Re-release: The Henchmen Back Catalogue Featuring Jack White

Jasper pointed me out to an excellent post that he did today about the release of a remastered edition of The Henchmen‘s album Hentch-Forth along with the four tracks off their “Some Other Guy” 7″ and an alternate take of “Psycho Daisies”…all on (get this!) some newfangled technology they call “compact disc” on Italy Records! […]

White Stripes Sign New One Album Record Deal with Warner Brothers

Meg and Jack White of the White Stripes have confirmed their new home — Warner Brother Records. According to NME: “The new contract is for a one-album deal and, unlike their V2 contract, does not involve Jack White’s label Third Man” Poor little Whirlwind Heat. No word on whether the deal netted the rumored 3-4 […]

Pete Doherty Gets a New Crack Den–I Mean, “Record Label”

Rejoice! You can all go to sleep in peace knowing the fact that Pete Doherty’s band, Babyshambles, has found a new sucker in record label Parlophone, which has agreed to finance and distribute 3 of their future albums for a reported 1 million GBP. Says Parlophone managing director, Miles Leonard, “Babyshambles, justifiably, have a great […]

Independent Record Labels Pool Their Resources for Online Distribution

According to the Associated Press, “independent record labels behind artists like The White Stripes (on British label The Beggars Group), Deep Purple and Arctic Monkeys announced a global deal Saturday to pool access to their catalogs, seeking to grab a bigger share of online music sales from the major record companies.” The companies have signed […]

V2 Records Keeps White Stripes Catalogue But Will Not Release New Music

Many of you saw this coming, but now it’s offical–V2 Records as a label distributing new music is NO MORE (link from BV). Artists on its roster like Moby and The Raconteurs will no longer be able to release new music on the label. It is believed that 35 people have been let go from […]

Am I Too Old to Completely Enjoy SPIN’s Year in Music Party?

So as you might have noticed, for the last few months I’ve been Captain Super Boring, rarely going out to see *gasp* concerts and even less frequently going to dance/club nights of my friends. On one hand that makes me feel like a bad person, on the other hand I am an old lady and […]

Critics…Critics Who Rate Critics

Time Out New York‘s latest issue takes New York critics to task by dissecting their knowledge, style, taste, and influence and ranking them. For music critics, The New Yorker‘s Sasha Frere-Jones comes out on top, with a 4.98, and New York Times critic (and favorite TMA villian–yup, still pissed about that Strokes review like 3 […]

Iceland Airwaves 2006: Wednesday and Thursday; Sightseeing and Hot Club de Paris

NOTE: This is the first part in my much delayed “who knows how long this is going to take” series on my concert-going experience at the Iceland Airwaves festival this year in Reykjavik (yes, I finally learned how to spell it without looking it up), Iceland. Enjoy! OCTOBER 19, 2006 Yesterday I go into town […]

I’m the Oldest Person Here: Live from MTVU’s Woodie Awards 2006

7:50 PM Hiya everyone. So right now I’m sitting here at a table at Roseland Ballroom waiting for the Woodie Awards to start. There are eager fans lining the floor of the venue directly in front of me, and the artists tables are to my right. Tegan and Sara‘s version of “Walking with a Ghost” […]