Band to Watch: The Realistics

You HAVE to HAVE to check out The Realistics. They were uber cool tonight- Will, the keyboard guy- he F*CKING ROCKS! Super nice… There will be a full concert update soon… but I just got to let you know- give those boys some props. They’re totally cool guys.

Blogging from Digital Journalism Class

I’m in Digital Journalism right now. The made us go to this site, Soulbath. It’s weird, but boys might like it.

I got a McFlurry craving just now. And now I’m thinking of London… where I had my first McFlurry. Aw.

The tech TA for Digi Journalism has a geeky Linux story in the Times today. Read it and push up those thick-framed glasses you got.

David made me go to this site… It’s in German. I don’t know.

Dude- magnetic poetry… er.. on the Internet… from the lovely people at Wagamama.

I’m on two separate computers right now… while someone is lecturing. Does this make me a nerd?

I had to do some sifting and directory searching, but I found this The Strokes review

Who’s Got The Moldy Peaches T-Shirt?

I’m going nutty. A story about Britney Spears that was on Salon only a few hours ago is no longer linked on the site. Now I can’t find the damn story. I think it was published too early- I believe it had a December 3 dateline. That story is where I got the freakin’ camel toe link!

My Features Prof asked my about my Moldy Peaches shirt today… that’s so awesome. She rocks. Then this kid Chris did too… but he’s totally on crack. He kept asking me if they were a Hip Hop band.. or if they sounded Hip Hop… or Punk… if they played CB’s… I was like, “Yeah, totally.” Weirdo.

Only one Strokes picture, but it’s better than nothing, eh?

Blast! Blast! Blast!

I taped That ’70s Show instead of Undeclared. Blast.

Ryan Adams on Leno, Goldfrapp on Conan.

I just saw Much Ado About Nothing for my Shakespeare class. It was this ’60s- Austin Powers, The Avengers, James Bond swingin’ sort of thing. It was hard to watch a dark-haired heavyset man play Benedict. Oh my Kenneth Branaugh. Oh my Kenneth!

I bored this poor girl Rebecca by telling her all about my Paul Rudd adventures.

On the web-surfing end… I thought this Blah blah blog site looks lovely and Tiny Mix Tapes has great taste in music. Check out Tamec’s current playlist- sportin’ The Strokes and D Plan. Rock on man! Also, the November 22nd entry had me laughing… they write:

The Strokes? They were so Feb ’01 – Oct ’01

Yes, the hype is beginning to fade for the NY-based punk rockers The Strokes. It was a good run while it lasted, though — it even remained fairly strong during the Sept 11th attacks.

Also, take your pick in the poll on the lower right-hand side…. The Strokes, “amazing,” “pretty good,” or “over-hyped”? Currently winning out? “Over-hyped”…. and don’t you just love this guide to making the perfect mix tape? But my only question is… is this dude’s name REALLY Jack Tripper? Like from Three’s Company?

Inspired by The Strokes message board… What do YOU smell like? I smell like… “Refreshing Garden Mint.” Sniff and let me know.

And hey- I have no clue what any of this says, but this Andres Lokka dude’s got a picture at the Ed Harcourt show and has bought (at least I think that’s what that column is…) Starsailor, Spiritualized, The KOC, The Moldys, The Strokes, The Dirtbombs, Basement Jaxx, Air, South, Turin Brakes, etc. (there are too many good things to list) …. and that’s enough for me. ::makes wild “cowabunga, man!” gesticulations:: Awesome!

Unrelated… SIDA is the Spanish and French way of saying AIDS.

Greil Marcus Hearts Julian

Yeah blah blah blah blah…On speech…

Check out this interview with BRMC. They like Joy Division. They like The Strokes. Shocker.

Dude- a re-airing of an 11/8/01 talk on the World Trade center featuring my buddy Eric Darton is on C-Span right now. I’m flippin’… the channel, that is.

Oh sh*t… The Strokes AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make it on to Salon?!?!? Number One and number two respectively on Greil Marcus’s list? I’m just as confused as you are.

The Strokes Are Buying Coney Island High?

I just got a craving for fried chicken. I’m listening to The Avalanches and craving chicken. Turkey will have to do.

I think you will all be happy to know my room is SO clean. It’s so lovely and neat and clean.

Whoah. Wait a minute. Was Stephen Daldry suppose to be gay? Now he’s not gay, but I didn’t know he was suppose to be gay… or did I? I have to go searching for those clips about his “surprise” friendship with dear Jamie Bell.

Oh, and by the way, someone needs to get me “Your Favorite London Sounds.” According to the LMC website, you need to send 12 GBP (for us overseas folk) to LMC Ltd, 3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN. Perhaps I’ll just have to go pick it up myself when I go back to London… it’s sold at Rough Trade, Covent Garden; Smallfish, Hoxton; 323, Highgate; British Library, Euston; and Tate Modern, Bankside.

If you’re by Rough Trade in Convent Garden, go ahead- be trendy and check out Duffer, which is also on Shorts Garden.

Check out this interview with Albert… he talks about his problems with diarrhea, Halloween, and the Guru.

From Buddyhead: The Strokes are buying the old Coney Island High club and turning it into a private rehearsal space. All it takes is a phone call to daddy for some people.