Bob Dylan and Jack White “Meet Me In the Morning” MP3

You’ve heard about the landmark first time live performance of “Meet Me In the Morning” that Jack did with Bob Dylan at the 9/19 show in Nashville. But now you can actually hear it! Check out the MP3 of the song posted over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. If that site gets too slammed, you can also download from 12 Major Chords.

And as you also know by now, Jack came back on night two and did “One More Cup of Coffee” and “Outlaw Blues” (also a first for Dylan live). You Ain’t No Picasso had a great spin on these magical moments in rock, he pondered what he was doing at the very moment these truly awesome things were happening–turns out he was at “Applebees taking delight in their appetizers. I guess that’s sort of fair, you know?” Hahaha.

DOWNLOAD: “Meet Me In the Morning” by Bob Dylan and Jack White (live) [MP3]

Jack White Joins Bob Dylan on Radio Show

Mr. Jack White will be a featured guest on Mr. Bob Dylan‘s awesome “Theme Time Radio Hour” on XM Radio here in the US. The radio program starts its second season on September 19.

Any guess on what the topic will be for their show? Perhaps candy, or the color red? Or maybe it’s one of the already announced themes: “Hello,” “Young & Old,” “California,” the 2nd Annual Countdown Show, “Dreams,” “Fruit,” “Something,” “Nothing,” “Streets,” “Parties,” and “Mail.

For the full description from the official Bob Dylan mailing list, read below.

Oh, and on a Jack White-related note, does anyone else thing it’s HYSTERICAL that the UK CD single of “You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You’re Told)” has a “Frat Rock” version? Hahaha. It takes me back to that White Stripes Roseland show where Jack yelled at the “Frat Fuckers” in the front of the crowd for squishing people. Ah, those were the days.
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Bob “Weird Man” Dylan Scares Grandson’s Kindergarten Class

You cannot make this stuff up:

Los Angeles, CA (BANG) – Bob Dylan reportedly scared the children at his grandson’s kindergarten after treating the class to a live show.

The “It Ain’t Me Babe” singer has allegedly been dubbed the “weird man” by children in the class, in the Los Angeles suburb Calabas, where his son Jakob Dylan’s child attends.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: “The kids have been coming home and telling their parents about the weird man who keeps coming to class to sing scary songs on his guitar.

“He’s been visiting the school just for fun, but the kids don’t appreciate they are in the presence of a musical legend. They just think of him as the weird guitar guy.”

Dylan is currently touring Europe on his “Never Ending Tour.” He plays at Berlin’s Max-Schmeling-Halle on Friday night.

Hit or Miss?: Super Deluxe’s Take on Bob Dylan’s Musical Myth

Did you know that Bob Dylan wrote “Golddigger”, “Paradise City”, and “My Humps”? Me either. But according to this video, Bob Dylan wrote every popular song in the last 35 years. Yes, even his 1961 self-admitted clunker, “Had a Bad Day”…

As you may have guessed by now, this is was a joke entirely produced by Super Deluxe, a new website determined on bringing you “top-quality comedy videos”.

I think this video works because after decades of contributing some of the most influential pop/folk/rock music ever created, critics have developed an instantaneous reverential tone when talking about Dylan. Praise for Dylan’s past work is well deserved, but blanketing statements of his God-like greatness is not uncommon. But this video challenges and parodies that “almighty” perception of the legendary musician.

Seriously, if Dylan wrote crappy Top 40 hits, would you hate them (or love them) just the same? Would Dylan still be considered as great of a musician if he had written a song that helped the Black Eyed Peas storm the charts?

So what do you think of the comedic stab at Bob Zimmerman? Yay or nay?

But what about the all-time funniest/cringe-worthy Bob Dylan moment ever captured on film?
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