

Here’s a little trivia for y’all — “The Shitty Beatles” is a fake band mentioned by Meatloaf‘s character Tiny in the 1992 movie of Wayne’s World.

The Strokes’ “You’re So Right” Revealed

From, video with “You’re So Right” off the new album, Angles:

It’s a bit more of a low-key song, with a few dashes of classic Strokes blazing guitar solo mid-way through. I’m kinda digging Julian’s sparse vocals and precision drumming by Fab. The song has a bit of a dark, menacing sound, with an unnerving tension present during the verses.

Let March Madness Begin: 31 Days of Reminicing about the Strokes

Ladies and gentlemen, for the next 31 days I’ll be posting something from my Strokes archives to honor the band’s return to the New York City stage on April 1, 2011 at Madison Square Garden.

Join me on this walk down memory lane…

Here’s a keeper from the New York Post, June 29, 2003. In an article explaining why is so cool, it name-checks Albert Hammond Jr. as a member of the social network (sadly with only six friends).

The Return of The Strokes

So while I was on vacation a lot happened…

Arcade Fire won Album of the Year (waaahhht???)

The Strokes released “Under Cover of Darkness,” their first single from their upcoming album, Angles. (Which pretty much sounded like a good ol’ Strokes song.)

And announced they would make their return to the New York City stage with a show at Madison Square Garden on April 1st

…and will be featured on the cover of NME. Wahoo!!

They’re also filming a video for “Under Cover of Darkness” right now in New Jersey… expect formal wear

Photos from WizKidMgmt Twitter

The Strokes Return to NYC Stage at Hilfiger Party @ The Met

Like many peeps who weren’t able to make it to The Strokes hometown return at the ultra-exclusive Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary party at the Metropolitan Opera House night, I had a super-intense dream I was seeing the Strokes (in some dingy LA club for some reason).

But alas, the dream wasn’t true…but what did happen was that 1,200 invited guests (including folks like Neil Patrick Harris, the cast of Gossip Girl, and J. Lo, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, according to and NYLON) were treated to an 8-song set on the terrace level of the venerable opera house.

I’ve scoured the internet, and these are the top things I think you’ll want to know that went down at the gig:

1. Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, always a snazzy dresser, was wearing a black leather jacket, a (yellow?) baseball cap, and white sunglasses.

Cory Kennedy’s Twitter

2. They performed their first US single, “Last Nite,” and someone did a video:

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More From the “Venison”/Strokes Show @ Dingwalls Last Night

Some more internet finds from the intimate gig last night.

And for everyone who keeps pointing out that The Strokes are doing these gigs “just for the money,” Adam Green says otherwise in the latest issue of NME:

“I think Julian Casablancas only said they were doing this summer’s festival shows for the money to be provocative. I don’t think these guys do anything for the money.”

Almost a day later, not much information past the my initial posting has surfaced about the gig. By most accounts, the show was totally fantastic and made everyone feel like it was the early 2000s once again. “Venison” t-shirts modeled after the original Strokes logo were sold to concertgoers, antler signs and chants of “Venison” were encouraged by the crowd, and at the end of the show Julian declared, “You guys are the f-cking sh-t!”

Addict Music did reveal the one major bummer about the show — as soon as the show was over a pair of overzealous bouncers rushed the front of the crowd and actually took their fists to the faces of members of the crowd in an effort to keep people from jumping onto the stage, even TKO-ing a couple punters in the process. Ouch!

The chica over at She’s Fixing Her Hair has a lovely personal account of the show that superfans should read as well.

Back to the videos/photos…

The anthem of this blog, “The Modern Age”:

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VIDEO: The Strokes Perform as “Venison” @ Dingwalls, London 6/9/10

As y’all probably know, The Strokes marked their comeback to live performance in four years with a not-so-secret secret show at the tiny club Dingwalls in London, UK tonight, playing under the name “Venison”.

The 500-capacity venue was packed to the gills with fans, industry folks, and even Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
ah, before I go to bed, here's Chris Martin escaping the mob after the gig... :P I'll come back tomorrow

Some super lucky superfans have already put up videos of the performance. Join me in the full “Wish I Was There Experience”.

Setlist according to this Twitpic by T and NME:
NYC Cops/ The Modern Age/ Hard to Explain/ Reptilia/ Whatever Happened/ You Only Live Once/ Soma/ Vision of Division/ I Can’t Win/ Is This It/ Someday/ Red Light/ Last Nite/ Under Control/ 12:51/ Juicebox/ Heart in a Cage/ Take It or Leave It

Julian Casablancas sported a look not too dissimilar from the studded leather jacket + sunglasses indoors look that dominated his solo tour and Nick Valensi wore something that barely looked like a tank top over his sweaty body.

Starting to break out in Strokes fever and wishing I had a Venison t-shirt!

Tonight's t-shirt (that's the front)

Videos (not in order):

Last Nite:

Is This It:

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Lady Gaga Was Never Going to Be the Next Julian Casablancas

One of the things that made me laugh the hardest whilst reading the New York Magazine feature on the making of Lady Gaga was the fact that La Gaga was more or less discovered because circa 2006, a producer named Rob Fusari was “interested in locating a female singer to front a band like the Strokes.”

After hearing her sing, Fusari told NY Mag that he noticed “she didn’t have that kind of undersinging character voice of Julian Casblancas” and immediately “dropped the Strokes thing right away.”

Sorry, but I find this whole thing hilarious.