Nick Valensi Makes My Dreams

I realized that Macs and Netscape are evil, so new direct links have been added to the review of the Vanderbilt Strokes show. Enjoy, if you haven’t already!

Christmas came early this year… someone bought stuff off my wishlist. Yay!

And I just like to congratulate Nick Valensi for being the first Stroke to make it into one of my dreams! You’ve ARRIVED! In the dream last night, I was talking to some girl named Nic, and when I called out her name, he kept responding, and I was like, “NOT YOU. I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU!” He was drugged out in my dream.

Weird Quote of the Day

Ladies and Gentleman… the weirdest quote of the day come from The Independent in London, England: “Ben Knowles, editor of NME said: ‘Because of the size of the market in the US, it is more conducive to cutting-edge music [like the White Stripes and The Strokes]. Bands like Coldplay and Travis have been commercially successful here but they are hardly breaking new ground.'”

The Strokes, who?

The New York Times Can’t Tell the Strokes and the White Stripes Apart

*Snort* I still find this funny. The Times sucking it up big time. Oh the irony of the mixup!:

The picture caption on Thursday with the Pop Life column, about bands that are bringing new energy to rock ‘n’ roll, referred incorrectly to a highly regarded recording by the White Stripes, which is in the forefront of the movement. It is “White Blood Cells,” not “Is This It,” and it is the group’s third album, not its first. “Is This It,” as the column noted, is the first album by the band Strokes.

Cast, “Desert Drought”… the singer sounds like Robbie Williams… and Saves the Day.. that Funeral song or whatever it is… are these kids out of high school yet? I saw the vid last night and I kept thinking of Ben Lee or something.

And I don’t know what this is… but it’s an odd design for a site basically about porn.

The Strokes, “When It Started” is on NME Radio right now. Excellent.

And no matter what anyone says, Starsailor is quite good. Even if “Lullaby” sorta sounds like “Happy Xmas” by John Lennon.

I keep forgetting… Travis loves NY… and NY loves Travis.

Coldplay just updated…. Wonder if they are going to do the cover of “Here Comes The Sun” in New York next week…