Tickets for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Secret Show @ Santos 4/12

As Brooklyn Vegan posted, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are rumored to be doing a “secret” show at Santos Party House tomorrow. The band, who are performing tonight on Saturday Night Live, have not posted anything about the show on their official site, nor have Santos.

If you choose to believe what has been written on Brooklyn Vegan, there are about a billion possible scenarios tomorrow, BUT I put a call in to some folks, and to the best of my knowledge this is what you can expect:

There will be a show tomorrow (Santos can’t officially say who is performing), and the headliner of said show will go on at 10pm. There will also be an opener band who goes on an hour before at 9pm. According to my sources the only way to get in (minus being on some super special list) will be purchasing tickets at the door tomorrow. No word just yet on how many tickets, or what the cost is per tickets but “that’s the only way to get in.”

However, if you would like some alternative options on how you can get into the YYYs show at Santos tomorrow (Easter Sunday!), here are some suggestions:

1. The Ol’ Hiding in the John. Pack a backpack full of rations and hide yourself in the bathrooms after the Apache Beat/Violens early show OR the Four Tet DJ set late show tonight (see flyer below). Pray no one finds you, and surface only after doors have opened for tomorrow night’s show:


2. Pull a Sitcom-Worthy Stunt. The BSB wrote in this option: Put on some cooking gear and a white chef’s hat. Don a crazy curly mustache and acquire an over-the-top French accent. Carry a silver plater with a food cover up to the Santos door. Tell the door people that you are there “too feed zee Yeah Yeah Yeahszz!” When they tell you that they have no idea what you are talking about, start getting aggitated. “Do you knowhh whhhooo I am!??! Look at zee band’s rider. Zee Karen O getz VERY mad if she does not get her fois-gras! Do you want to see an aggitated Karen O?!” then push your way through security.
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Obsession of the Moment: Razorlight

Razorlight is just one of those bands that kinda slipped through the cracks for me, but every time I catch one of their performances (usually on some kind of talk show), I’m always super-impressed by their music.

I just happened to catch a repeat of a performance of “Wire to Wire” that they did on Letterman last month, and once again Razorlight has captivated me. Sure the song sounds a little like a bigger, grander version of “A Horse With No Name” by America, but it’s still pretty rad IMHO. Check it:

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Radiohead Is Just Not That Into Miley Cyrus

According to a recent interview with Johnjay & Rich, Miley Cyrus confessed that at the latest Grammy Awards she was snubbed by her most favorite band in the world, the group who made her love music…Radiohead, obviously.

The band, who was performing at the awards ceremony, was stationed in a dressing room four doors down from the pop princess. Miley had her manager request that she get an audience with the famously anti-social band. When they denied the request she was shocked and appalled, citing that she thought they were very “rude” for saying no.

According to Miley, she had already texted all her friends bragging that she was going to meet them, and when her wish did not come true she was so devastated by the experience that she left the awards ceremony immediately afterward and missed their live performance on the show.

In the interview Miley also states that her new mission is to “ruin” Radiohead as a result of their dis on her. Good luck with destroying the careers of one of the biggest recording artists in the world, Miley.

Listen to the full snippet of the interview in which Miley discusses her non-run in with Radiohead:

Methinks Miley comes off as a bit bratty in this interview…I can understand being upset that your favorite band does not want to meet you, even for a minute, but when that band is well-known for hating publicity, really Miley, are you that surprised?

On the upside, Miley finds Chris Martin to be supernice…


Lily Allen Myspace Show at Bowery Ballroom via Twitter

I’m conducting a social experiment. I’ve decided not to head over to Bowery and see Lily Allen… but can I get the full experience of waiting and seeing Lily Allen all via the internets and Twitter?

I think it’s fitting that I be blogging via Twitter. After all, Lily @lilyroseallen is the queen of all social media.

So far I’m getting the full line experience for the show…right from the comfort of my own home!

Join me in the Lily Allen experience via Twitter:


RT @Justin_Leon: Waiting on line…

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

RT @LianeGraham is on line and hoping she gets in.

RT @Joyceilin: Just been given lollipops for waiting on line.

…oh RT@Joyceilin: and stickers!

RT @ ADDriana: just got here OMG.

I think it’s time to relive Lily performing “The Fear” on the Today Show. Unfortunately not feeling those shorts:

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Dear Grammys…

…don’t ever make me watch the Jonas Brothers perform with Stevie Wonder ever again. It’s just too painful.

…watching a uber pregnant M.I.A. perform alongside T.I., Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne, was awesome. She is possibly the coolest woman in music EVER.

…make all of Coldplay wear the same purple outfits that Will Champion was wearing.

…keep giving Jennifer Hudson awards for her amazing singing, but make it a stipulation that she’s not allowed to wear outfits that cover her face anymore. (Luckily her makeup was gorgeous.)

Katy Perry should not be allowed to perform anywhere, let alone as Chiquita Banana.

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant doing “Rich Woman” = fantastic. It kinda was like this:

…don’t ever allow Gwyneth Paltrow to present again dressed up as a gold disco ball. Especially when she’s wearing some throwaway shiny tights from some high school cheerleader conference. Especially when she’s salivating over Radiohead. (Are you trying to make her British-obsessed lady boner explode? Granted, it’s hard to say who was more excited, her or her Radiohead-worshiping husband.)

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Lily Allen’s “It’s Not Me, It’s You” Full Album Stream on Myspace

This just in…


Fans May Stream Album beginning on February 3rd Before it Hits Stores

MySpace Music, the world’s premiere online music portal, is excited to announce the world exclusive premiere of It’s Not Me, It’s You, the highly anticipated second album from British singer and songwriter Lily Allen.

Starting on February 3rd, MySpace users across the world will be able to stream her new album in its entirety, giving fans a chance to preview it before the official US release on February 10th. It’s Not Me, It’s You can be pre-ordered on Lily’s MySpace page this week and will be available for purchase via MySpace Music on February 10th. In addition to her global album premiere, fans should stay tuned for exciting MySpace news about special performances by Lily Allen.

Thoughts on the latest from this polarizing British pop star?

I’m finding the promo pic a bit trashy, but finding the music more appealing. Sounds like Lily has refined her sound to something a little more sophisticated, although I do miss the overt chavy-ness of her first album, Alright, Still. On the initial listen, liking “Never Gonna Happen” the best.


Mark it on your Britpop calendar, kids: According to NME, Blur will reunite for the first time in nearly 9 years at a headlining show at Hyde Park, London on Friday, July 3.

Oh memories…

The Greatest Christmas Songs Ever

There are only about 2 and 1/2 weeks until. This makes me sad because there are only 2 and 1/2 more weeks for me to totally indulge in Christmas music. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I became totally obsessed with listening to Christmas music. This year I started listening to yuletide tunes well before Thanksgiving.

Here are the top ten Christmas tracks I’ve been spinning this year:

10. “Christmas Duel” by The Hives and Cyndi Lauper

The Most Attractive Man Alive (aka Pele from the Hives) and Cyndi Effing Lauper did a duet this year in which they list all the naughty, nasty things they’ve done over the last year: Example, sleeping with each other’s sister/brother, marrying drunk, hiring hit men, etc. Chalk another one up for the not safe for kids/family Christmas song play list.

9. “Christmas Song” by The Raveonettes

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