Fatrick from Fall Out Boy IS A MURDERER

From SoMoreScene.com:

Woah, I was watching the 2 hour season premiere of one of my most favorite shows ever (aka- Law and Order) tonight. I made it thorugh the first episode, but then realized at 10:30 I was also missing a new episode of Project Runway. As I flipped back and forth, I did manage to spot one PATRICK STUMP of FALL OUT BOY as one of the murderous kidnappers in the second episode. I could spot that combover a mile away–even while it’s hiding behind a defendant’s table.

Oh, and need I mention that JEREMY SISTO — aka the dude who “lost his Cranberries CD in the quad” in Clueless — is now one of the detectives on the show. OHSHNAP!

I <3 L&O.

PaloozaHead Greatest Thing Ever Invented

Eric at Grow Interactive sent over the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen in a while: PaloozaHead. It was launched to coincide with today’s announcement of the 2007 Lollapalooza lineup. You can logon and upload your OWN head and dance to a selection of music by some of the confirm acts playing the fest. Believe you me, the results are pretty hilarious. Check out my PaloozaHead of Matt Bellamy dancing to M.I.A.

More fun starring Pete Wentz and Jack White after the cut…
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Real or No Real? Does Pete Wentz Reveal TMI, or Was Vice Just Making It Up?

The jury is still out on this one… Why did Vice take down their interview with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, posted on their daily blog? Did someone at Island freak out when they saw the content of the interview (Pete gives the nod to a particularly Brokeback style of love-making…talks about drinking and taking downers, and other material that would destroy any remaining warm fuzzy perceptions of Pete.) OR was the interview just a joke that got way too out of hand and landed Vice in the position of being sued?

Answers, anyone?

Vice has taken the entry off their blog archives, but you can still view the original post. And in case they take that link down, you can view a JPG of it on So More Scene.

VMAs Reaction…

Was anyone else a little saddened that the Raconteurs were the VMA equivalent of the Paul Shaffer Band? And anyone else get a little uneasy when Jack Black started doing the Jack Black/ Jack White thing?

I didn’t see the begining of the end, so apparently I missed Lou Reed and Panic! at the Disco winning for video of the year, which is SO CRAZY! The Panic! performance was…uh…not their best, and I missed the Rose Vest.

Was really happy to see All-American Rejects win for best group video–the vid for “Move Along” is awsome. Not so happy seeing Paris Hilton talk about Tyson.

I think Chris Brown looked piiiissseed when Avenge Sevenfold won for best new artist, and I felt REALLY SCARED for Little Miss Sunshine when those burly, tattooed men got on stage and surrounded her. I feared a little bit for her safety. Where’s Dwayne when you need him?

Jared Leto wore TOO MUCH eye makeup and Jessica Simpson didn’t wear enough clothing and looked a little manish in the shoulders. The Britney/ Kevin segment totally bombed as did most of Sarah Silverman‘s stuff.

The capes and gray clothing made Fall Out Boy all look a bit stout, and I learned that the not screamy dude from Linkin Park has a side project.

My Not-So-Secret Life as a Professional Teenager

It’s not a secret that I have another web site, but I have never come out and said it on The Modern Age. I’ve been blogging on this other site for about 3 weeks. You can read the “about” section to learn the details as to why I needed another site.

It’s called So More Scene.com and all I do is talk about bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, and My Chemical Romance. If you do not have any remote interest in these bands, do NOT read my new site. And for all you loyal readers, don’t worry–TMA is still my main blog. SMS is just about me having fun!

so more scene screenshot

The Music Biz: Where Waving Around Your Private Parts Is Not Grounds for Getting You Fired

The music industry is such a weird place. Why is it that it’s perfectly legitimate to use your naughty bits to sell records? For most people posing in compromising positions is a way to get yourself fired, not a raise. This totally came to mind when I was reading this New York Times article today.

To quote the Times, “college students often post risqué or teasing photographs and provocative comments about drinking, recreational drug use and sexual exploits in what some mistakenly believe is relative privacy.” The article goes on to say how people’s edgy online personas can get in the way of them getting hired for a job.

Then I also read this great post Brandon wrote pondering the merits of releasing nude photos of himself in order to sell albums. For anyone who think that all these “hacks” and “invasions of privacy” are all random acts of embarrassment, well…maye you’re right–but maybe you’re wrong.

I feel like I can’t even turn on my computer anymore without getting an email or reading a blog post about another eyeliner-wearing Warped Tourer self-releasing a photos where he’s flatteringly caught with his trousers down in front of a camera. I know “sex sells” but really, do we have to go down this road?

When will the insanity stop? Seriously, let’s hope this trend is a show-er, not a grower.

Fall Out Boy Throw Down on…Kidz Bop?

In the funnest smackdown of the week, Fall Out Boy totally sticks it to pre-teen music makers Kidz Bop by putting a halt to their song “Dance, Dance” being included on Volume 10 of the wildly popular kids music CDs.

According to MTV.com, the band found out about their hit single being included on the tweeny-bopper-sung cover album via internet message postings/ emails/ and IMs. Pete Wentz (aka- Captain Harsh Face) wrote the following on FallOutBoyRock.com regarding the song inclusion: “Here’s the answer: We don’t know what’s going on, because they can use a song without your permission. However, I can’t imagine some young kids singing ‘crawling into bed with me’ and all. If they change the lyrics, I believe they need to get permission. We’re looking into it.”

As luck would have it, Wentz was correct, and if the KB folks changed song lyrics, they’d need the OK from the band. After what one would assume was a friendly call from the Fall Out Boy lawyers and/or management, “Dance, Dance” will no longer appear on Volume 10 of Kidz Bop. I’m kinda thankful that I will never hear the KB kids singing how misery loves them. However they will do a rendition of Nick Lachey‘s divorce song, “What’s Left of Me”. Just what I need, another level of depressing things to be associated with that tune.