PREVIEW: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Bowery Ballroom

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Nick of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs captures the moment

The show was freaking AMAZING. I was feeling kind of sick (the plague still lingers) but I hauled ass and headed to The Dirtbombs with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Bowery (which was sold out!!)…. Thank god I did. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of NYCs greatest bands- hands down. The crowd was rockin’, the band was rockin’, it was a get down and dirty rock-a-thon.

And one of Detroit’s finest, The Dirtbombs, fucking cleaned up as well. It was totally great. Everyone was “shakin’ their ass” (it was the big quote of the evening)- including a certain Miss Karen O, right up in the front going mad and throwing shit on the stage! Utter chaos broke out during the last song, with drum kits being dismantled, band members jumping around the stage, guitars being thrown up in the air… All in all a fantastic night for music! That makes me happy. 🙂

I think you need to give both bands some lovin’- so please check them out the next time their in your neck of the woods. UKers and other European neighbors, that means y’all gotta get geared up for a bit of NYC in April. Get your tickets if you already haven’t. You won’t be sorry. Philly folk can catch the Dbombs tonight in the last show of the east coast tour before they head back home.

…Or lucky Londoners can not only check out The Dirtbombs but also the Von Bondies and THE WHITE STRIPES… all at one show. Do you need me to repeat that? What could be called “THE DAY DETROIT TOOK OVER SHEPHERDS BUSH” is happening, May 2. Damnit. Wish I could go… but alas. It’s all part of some Q concert series that’s making me foam at the mouth because it’s so amazing: Ed Harcourt, CTC, ESP, British Sea Power, Alfie, MHS, Alison Goldfrapp (DJ set), Kosheen, Simian… shoot me now.

And the new White Stripes album is gonna be called “Elephant.” And Ms. Meg will sing on the album.

Yeah, I don’t get the Valensi-De Cadnet thing either. Link from the Strokes bb (which I hadn’t checked in weeks).

Music of the moment: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP; Ultraglide In Black, The Dirtbombs; What’s the Story Morning Glory?, Oasis; Wonderland, The Charlatans UK; From Here On In, South; When It’s All Over…, Snow Patrol; “You Got To Leave” EP, The Bees; Free All Angels, Ash; The White Stripes, The White Stripes.

Ash or Starsailor? Dude, I just saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Dbombs- how can I even think of answering a question like that? But if I had to… Ash… because I wouldn’t kick Tim out of bed for eating crackers either… nor any other member of Ash.

The Faint @ Bowery Ballroom: Kinda Like Hell, But with Strobe Lights

The Faint @ Bowery. Ehh… Twas OK. It wasn’t exactly the best time ever. I tried to dance it up and get really into it, but just when I started to get into a song it would finish. WTF? I also got shoved around and knocked into a bit, but in a bad way. Dude- those people must have had SUPER POINTY elbows! Some girl behind me must have brought her whole entire fucking LIFE in her bag because it sure as hell was suffocating me. And there wasn’t a collective jumping up and down to the beat, it was just complete fucked up knocking into one another- not even moshing just “OW! YOU BITCH!”

The Faint

And then there was RED… When The Faint does a show, they totally believe in CREATING A SHOW. The lighting was pretty horrid. It was all red all the time because of the use of red floor lights. Kinda like hell… but with strobe lights. I almost had an epilectic fit and there was no warning! OK, not really… and the two buckets of dried ice wasn’t really working properly- which led to much on-stage discussion by the band members pre-show. The ice ended up on the sides by the stage exits. Although it was quite dark, I thought it was appropriate for their sound and look (all dressed in head-to-toe black- skinny as fuck and tall as fuck) and whatever.

The crowd at The Faint

The crowd looked like people who still think Orgy rocks. And a few hipsters. And people who probably took the train in from Long Island. And there was one punk dude with a pink mowhawk up in the balcony.

The Faint

I would have liked more audience interaction by the band. The bassist reminded my of my French teacher from last year for some unknown reason, so it was kinda bizarre watching him. I kept getting freaked out. But Phillipe wasn’t from Omaha…

I didn’t feel that connection with the other audience members or with the band, and that’s what I like and look for when I go to a show. I thought they did an OK job of like producing semi-good sounds and whatever, but there was definitely something lacking.

And their songs all start to sound the same after a while.

I should have bought an Out Hud CD. Duh.

Out Hud

Out Hud

I think I enjoyed one of the openers, Out Hud more than The Faint… with their keyboardist/guitarist that looked like the guy from Jimmy Eat World meets Jack White… and their electric cello player (ELECTRIC CELLOS LOOK FREAKIN COOL!) and that guy that did the entire intro in French, which everyone on stage found reaaaaalllyyy funnnnnnnyyyyy. There was also a plead from one of the band members that went something like, “I’M TIRED OF WORKING, GIVE ME MONEY! I know there are some of you out there with money. Trust funds, whatever…. Outhud@hotmail.com– Give us money. We’ll name a remix after you. Seriously.” I enjoyed that.

The weirdest thing of the night were the people handing out JJ72 flyers outside the venue after the show. JJ and The Faint? Not exactly the same crowd.

I miss Starsailor.

Was it cold in Toronto? Is that why James wore one of his simply GORGEOUS cord jackets onstage? Why do good people make bad fashion choices?

I’m gonna take a moment here to say TORONTO CHARLATANS/ STARSAILOR FANS TOTALLY KICK ASS! They all post pictures. I love them!

Going Down in the East Village

Late breaking news… Dennis of The Realistics, Mercury Lounge, Feb 1. Acoustic set 8pm. You can still make it to the 11pm Yeah Yeah Yeahs set at Brownies (and stay for the French Kicks at 12) if you make a day of running up and over Avenue A.

Circle and Square at Brownies

Last minute decision to pop over to Brownies and see college rockers Circle and Square. I thought it was a pretty tight set. I hear some of ’em like Le Strokes…

Their next show will be at Luxx (which has a WILD Full House “Smash Club” -esque look to it) in Brooklyn as part of the New York Metropolis Music Festival on V-day 2002. Grab a fella, grab a gal, or grab yourself (…but do it discreetly…) and head over to some of the fine festivities the NYMMF folks have lined up. And yes, that Moldy Peaches/ The Walkmen show at N6 counts- it’s part of the same festival…

Photographic evidence of tonight (sorry the pictures are so blurry. We hate Brownies’ lighting. It’s evil):

circle and square, brownies, nyc

circle and square, brownies, nyc

circle and square, brownies, nyc

circle and square, brownies, nyc
circle and square, brownies, nyc
circle and square, brownies, nyc
circle and square, brownies, nyc
the crowd at circle and square, brownies, nyc

Ahem- note to self… and perhaps Dev– M.P. sighting approx. 9:20pm.

Buy a JJ72 Album, Get a Free Concert

Things to do in Times Square… courtesy of an unnamed source- identity withheld for obvious reasons. (You can thank PAUL for the destruction of this link)

Here’s a hot tip for JJ72/Stereophonics fans. Head over to the Virgin Megastore at Union Square and pick up a copy of the JJ72 album for $9.99. What do you get in return? 2 free tickets to their show on February 6 at Irving Plaza, which normally cost $18.50 each! Damn.

Mmmm… pictures at Rion.nu. Linky from Sereene.

Preview. The Strokes Apollo Show.

(Sorry they’re so blurry and not that many. The guards were being hard-asses about pictures. The one guard was threatening me, telling me it was a federal offense and made me erase all the pictures… oops. I guess I didn’t erase them.)

Oh yeah.. New song… called.. uh.. “Ze Newie” for now.

The World Famous Apollo Theatre

Julian Casablancas, Lead vocals, The Strokes