Lily Allen is Pregnant

22-year-old pop star Lily Allen is officially preggers. The father is her boyfriend since September, Ed Simons, one half of the Chemical Brothers.

Ohhhh boy.

What are your best guesses for what the baby will be named? Chanel? Chips? Trainer? Do they make chav wear for kids?

Let’s have a stroll down memory lane: Here’s a video of Lily a little over a year ago, during her first performance in New York City. It was a simpler, less pregnant time:

Lily Allen as Amy Winehouse on Friday Night Project

I think I’ve vaguely heard of this comedy show called “Friday Night Project”–which is essentially the British version of Saturday Night Live, but with only 2 comedians (Justin and Alan) and the celebrity host. Miss Lily Allen was recently on the program where she portrayed Miss Amy “Won’t go to Rehab” Winehouse–beehive, tat sleeves, and all. Check out the end of the first video and the start of the second. Thanks to MV and HT for the links.

And for the rest of the program:

Lily Allen: On TV All Day and All of the Night

La Lily will be hitting the television circuit in the next few weeks, with performances on the “Today Show” (April 13th), “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (April 16th), “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (April 18th), “The View” (May 29th) and “Late Show with David Letterman (June 18th).

In other Lily news, she will be guesting on Common’s new album–featured on the track “Driving Me Wild”, a song about obsessions.

Lily Allen to Launch Fashion Line for New Look

Lily Allen strikes again! It has just been announced that Lily will be designing a collection of “signature dresses and accessories” for British “high street” (aka– mass market) chain New Look. Her collection will hit stores in 312 of the stores in the UK, France, Dubai, and Belgium between Mar 9th.

To put this in context–I think designing for New Look is not as plumb of a job as it would be for UK retailers like Top Shop or even Swedish company H&M.

Lily is known of course for sporting dresses with sneaker and GIGANTIC hoop earings. I’m sure this will make thousands of girls clamoring to look like Lily very HAPPY.

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The Littlest Things: Lily Allen at Webster Hall

Last night I went to see Lily Allen at Webster Hall here on her NYC leg of the “MTV Discover and Download” Series.

lily allen webster hall

Her 7-piece band (3 horns, a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist) marched on stage, wearing color-coordinated polo shirts–making them look like a 3-tone Crayola box. (Horns in green! Rhythm section in powder blue! Leads in cerulean blue!) Then the UK’s favorite little pop darling came out from the wings wearing a poofy short-sleeved white shirtdress with black thin checks on it, pairing them with white Nike Air Jordans, a hugenormous gold-colored machine gun necklace (obviously an upgrade from the tiny one she wore when she last time she played NYC), and medium-sized gold hoop earings.

She started the night off with horns blazing (literally) with “LDN”, working her way through some of her most upbeat songs such as the one with the quirky/funny sound effects, the other one with the “la la la” part, and you know–that little ditty with…horns, only stopping to mention that she went out last night and was feeling kinda, “eeehhhhh”, and to shake her bottom in time with the first 5 measures of any given song.
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Random Thoughts I Had on Fashion and Self Image…All Because of Lily Allen. This Post Will Make No Sense.

Recently I found someone came to this site on a search for “dress like lily allen”, and that got me thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe someone out there is actually searching for that!” So that got me thinking about Lily and fashion, so I did some searches of my own.

On a search for “Lily Allen fashion” I found a link to a MTV short about Lily talking about clothes. Ok, so I’m still not sure what “MTV Discover and Download” is supposed to be promoting besides confusion (a concert series? URGE?), but that video was part of a series ofshort videos of Lily Allen talking about her fashion style (be comfortable, wear brand new Nikes), her take on body image (she likes chili dogs, so what?), and her biggest promoter, the Internet.

Here are the clips:

Lily shopping at Wasteland, a LA vintage clothing store:

Body image (“Besides, I could never turn down a good hot dog”):

And her “checking messages” on the ‘Net:

It has been much rumored that Nike is desperate to sign Lily as a spokesperson based on her unabashed love of “trainers”. Said Lily about the brand: “I really like Nike trainers. I’m quite open about the fact that it’s like a guilty pleasure for me, even with the sweatshop aspect.” Err… not exactly what Nike has in mind for their next ad campaign, “A GUILTY PLEASURE…EVEN WITH THE SWEATSHOP ASPECT,” although if they did run that campaign, I’d be pretty impressed.

Now in the past I’ve commented that Lily’s jewelry is nothing that Puerto Rican girls haven’t been doing since the beginning of time (still true), but I haven’t yet commented on the ballgown + sneakers thing.

As a girl, I too understand that high heel shoes = uncomfortable and sneakers = more comfortable, so I’m fully in favor of wearing sneakers over shoes any day. Now where Lily can get away with being “quirky”, I have to agree with Fashion Style and Clothes when they plead with the rest of the world to NOT rock the Lily style. It looks cute on Lily, but dresses and sneakers makes me look like a retard trying to LOOK like Lily Allen.

I think it’s an important message to send to women, and especially young girls that it’s OK to look and feel the way that makes YOU feel good–to emulate fashion and style that reflects YOU, not some preconceived notion of how you think you’re supposed to look–whether it be Lindsay Lohan or even Lily Allen. Fashion and style is all about what speaks to you, and imitation is never the means to discovering who you are.

Now on the whole body image thing…I know we ALL have “Oh No They Didn’t” moments–where we totally have that urge to rip apart what another woman is wearing, or how badly her makeup looks, etc etc… it’s kinda unavoidable based on how many of us grew up saturated by media that is critical to how the female form looks. When I see terms like “thinspiration”–however tongue and cheek they may be, it makes me ANGRY and sad. No one should be starving themselves to be thin or rigorously counting calories every day.

Everyone in America feels fat, ALL THE TIME. Men, women, I’m sure even your dog feels fat because in the last 5 years, that’s all the media has been telling us, WE ARE BIG FAT AMERICANS. It is true that we do have a lot of overweight people in this country, and that’s not a good thing–not because people are “fat” but because it is sometimes unhealthy to be overweight and can lead to disease like heart disease and diabetes that can SHORTEN YOUR LIFE. Being bigger is FINE as long as you are in good health.

Anyway, I just wanted to say to all the ladies out there, keep on truckin’ on. And keep eating all the hamburgers you want.