HELP: Diamond Nights’s Van Stolen

I got this off of MySpace. Diamond Nights’s van was recently stolen:

Our van is GONE!!! Last seen in Long Island City

um…did someone borrow our van? we can’t find it. If you did would you please return it soon before we have to go on tour? To all the righteous vigilantes out there, its a white Ford E350 van with NY license plates DFE-9711, if you see someone besides diamond nights driving it you are now officially deputized to kick their effing ass!

Please help if you can.

Tuesday Night Is Just Like Saturday Night with Diamond Nights

I’m really tired, but just wanted to say that Diamond Nights at Bowery Ballroom last night was awesome. They are getting to be such a great live band. It was such an “interactive” show–with Morgan making people sing along to “Saturday Night”, pulling up a gaggle of girls (and a few dudes) to dance on stage during “The Girl’s Attractive,” and for the finale, Morgan jumping into the crowd for the last song of the evening.

I took photos, some of which you can see on my Flickr account…ok I’m going to go pass out now.