The Redwalls “The Game of Love”

I just caught The Redwalls on Leno playing their song “The Game of Love.” I couldn’t help but thinking that The Strokes were probably giving them a ring, asking if they could have their song back.

It actually sounds a lot like The Strokes + Albert’s solo stuff + the drumming from The Walkmen + James Walsh from Starsailor’s voice. Take a listen:

That said, I love all the aforementioned bands/artists so therefore, I kinda love this song.

The video of the Leno performance isn’t up yet, but you know how they say that couples who are with together a long time start to look and dress like one another? I think the same is true of band members. Two of the guys had the same guitar, they were all wearing black tight jeans and almost identical shoes. And they are all wee.

Starsailor In the Studio

Going through all my old posts made me curious to check up on some bands I haven’t heard from in a while. I just went to the Starsailor site, and low and behold, singer James Walsh just posted an update!

Sounds like they are getting ready to record another album!

What an amazing few weeks we have had!

Firstly we found a great little place near Henley to write and record songs for our next album. We are now in great shape with around 15 songs written but we will continue doing tracks until we are happy we have got the best songs we could possibly write. The last 4 tracks we did are called: 1) Let Go 2) Do You Believe In Love? 3) Won’t Stop Now and 4) Change My Mind.

I think we have struck a great balance between our heavier side and our more emotional downbeat side. There are some stompers certainly but also the ballads are back! I can’t wait for you to be able to hear some of these songs and we hope to be able to play them live for you in the near future.

Thanks to all the staff in the local pub who kept us fed and watered during the time we spent in Henley and also to Barriemore Barlow (drummer with Jethro Tull!) whose recording/rehearsal space we were using.

Starsailor and Random Village Voice Links

Watch out.. Starsailor on MTV again: “This half hour special highlights all the action surrounding MTV’s Campus Invasion 2K2, hitting college campuses across the country with performances by Nickelback, Default and Injected on the main stage, and Starsailor on the MTV2 stage.” Starting on April 8 @ 6:30PM, airing again on the 9th and the 12th @ 9AM and 1PM, respectively.

A review of Plaid from The Village Voice. BTW- I think Plaid is in the new issue of Index or something.

Also in the Voice, a Super Furry Animals article that starts out pretty damn hilarious, in my humble opinion… “On TV and in the magazines, nothing but nonstop coverage of Gruff, Dafydd, Huw, Guto, and Cian and their various doings . . . wait, I’m thinking of U2. And uggh, I hate U2! Maybe SFA haven’t donated a billion dollars to the UN like Bono has (or was that Tina Turner?) or pushed legislation that would ban the electric spanking of war babies, but still.”

Unexplainable rambling rules, don’t it? It doesn’t? What? Wait. Stop. Stop reading this site then. In any case, props to the dude who wrote the article. Yeah Scott Seward… respect. I wholeheartedly recommend this article… even if you don’t like SFA. But hey man- who doesn’t love “Juxtaposed With U”?

I can’t believe how lazy I was yesterday. I was so lazy I didn’t pull any practical jokes for April Fools. Bah. There’s always next year.

I’m Getting a College-Newspaper-Induced Headache from this Starsailor Interview


Drug-Takers and Naval Gazers

I arrive a little late [all bold my emphasis] to Tuesday’s Starsailor show, but just in time to be swallowed up by the dark, inviting intro of my favorite track, “Tie Up My Hands.” Lead singer James Welsh, who’s been compared to the likes of Neil Diamond and Thom Yorke, gently ambled around the stage as if his brawny presence was effortless. The crowd responded in sporadic hops, and when it finished the light dimmed as Charlatans’ UK singer Tim Burgess took a place next to James. Together they ended the Starsailor set with a cover of “Bye Bye Baby Blue.” At this point we find out that not only can Welsh sing, play guitar, and write hearfelt lyrics, but the bastard can play the harmonica too!

Backstage, there is an atmosphere of absolute chaos: men scurry moving amps and testing guitars. I’m greeted by three strangely serene Starsailors, the calmness a sign that they’re adapting well to the craziness of stardom. Though such adaptation may be a speedy process, topping charts with two hit singles has been a dream that’s lasted a good twenty-something years for these English natives. Kind and compliant, they readily open themselves up; as if bearing their souls on stage for an hour before that wasn’t already enough. James Welsh, lead singer/guitarist already ducked out of the venue, but I did have the pleasure of talking with bassist James Stelfox, drummer Ben Bryne, and keyboardist Barry Westhead:

CS: How did you all find each other?

JS: Well, we all met five or six years ago at college. Barry joined about two years ago, but we are all really good friends.

CS: Which musicians inspire you?
BB: We all have very different tastes. Barry really likes jazz, Miles Davis, that stuff. James likes Queen.
JS: Yeah Queen, and the Beatles. And the Subways, definitely the Subways.

CS: I know you guys have been to New York about four times now, most recently to do the David Letterman and Conan O’Brien shows. Do you feel the energy’s different after 9/11?
BB: Definitely, we were supposed to come on the 13th to play with Coldplay, and so that got cancelled and we didn’t come back till December, I think, and obviously till what had happened had died down a bit. But definitely in Britain we were all shocked. Our countries are close so it really affected us.

CS: On a lighter note, which one of you has the most groupies?
BB: (laughing) Not me.
JS: Well, James (Welsh) and Barry both got girlfriends, but we’re still on the market.
BB: American girls don’t like us. They think we’re ugly.

CS: That’s bullshit. Is it the same in Britain?
JS: (laughing) No, but if some American girl will have me tonight I will gladly say yes.
CS: You got it.
BB: Not him, me.

CS: I am sure we can arrange something. So are you all finally living your dream?
JS: Yeah. We’re living the dream. Nice. It’s fantastic you know. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. But you know we’re just trying to relax now and enjoy ourselves.

CS: Any message for your fans at NYU?
BB: Come see us March 5th at the Plaza. Tickets on sale today!

– Sarah Ivory

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. The mistakes: IT’S WALSH NOT WELSH. THE LEAD SINGER OF STARSAILOR IS NAMED JAMES WALSH. “Tie Up My Hands” WAS THE SECOND TO LAST SONG ON THE SETLIST. If “a little late” means that you missed practically ALL of the band’s set, that’s a new one for me. The name of the Dylan song is “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” Oh, and if the reviewer had actually been there during the set, she would have realized that James plays the harmonica in “She Just Wept.” Starsailor was suppose to play on the 16th of September, not the 13th.

Are there NO fact checkers? Or just good writing?!??!?! I really liked the mention of how Barry was “interviewed” for this piece, yet there is not one Barry quote. (Ahem- probably because it was inane blather- he was amazingly drunk) I should probably write for them. This is a poorly reported article.

The Faint @ Bowery Ballroom: Kinda Like Hell, But with Strobe Lights

The Faint @ Bowery. Ehh… Twas OK. It wasn’t exactly the best time ever. I tried to dance it up and get really into it, but just when I started to get into a song it would finish. WTF? I also got shoved around and knocked into a bit, but in a bad way. Dude- those people must have had SUPER POINTY elbows! Some girl behind me must have brought her whole entire fucking LIFE in her bag because it sure as hell was suffocating me. And there wasn’t a collective jumping up and down to the beat, it was just complete fucked up knocking into one another- not even moshing just “OW! YOU BITCH!”

The Faint

And then there was RED… When The Faint does a show, they totally believe in CREATING A SHOW. The lighting was pretty horrid. It was all red all the time because of the use of red floor lights. Kinda like hell… but with strobe lights. I almost had an epilectic fit and there was no warning! OK, not really… and the two buckets of dried ice wasn’t really working properly- which led to much on-stage discussion by the band members pre-show. The ice ended up on the sides by the stage exits. Although it was quite dark, I thought it was appropriate for their sound and look (all dressed in head-to-toe black- skinny as fuck and tall as fuck) and whatever.

The crowd at The Faint

The crowd looked like people who still think Orgy rocks. And a few hipsters. And people who probably took the train in from Long Island. And there was one punk dude with a pink mowhawk up in the balcony.

The Faint

I would have liked more audience interaction by the band. The bassist reminded my of my French teacher from last year for some unknown reason, so it was kinda bizarre watching him. I kept getting freaked out. But Phillipe wasn’t from Omaha…

I didn’t feel that connection with the other audience members or with the band, and that’s what I like and look for when I go to a show. I thought they did an OK job of like producing semi-good sounds and whatever, but there was definitely something lacking.

And their songs all start to sound the same after a while.

I should have bought an Out Hud CD. Duh.

Out Hud

Out Hud

I think I enjoyed one of the openers, Out Hud more than The Faint… with their keyboardist/guitarist that looked like the guy from Jimmy Eat World meets Jack White… and their electric cello player (ELECTRIC CELLOS LOOK FREAKIN COOL!) and that guy that did the entire intro in French, which everyone on stage found reaaaaalllyyy funnnnnnnyyyyy. There was also a plead from one of the band members that went something like, “I’M TIRED OF WORKING, GIVE ME MONEY! I know there are some of you out there with money. Trust funds, whatever….– Give us money. We’ll name a remix after you. Seriously.” I enjoyed that.

The weirdest thing of the night were the people handing out JJ72 flyers outside the venue after the show. JJ and The Faint? Not exactly the same crowd.

I miss Starsailor.

Was it cold in Toronto? Is that why James wore one of his simply GORGEOUS cord jackets onstage? Why do good people make bad fashion choices?

I’m gonna take a moment here to say TORONTO CHARLATANS/ STARSAILOR FANS TOTALLY KICK ASS! They all post pictures. I love them!

Mission Starsailor: Accomplished!

James Walsh, Lead vocals, guitar; Starsailor
Les, guitar tech; Starsailor
Tim Burgess, Lead vocals; Charlatans

So did you figure out I got into the Charlatans with Starsailor show? Uh huh.

The show? Starsailor was so ON. The Chars were fun. It got good when everyone started moshing toward the end.

Quote of the day: From a completely SMASHED Barry Westhead’s dialogue with Jenn:

Jenn: James ate 3 of these candies
Barry: You know why? Because he’s a fat bastard! … ::looks behind:: He’s not around, is he?

Word- Starsailor, Irving Plaza, March 5, 2002. Tickets on sale now. $16.50. Also, listen for the band doing “Good Souls” on KROCK today at 1:30PM.

On the way back to my apartment, some drunk guy in my building got in the elevator, followed me off and proceeded to follow me down the hallway as he mumbled incoherent blather. I started to walk faster, hoping that he wouldn’t catch up with me before I could shut the the door in his face. I succeeded.

Speaking of incoherent blather….EW Kelly Jones! Who do you think YOU are? The Strokes rock harder, faster and better than your stupid band. Hey- aren’t I seeing the ‘Phonics next week? Hahah.

In local concert news… Friday March 29, 2002: French Kicks and The Vue. Brownies. $10. Sunday February 3, 2002: The Faint/special guests. Maxwell’s. $12.

This Friday is Beck day on WFUV…. more radio news… John Peel is obsessed with D-Town. That’s right- a D-Town docu!

Music of the moment: “You’re So Pretty, We’re So Pretty,” The Charlatans, “The Way Young Lovers Do,” Starsailor