The New York Times Gets Around to Correcting Their Errors…One and a Half Years Later

Way back in June of 2005, I had a hissyfit when in a Jon Pareles article about Coldplay, Pareles wrote that Travis and Embrace were influenced by Chris and co. I commented on the article in their forums (which I NEVER do) since I was so outraged, having been a fan of both Coldplay and […]

Gwynie Trys Her Darndest to Save Us from Next Coldplay Album

Gwyneth Paltrow accidentally knocked over the computer husband Chris Martin uses to write songs in their London home, reportedly “rendering it difficult to turn on.” Fortunately (?) the data on the computer was not damaged and no information was lost. At least she’s dropping computers and not babies like Britney Spears. [SOURCE]

For Chris Martin and Nelly Furtado: “All Good Things” Must Come to an End

Whoops! It appears that we’ll never hear “All Good Things”, the much-talked-about duet between Coldplay’s Chris Martin and pop songbird Nelly Furtado, which was slated to appear on her new album being released this summer. According to Cinema Blend, the song has been removed from the album at the request of EMI. Link from Jerry.

Sweatin’ to the Oldies with The Strokes

WTF was up with The Strokes playing almost all old songs during their first night of a 3-night stand at the Hammerstein Ballroom here in NYC? They played nearly every song off of their first album, Is This It, but only 7 songs off the new one, First Impressions of Earth. The whole time I […]

These Photos of Val Kilmer Kissing Paris Hilton/ Winona Ryder Totally Confuse Me

Wait a minute, have Wino and Paris run out of scraggly musicians and Greek shipping heirs (respectively) to make out with? You know what? I’m not even going to ask. I do not claim to understand anything about what goes on in the weird world of celebrities. Apparently the Val Kilmer vs. Winona set is […]

Gossip, Golden Globes, and The Simpsons

Yes yes, thank you to everyone who wrote in telling me that the White Stripes are going to be on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, but I thought this news was old…I could swear I heard about it ages ago…or maybe that was my psychic WS thinking. Is Karen officially pregnant yet? Speaking of […]

Coldplay Superfan Strikes Again

Tonight’s Coldplay show at the Beacon Theater was a bit better than last night’s Storytellers in terms of energy. Probably due to the fact that there were simply loads more people present to scream, cheer, and clap. Set list: Square One, Politik, God Put A Smile, Speed of Sound, Warning Sign, Yellow, Low, Till Kingdom […]