The Secret Behind Starsailor

Ahem. The Moldy Peaches and The Walkmen and Mink Lungs and Calla at N6, Feb 17.

I’m in heaven. God bless! I’m still looking for a band photography website/ blog from London though… My question about the Gorillaz picture is… which one is the graffiti?

Let’s have a hug. We’re gonna need it after re-reading the infamous “rape his granny” Mogwai interview. Dear lord. Whatever happened to Brian Molko?

For those of you that want to get your hands on that Starsailor “Poormisguided Fool” remix, have no fear- it’s on the CD/DVD which comes out March 18th in the UK.

Also check out the truth behind Starsailor’s A&R Granny… it’s James’s Gran! …. and from the Starsailor message board, someone in Chi-town reports, “They played great. James stopped and said ‘I had a dream last night and it didn’t have The Strokes in it.'” Uhh… yeah. Are all of y’all asking him about The Strokes out there?

Starsailor and Spector

And as I’m sure you’ve heard… Starsailor and Phil Spector, blah blah blah.

I’m sorry for the massive SS overload. It can’t be helped. They’re all over the place.

The D on “Last Call.” Will Carson Daly hit on JB?

Music of the moment: “Running Girl,” Ooberman

The Moldy Peaches and Realistics Photos Are Up!

the hulkamania dance
The Moldy Peaches and The Realistics from January 12, 2002 gallery is up and running.

Todd Gitlin alert… Americans feel pain too.

Are you between 16 and 24… years of age, that is? Yes? Are you fond of fat tongues? Yes? Do you like to be on TV? Yes? Well giddy-up! Jamie Oliver is looking for impressionable young minds to mash into little balls of mush, using the remains to feed his gargantuan evil food empire. I mean… he’s looking for guinea pigs to use and slave labor at his new restaurant… I mean he’s having a contest to find 10 “trainees.”

Yes, that’s what I meant to say in the first place. Get your shit together- deadline is Feb. 8th.

All Adam Green Wants for Christmas

Oh yeah, I finally bought Is This It.

I was looking at The Face today (Jan issue) and they have this thing, asking people at the Sidewalk Cafe “What’s the best Christmas present you ever received?” The 3 or 4th one is some guy named Adam, 20 who says, “Hannakuh candles. It sucks, I know.” Yeah, that’s right ladies and gents, Mista Adam Green.

These Burgers…ARE Crazy

Just 5 minutes ago, walking home from the N/R and on Astor Place, I hear some guy behind me say to the girl he was with, “These burgers…. are CRAZY.” I instantaneously cock my head around and shoot a “I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT” look… it was kind of a “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD” meets “YOU’RE CRAZY” look.

For a split second I thought about explaining how I know the Moldy Peaches’ music and that’s why I shot the look, not the “you’re insane” look… but then I just kept walking.

Upcoming Moldys/Realistics Show

The rumor mill churns once again… but this time with interesting results… On a ticketweb search.. : Saturday, January 12 9:00 PM (8:00 PM doors) Moldy Peaches plus Scrappy Hamilton / the realistics 18 and over ID Required
U.S.$10.00 @ Bowery Ballroom.

Oh shit, does this mean I’m going? I’m so poor. Help me.

Anyone remember that NME article on The Strokes where they mentioned some Amazonian blonde rocker-chick at the LA show that was all over Nikolai? Well Nashville Pussy is playing Bowery January 18 at 9pm, 21+.

Top Albums and Singles for 2001

Blogger was evil and ate my Top 10 list. I used to have explanations, but now I’m just too frustrated and lazy:


1. The Strokes, Is This It
Was there even a question?

The rest of the best… in no particular hierarchy… ok, with a certain degree of hierarchy, but with equal love…

2. The White Stripes, White Blood Cells

3. Starsailor, Love Is Here
4. Basement Jaxx, Rooty
5. Turin Brakes, The Optimist

6. Gorillaz, Gorillaz
7. Jay-Z, The Blueprint
8. Bjork, Vespertine
9. The Moldy Peaches, Moldy Peaches
10. Sparklehorse, It’s A Wonderful Life


1. Atomic Kitten, “Whole Again”
Because “Teenage Dirtbag” was officially released in 2000.

Now some other fun tunes, in no particular order…I’ll try not to overlap artists already represented in the Top 10 Albums list.

2. Jay-Z, “H to the Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”
3. Kylie Minogue, “Can’t Get You Outta My Head”
4. The Wildbunch, “Danger! (High Voltage)”
5. Mya, Pink, Lil’ Kim, Christina Aguilera, “Lady Marmalade”
6. Mary J. Blige, “Family Affair”
7. The Avalances, “Since I Left You”
8. Jimmy Eat World, “The Middle
9. Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman, “Something Stupid
10. Britney Spears, “I’m A Slave 4 U


1. Ryan Adams/ Elton John
Yes, they both wear tinted sunglasses indoor. Yes, they both are highly irritating. Yes, Rolling Stone kisses their asses way too much. Yes, they are the same person.

Other annoyances in the music world for 2001…

2. Pete Yorn – He’s ugly and his music sucks. Boo to over-rated Jersey boys.
3. Flickerstick – Ok, so you won “Bands on the Run.” Do you still have to keep making “music”?
4. Travis, The Invisible Band – I’m sorry, but what a disappointment.
5. Paul McCartney, “Freedom” – Stop Paul. Please, for the love of god, life, and this country- stop.
6. Nelly Furtado – Granted, “Like A Bird” is pretty catchy, but she’s pretty annoying.. AND CANADIAN!
7. Michael Jackson, Invincible – See number 5.
8. P.O.D., Satellite – Not only is there the evocation of DMB, but they SUCK.
9. Backstreet Boys, “Drowning” – Oh, I’m sorry, did anyone hear that song? No? Take a hint.

10. Hear’say, Popstars – No. Just no.

The Strokes’s Tour Bus Gets Tagged

Oh man… why didn’t someone tell me about Buddyhead saying The Strokes tour bus was two-tone tagged “$uckin Dick$” in North Carolina earlier?

Oh yeah. Moldy Peaches in January with Interpol at the Bowery. Rumor has it they really want to get the Spin Doctors to play with them, making the retro-90’s movement fashionable by rockin’ the Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.

Check out these freaking kick ass pictures of El Strokes.

Dodging Rain and Preparing for Gorillaz

Julie and I were walking around today, dogging the rain. Some guy next to us at Around the Clock ordered a Screwdriver at 1:15pm… the girl ordered a Long Island Iced Tea with her breakfast. Yes. Hardcore.

Julie got a Moldys CD.

Get your VCRs set:


The premiere includes one of the gorillaz ‘bites’, and moments with various folks involved, including Jamie and Damon.

It also premieres ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ and ‘Rock da House’.

Crawls will run across “19/2000′ as it airs on both MTV and MTV2 to promo the show.