Sugababes Take Pop Retaliation on Monkeys for Covering Girls Aloud?

Oh my GOODNESS! Check out the most unlikely cover version of…this week. British pop phenomeons Sugababes have covered Arctic Monkeys‘ “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” It’s included as the B-side for their upcoming single “Red Dress” which drops on March 6. Some may think of it as a united popstar response to […]

Karen Elson for Woman of the Year

Seriously, I don’t know how Karen Elson does it. She puts up with Jack White‘s mad crazy genius antics, she’s an established singer and cabaret performer, she’s got that “supermodel” gig going for her, she’s going to be a mommy, and now on top of that she’s had the nerves of steel to stomach doing […]