Coldplay’s iTunes Commercial for “Viva la Vida”

Tonight when I was watching my eyeliner-wearing boo, David Cook, win American Idol, I found myself staring at an obvious iTunes commercial. But who–who–was the band in the commercial? “Uh, is this Depeche Mode?” I thought, until I saw Jonny Buckland‘s profile and subsequently squealed, “OMG, it’s Coldplay. Oh man!” The band is advertising their […]

Chris Martin: Afraid to Leave Grandma’s House

Some complaining about Coldplay’s crappy contract with EMI/Capitol from Chris in this interview in the Guardian, surprised? Chris Martin tries to explain why Coldplay isn’t doing cool free/instant/independent things like bands he obviously admires/looks up to like Radiohead and the Raconteurs: “Being on a major label at the moment is like living in your grandparents’ […]

Is Coldplay Biting My Chemical Romance’s Style?

As you might already know, I love Coldplay and have been a long-time fan, but I’m not above pointing out how ridiculous they are–and by “they” I mean “Chris.” I am simultaneously interested and embarrassed by everything they do. As I’ve already established, Coldplay have a long track record of creating the ugliest album covers […]

Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” Music Video

Coldplay has released their “music video” (aka- weekly political statement) for their new single, “Violet Hill.” The video features various clips of current, former, and future world leaders such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, Boris Yeltsin, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, among others. Most of the clips have […]

Chris Martin Continues Bad Naming Streak with “Viva La Vida”

“Loca” on the side, please! Coldplay has just announced the title of their new album, which is to be called er… “Viva la Vida”, which translates to “Long live life,” a quote from Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Of course the name not only congers up images of the vivacious Mexican artist, but also that of […]

You Write the Caption: If Coldplay’s Old Drum Machine Could Talk

According to blog MusicThing, last week Coldplay’s old drum machine was being sold online in an eBay auction was being held as part of a “studio clearance.” The EMU SP1200 “with Kid Nepro samples” was finally sold for £740.00 GBP ($1,474.50 USD). Oh what secrets this little drum machine could tell. If this electronic beat […]

Ahahahah “Tribute on Nutz”

Did anyone just see the Tribute on Nutz skit on Conan O’Brien with Chris Martin of Coldplay singing the “We’re the Slipnutz, Look He Fell Down, I Slipped on Some Nutz” song? I just sort of died laughing inside. Other “Slipnutz” fans include Patti Smith and John Mayer. Pretty amazing. UPDATE: It’s now available for […]