I Turn My Camera On: Spoon at Bowery Ballroom

BOO-YAH! First blog post? Do I win? And you call yourselves bloggers… Shame shame shame.


According to the resident Spoon expert, Backseat Blogger, the show was “dirty” in the sense that Britt Daniel was just letting loose and “feeling” the music, and the band played what the BB felt was “what I would have put on a ‘Greatest Hits of Spoon’ compilation album.” Pretty high praise!

Britt WAS in fact loose and goofy–mugging faces as his fellow band mates, reacting to shouts from the crowd to “take off your shirt”, as well as pausing for a moment to point to a girl in the front rows and say, “I saw you on Spring Street today!”

Re-release: The Henchmen Back Catalogue Featuring Jack White

Jasper pointed me out to an excellent post that he did today about the release of a remastered edition of The Henchmen‘s album Hentch-Forth along with the four tracks off their “Some Other Guy” 7″ and an alternate take of “Psycho Daisies”…all on (get this!) some newfangled technology they call “compact disc” on Italy Records!

Below are some snapshots Jasper took of his promo copy of the re-release. Notice the once-upon-a-time ironic billing of “featuring Jack White” on the cover of “Some Other Guy”, and also check out the vintage shot of Jackie boy with his mop o’ blond curls.

henchmen some other guy

henchmen some other guy

Apparently I Know Nothing: Albert Hammond Jr. Releases Debut Album on Scratchie Records

So on Friday night, in the midst of falling asleep (I’m old, it happens) in that fancy-pants bar right next to the Luna Lounge‘s new location in Brooklyn, I found out from Ben from the Robbers on High Street that Albert Hammond Jr. is on the same label as they areJames Iha’s New Line imprint, Scratchie Records.

Apparently it was released in the US on March 6th in the US. Apparently I live in a cave.

But please go by Albert’s album. It’s a nice little indie record with some pretty catchy songs.

The ROHS and Albert will be playing the same New Line/ Scratchie showcase at SXSW.
Blender Bar at the Ritz- 320 E. 6th Street, 7pm-2am with Albert Hammond Jr, Robbers on High Street, Midnight Movies, Office, Eugene, and The Sights. Badge/Wristbands only


“What Happens If a Shin Has to Poop In the Middle of the Night” and Other Interesting On-goings Inside the Shins Tour Bus

Everyone’s favorite America’s Next Top Model alumni, super model blogger Elyse Sewell, recently met up with her boyfriend Marty Crandall of The Shins on their tour stops in Seattle and Vancouver. In a blog entry this week, Elyse answers a reader’s question regarding this photo:

the shins pooping

“But what happens if a Shin has to poop in the middle of the night?”

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