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Ok, the “Last Nite” video is on again… I think I’m watching M2, but I’m not sure… I just saw Starsailor “Good Souls” too. But I wasn’t gonna write about that, but the video came on so I ended up mentioning it and this is when I realize I’m completely babbling. But as you can see by the photographic evidence over at Combustication (Check the Jan 26th post), BRMC has taken over London- plastering “Love Burns” everywhere. The limeys fall for it hard… BRMC is the next next big thing… 2 steps behind the Strokes to super-british-rockdom. Ok, fine, whatever. They’re ok. They work it. Although it’s a little disturbing Cute Drummer (Nick, I think most people call him) isn’t playing with them… you know, due to that “smuggling cocaine” problem. I hate when that happens.

But I think I need to talk about another one of those upcoming Brit band (yeah, like I don’t talk about British people enough). Anyway, I’ve mentioned them before, but I’m gonna go ahead and mention them again because their album is coming out very soon, and their first single has just been released. Haven, ladies and gents, has a really lovely song called “Say Something” that’s becoming quite popular, I think… Sorta sensitive, wussy brit rock like Coldplay meets… um… it’s a little more “rocky” than Coldplay so I’d say mix in a little… uh.. I don’t know. Meets Starsailor and a little Travis? Am I starting to scare some people off right there? It’s sorta rock ballad-ey or whatever. But it’s pretty. I’ll keep an eye out. They play London’s Dingwalls March 6, damnit. Why am I not in London this semester?

The Air remix album, Everybody Hertz is out Feb 19… just one week after my birthday. *Hint hint*

Starsailor, Tenacious D, and Today’s Web Searches

The Starsailor lads get exposure in US music industry bible, Billboard. No earth-shattering news on the Chorley-boy front. We already knew they were coming back to the US in late Feb- early March to do a headlining tour, right?

And just because I feel like it… The “Fuck Her Gently” video.

Ah.. memories of The Strokes circa… um.. December.

Brian wanted it to be known that Bipolar is finally up and running again, after falling to the wayside earlier this month. Check it.

Today’s favorite web searches for this site include: “ryan adams gay” and “does james walsh of starsailor have a girlfriend?” (sorry ladies and gents, he does… last time we checked)

The Secret Behind Starsailor

Ahem. The Moldy Peaches and The Walkmen and Mink Lungs and Calla at N6, Feb 17.

I’m in heaven. God bless! I’m still looking for a band photography website/ blog from London though… My question about the Gorillaz picture is… which one is the graffiti?

Let’s have a hug. We’re gonna need it after re-reading the infamous “rape his granny” Mogwai interview. Dear lord. Whatever happened to Brian Molko?

For those of you that want to get your hands on that Starsailor “Poormisguided Fool” remix, have no fear- it’s on the CD/DVD which comes out March 18th in the UK.

Also check out the truth behind Starsailor’s A&R Granny… it’s James’s Gran! …. and from the Starsailor message board, someone in Chi-town reports, “They played great. James stopped and said ‘I had a dream last night and it didn’t have The Strokes in it.'” Uhh… yeah. Are all of y’all asking him about The Strokes out there?

Starsailor and Spector

And as I’m sure you’ve heard… Starsailor and Phil Spector, blah blah blah.

I’m sorry for the massive SS overload. It can’t be helped. They’re all over the place.

The D on “Last Call.” Will Carson Daly hit on JB?

Music of the moment: “Running Girl,” Ooberman

Rolling Stone’s Latest Picks and Pans

Check Starsailor (dude- Walsh “brings the madness”), Clinic AND the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (can you believe the locals made it?!) in Rolling Stone’s “10 Bands You Need To Know” list. “Alias” cover. Dang. Please look past the Hoobastank and Andrew WK.

Rolling Stone also tips their hats to The Shitty Beatles. Word. But they hate Starsailor. Dang. But remember how they also hated Ryan Adams? Word. Also finally mentioned British Sea Power. Whatever. I should write this column.

Image trouble for the black-haired guy of Savage Garden. He’s gone back to his lighter-colored locks, causing Aussies to ask, “do we still have to admit that Savage Garden came from here even though they don’t exist anymore?”

Someone on a WS group posted a little snippy that some Aussie paper printed on Monday about Jack White and some guy in Kosheen getting into some ruffian behavior over some girl at an Auckland hotel bar on Friday. Hahahahah.

Hyper Awesome News

Does anyone have a spare to the Starsailor/Charlatans Irving Plaza show next week? Email me.

From the Strokes board: “Ryan Adams references The Strokes Posted 1-22-2002 15:47. Just saw an amazing show by Ryan Adams. There was a big blue neon “BAR” sign at the back of the room, and he commented ‘hey, it looks like a Strokes’ light show back there, all the silhouettes.'”

after leaving a concert at madison square garden, i saw two men on the sidewalk. one had flashlight under his chin while he distorted his face, and the other was yelling to the crowd “FREE SCARY FACE!”, then quietly repeating “just kidding”.
needless to say it was the highlight of my night.

Catch other equally funny/horrifying/embarrassing moments over at Lowbrow. Link from Betsy , who has a cool new layout!

In sneaker news… A historical look at Chucks via the Smithsonian… link courtesy of Jen.

Prefix of the week: hyper. Example: “Ewan McGregor is hypercute.”

Starsailor Is Totally Over the Strokes

Daaaaaaaaaamn. The Gig of the Year sold out in 5 minutes… (or NME could also be lying… NME lie? NEVER!)

Uh oh. Maybe James Walsh is getting really pissed off about everyone asking him about the Strokes… *Ahem*. I should probably stop doing that to every band that comes to New York. From NME:


STARSAILOR’s JAMES WALSH has been perfecting his impression of THE STROKES during his band’s US tour.

During their recent San Francisco Fillmore stop (January 15) Starsailor were plagued by shouts for the band to play ‘Last Nite’. “This bloke is talking about a show we had in Birmingham where we played ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes,” he said. “But I’m not playing another Strokes song until they cover one of ours. Could you imagine?”

Walsh, reports, then strapped his guitar very high on his chest in the style of Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr and spat and drawled his way through ‘Lullaby’ in what was seen to be an impression of The Strokes’ front man Julian Casablancas.

Starsailor are currently supporting The Charlatans on their US tour. The Strokes will be the musical guest when actor Jack Black hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend (January 19).

Alan Vega’s Collision Drive” at Deitch Projects… a maybe.

Did y’all catch JJ72 on Kilby last night? If not, locals can catch them in the flesh next month: “Big up the NYC massive:

Catch a free in-store performance of JJ72 at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square on February 8th. After the set the band will stick around to meet fans and sign autographs. TIME: 6pm”

Oh yeah, Jack Black and The Strokes on SNL tonight. Duh.

Music of the moment: “Music,” Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye; “October Swimmer,” JJ72; Untitled Song from the Bowery show, Starsailor [Please Download this song!!!]

Stelfox on Vedder Wannabes

Did I mention I love James Stelfox? How many times do I have to keep emphasizing it?

If I hear one more band doing their Eddie Vedder impression I’m gonna pop a fit. From Chartattack: “I was watching MTV for a few hours and you’ll see that four or five bands in a row are all the same, to me, all these bands just sound like a cheap version of Pearl Jam. Their vocalists are just a weak Eddie Vedder.”

Whoops, Did I Fall Asleep During Starsailor?

Hi, I’m retarded and I have no recollection of James singing this song at the Bowery show. Apparently it’s an original.. and James DID play harmonica during the “acoustic bit.” Shit. He did sing this, didn’t he?

Starsailor on the MTV: “MTV is scheduled to feature the band in a segment on their show BANGING THE CHARTS, which will air at 5 PM (ET) this Friday, January 18.”

And The D: “NYC D Fans! Meet The D On 1/21!
Tenacious D will be doing an in store
at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square
this Monday January 21 at 3pm.
Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,
so spend the day by coming
on down to see the D perform
and get them to autograph your album!”