Coldplay at Irving Plaza Night 2: So Awesome

CP fucking rocked tonight. As soon as Chris acknowledged they were crap last night, it was all good. Chris sang part of that Crash Test Dummies song as intro to “Yellow.”… another “one hit wonder.” Aw. Still no “Idiot.” Jonny said they’re still “working on it.” Aww.. I saw “Idiot” at Brixton! List set change- […]

Weird Quote of the Day

Ladies and Gentleman… the weirdest quote of the day come from The Independent in London, England: “Ben Knowles, editor of NME said: ‘Because of the size of the market in the US, it is more conducive to cutting-edge music [like the White Stripes and The Strokes]. Bands like Coldplay and Travis have been commercially successful […]

The New York Times Can’t Tell the Strokes and the White Stripes Apart

*Snort* I still find this funny. The Times sucking it up big time. Oh the irony of the mixup!: The picture caption on Thursday with the Pop Life column, about bands that are bringing new energy to rock ‘n’ roll, referred incorrectly to a highly regarded recording by the White Stripes, which is in the […]

P. Diddy Loves Coldplay…Huh?

Oh shit. Someone just got shot outside Hammerstein Ballroom. Damn. Last night boxer James Butler sucker-punched his opponent after losing his match at Roseland Ballroom last night. What the HECK is going on in this country? I just saw an advert for Jeep with that “Hero” song by that other Iglesias. Now I’m finding out […]