Listen to Sondre Lerche at Upstairs at the Square

Weren’t able to make it to Sondre Lerche at Barnes and Noble last week, you can now listen to his interview on He talks about his childhood ponytail, Cole Porter, and his new album, the Duper Sessions. Features him singing “Everyone’s Rooting for You”, “Minor Detail”, and “I Want to Call It Love”. LISTEN: […]

U2 Covers Albert Hammond Jr. ????? Huh?

I’m not going to vouch that this MP3 of U2 allegedly covering Albert Hammond Jr.’s song, “Obstinate” (which appeared on the “In Transit” documentary DVD) is real…but if it is, I’m VERY confused. Someone PLEASE suss this out. UPDATE: U2 wasn’t covering Albert. Albert was playing tracks off his new solo album for the band.

Paris Hilton: Stinking Up the 99 Cent Bargin Bin of Music

UUUGgghhh. I just listened to some of the new tracks off of Paris Hilton’s new album and I feel absolutely sick. The songs do not have one ounce of originality to them. Every single song sounds like a cheap rip-off of something else. It’s the aural equivalent of watching a little girl play dress up. […]

Forever Young: New Music Wednesday

I’m devoting today to great songs, bands I just discovered I like, and anything that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. First up, the totally awesome cover version of “Forever Young” by Youth Group which was featured on one of The OC soundtracks (number 5…apparently). This weekend, during our drive up to Montreal I discovered […]

Soon I’ll Be Deported For Talking about Fall Out Boy Too Much

This morning Patrick from Fall Out Boy appeared in the Live Lounge on Jo Whiley. Poor little Patrick was the only one in the Maida Vale studio–his bandmates were most likely sleeping off the jet lag or taking promo pictures of their peens. (According to Pete Wentz‘s latest FOB Journal entry, he hasn’t slept in […]