Way to Take Things Too Seriously, Buddy!

Sure the Siren Festival is great for things like music and carnival acts, but what it’s better for is HIPSTER BINGO. If you never thought you’d see the day someone actually took this thing seriously, well congrats, because you’ve seen that day. We took it upon ourselves to print out a copy of the now […]

The Long and the Short of It: What Happens When You Send a Hipster to an Indie Rock Show

Ahhh! We’re idiots! In the hullabaloo surrounding our birthday, we forgot to plug the Whirlwind Heat show @ the Mercury last night. Oops. Lucky for us (and for you) Whirlwind Heat team up with MC Paul Barman at Southpaw on Valentine’s Day. (If you were caught up in the hullabaloo about the potential terrorist attacks […]

Who Knew Moldy Peaches Were So Tasty?

The Nintendo Game Cube. Otherwise known as “One Way To Become the Most Popular Person In Your Building.” Hyperventilated today. I’ll explain further after Wed. Julian Casablancas + Beck + DNA = Adam Green… who is ONLY 20 YEARS OF AGE! It’s a crime. Thou shalt not covet anti-folk stars younger than yourself. I still […]