The Noisettes, Mystery Jets, and Arctic Monkeys–Oh My!

Pop quiz: You’re a member of the Arctic Monkeys and it’s the night before you’re supposed to play to a sold out crowd at Webster Hall, what do you do? You throw on your Adidas running jacket and head to the Noisettes/Mystery Jets show at the Mercury Lounge, of course! With their eclectic Amish fashion […]

Arctic Monkeys: The Silent Musical Guest on SNL

Just happen to catch the opening sequence of SNL just but when it came to announcing the musical guest, the photo of the Arctic Monkeys appeared but there was absolute silence when it came to announcing their name. Ooops! Well at least they didn’t call them the “Arctec Monkey.” UPDATE: The lads just played a […]

Best Buy Doesn’t Sell “Arctic Monkeys” Album

Today I was out on Long Island for a dress fitting. That’s because I’m a bridesmaid in my friend Amanda’s wedding NEXT YEAR. Since I’m not getting married any time in the near future, all this bridal stuff is totally foreign to me. Buying a dress for something that’s not until 2007 still does not […]

2006 Brit Awards: Kidz Singing ‘Bout Guns, Screamo “Since U Been Gone,” and WAS Accept Arctic Monkeys’ Award

Where else could you see hundreds of kids joyously clapping their hands while singing “I need a gun to keep myself from harm” besides at last week’s 2006 Brit Awards? Hopefully nowhere else, because that would just be creepy. WATCH: “Dirty Harry” performed live by childen on behalf of Gorillaz Also Madonna won the “Best […]

Sugababes Take Pop Retaliation on Monkeys for Covering Girls Aloud?

Oh my GOODNESS! Check out the most unlikely cover version of…this week. British pop phenomeons Sugababes have covered Arctic Monkeys‘ “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” It’s included as the B-side for their upcoming single “Red Dress” which drops on March 6. Some may think of it as a united popstar response to […]