Matthew Jay Is Obsessed with Trash Culture

$25 to see Starsailor open for the Charlatans is even worse than $18 to see them open for the Doves. Highway robbery, eh? Damn, I want one. Whiney Brit-pop interview from Heaven. Staring Matthew Jay and Jamesy Walsh. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of slagging off…. AND THE FACT THAT MATTHEW JAY IS CRAZY WELSHMAN […]

There’s No Question Mark In “Is This It”

Finally watching the Coldplay “Request” bit on M2. Guy and Jonny mutter nothing. Jonny’s wearing the ugly green hat, and Guy is wearing his brown one. The one I was looking at when I told him to cut his hair. Aaah. Takes me back to… last week! (Was that really only last week? Damn.) I’m […]

When Will I Get to See My Damn Coldplay Photos?

Jenn pointed out these pictures of CP…. Em.. My pictures would have looked something like that, but BETTER and SEXIER and CLOSER and MORE WONDERFUL… IF I COULD ONLY UPLOAD THE GODDAMN THINGS! Am I bitter? NoooOOooooo…. And see for yourself- I was totally justified for telling Guy to cut his hair!

My Computer Is Holding My Digipics Hostage

The war between my camera, Nikon software, and my operating system rages on… after 6 hours of additional fighting, rebooting, crying, tech support, and batteries pooping out, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never see Chris Martin’s singing mug on my computer. This also means there is no room on the disk for […]

JJ72’s Mark Greaney Doesn’t Really Care for Coldplay

I added some pieces of journalism/writing to the features section. I thought some people might enjoy both of those. Dude- catch these quotes from Fergal and Mark of JJ72 from Leeds 2000… oh the irony! Who do these little Irish punks think they are? Notice how Chris didn’t mention JJ72 once through either set in […]