Listen to Sondre Lerche at Upstairs at the Square

Weren’t able to make it to Sondre Lerche at Barnes and Noble last week, you can now listen to his interview on He talks about his childhood ponytail, Cole Porter, and his new album, the Duper Sessions. Features him singing “Everyone’s Rooting for You”, “Minor Detail”, and “I Want to Call It Love”.

sondre lerche

LISTEN: Sondre Lerche interview during Upstairs at the Square

DOWNLOAD: Sondre Lerche interview/ performance

You Got Your Karma, I Know I Got Mine

Love Monkey alert. When I went to the loo after watching Flashy Python at Joe’s Pub, look at what was staring back at me…T.Geig!

teddy geiger joe's pub

In related news…

Scott has a link up to a video of Teddy Geiger doing a cover of Postal Service‘s “Brand New Colony”. (Link via Nora.) But want to listen to it over and over on your iPod? Have no fear, check out the MP3 version…

DOWNLOAD: “Brand New Colony” (Cover of Postal Service) by Teddy Geiger

Also Teddy will be playing a benefit show for a local children’s music program on the east end of Long Island on August 30th. Check out the Westhampton Beach PAC for more info.

Paris Hilton: Stinking Up the 99 Cent Bargin Bin of Music

UUUGgghhh. I just listened to some of the new tracks off of Paris Hilton’s new album and I feel absolutely sick. The songs do not have one ounce of originality to them. Every single song sounds like a cheap rip-off of something else. It’s the aural equivalent of watching a little girl play dress up. This crap is so worthless and boring to listen to that it’s making me hanker for some “Popozao”. At least that was entertaining.

If you really want to waste about 10 minutes of your life like I did, go ahead and download the tracks from this post on ONTD.

“I Want You” lifts the first bars off of Frankie Valli’s “Grease”, and adds in country music flavored tangs to throw off the scent/stench.

“Heartbeat”. Hey Paris, Cyndi Lauper called and she wants her royalties for this re-named cover of “Time After Time”.

Just because Gwen Stefani is on musical leave because of her pregnancy doesn’t mean that Paris Hilton should be allowed to try to immitate her in “Turn You On”.

“Stars Are Blind” but Paris Hilton is deaf. Also I don’t ever want to hear Paris try be be all “The Tide Is High” but instead of the cute and coy lyrics of Blondie‘s song, PH sings “we could make it nice and naughty”.

I can’t even begin to talk about “Jealousy”, which is obviously a song about Nicole Richie–and has to be the most pathetic attempt for attention since Nick Lachey‘s “What’s Left of Me”. BTW- the strings section does NOT make your song classier in any way.

“Turn It Up” makes me want to turn it down. Missy Elliot meets Nelly Furtado minus talent and catchy hooks.

Seriously, this crap needs to stop. NOW.

As a reward for anyone who bothered to subject themselves to that sh-t, go ahead and download James Murphy and Tim Sweeney‘s Radio Mixes Spring 2006 courtesy of DFA.

Guillemots Cover The Streets

I absolutely LOVE The Steets and I absolutely LOVE the Guillemots. So you can imagine how stoked I was to find out that the Guillemots have covered “Never Went to Church” off of The Street’s latest album, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. It appears as the b-side to their new single, “Made-Up Lovesong #43”, which drops June 26th in the UK. [The Streets version drops today.]

The cover version is amazing. I know a lot of people don’t particularly care for Mikey Skinner‘s song delivery, but if you still cannot say that he is a fantastic songwriter and lyricist after listening to this very pretty version of “Never Went to Church”, then I have pity on you–pity on you for your inability to recognize greatness.

If you remember, I was totally bowled over when I saw the Guillemots at Bowery Ballroom in May. I am dead serious when I say that this band is amazing live. Start keeping tabs on when and where they are playing because you have to see it to believe it.

DOWNLOAD: “Never Went to Church” by The Guillemots

WATCH: “Never Went to Church” video by The Streets

WATCH: Mikey Skinner explaining why he wrote “Never Went to Church” or DOWNLOAD the zip file

Forever Young: New Music Wednesday

I’m devoting today to great songs, bands I just discovered I like, and anything that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

First up, the totally awesome cover version of “Forever Young” by Youth Group which was featured on one of The OC soundtracks (number 5…apparently). This weekend, during our drive up to Montreal I discovered that 1) The OC has soundtracks and 2) I want to die to this song. It’s so incredibly beautiful–like in the way that it makes me feel like crawling into a corner clutching a teddy bear and crying because it’s so pretty.

LISTEN: “Forever Young” by Youth Group

I also need to point out that Patrick Matthews is the bassist in this band. You’ll remember him as the really hot bassist from The Vines, where he spent a good majority of his time shaking his head in disbelief while dealing with Craig Nichols’s antics.

Next on my list is The Futureheads. They’ve got a new album, News and Tributes, which features their new single, “Skip to the End”, which has delicious harmonies and a fabulously catchy chorus. Check out their new video for “Skip to the End” featuring Barry and the lads outdoors dressed in formalwear. What more could you want?

Also you have GOT to check them out when they come to your town, The ‘Heads give a fantastic live show. I remember seeing them at the Canal Room in 2004 and being BLOWN AWAY like you wouldn’t believe. They play here in NYC on June 30th at Webster Hall. Tickets are still available.

WATCH: “Skip to the End” by The Futureheads

Going back to the youngster theme, I gotta mention Young Love right now. Yesterday, after seeing The Upwelling at Mercury Lounge (more on that later) Peter kept telling me about them and how Sarah totally loves them. Then it JUST so happens I got a listen of their new song, “Discotech”, and I can confirm that Sarah and Peter are right for saying they’re a band to watch. “Discotech” is totally Bloc Party’s “Banquet” 2006. By that I mean you will soon see hipsters from coast to coast (probably clad in leggings) rolling their shoulders back and running in place to this song on a dirty dance floor for the next 6 months. Act like you heard.

Ok so last night I went to go see a local band called The Upwelling. I think we can all agree that it can be pretty weird seeing bands with people you know independently of them being in a band. What do you do if you think they’re not so great? There’s absolutely no delicate way to get around it.

the upwelling mercury lounge

Well lucky for me, The Upwelling were great. I’m not sure if they’d agree, but I found a lot of moments of the show to be very Coldplay-esque–soaring vocals, pretty melodies, but with a bit more straight up 80s pop rock influence. (Their bio says their influences include Pink Floyd and The Police.) You can check out tunes off their self-produced EP on their MySpace profile.

This week I decided I couldn’t classify Panic! at the Disco as being “emo” or “pop” or “emo punk” so I created a new genre of music for them: THEATRA-POP. I’m sorry, but you can’t call a band emo if they’ve got crazy circus performers in their act. I also thing Panic! is put together perfectly in terms of music, styling, and image.

What teenage girl WOULDN’T love a band of 19-year-olds with glossy hair and a style that is 1/2 Interpol and 1/2 Killers, who play music that has hints of 80s synth pop and punk, with lyics about sex, cheating, and being a “wet dream for the webzine“? It’s been scientifically proven that they are irresistable to anyone who loves slick pop. Genius.

Speaking of Panic!, in the latest issue of NYLON, they interview Fall Out Boy bassist and Decaydance honcho Pete Wentz alongside Panic!’s guitarist Ryan Ross. They talk about Pete’s blond dreadlock days, Ryan’s hatred for being labeled “emo” (thankyouverymuch), and Wentz’s love of Kelly Clarkson (yesssss!).

Also featured in the issue is a story on MisShapes kids, getting discovered as a model on MySpace, and an interview with The Raconteurs (and yes, Jack makes his obligatory “I kinda hate the internet” comment). It’s available for digital viewing right here.

nylon magazine panic
In dubious taste in music news, Teddy Geiger will be performing for free at the Target Children’s Day at South Street Seaport on June 10th. In addition to Teddy, Barney, Driver Daniel from Thomas the Tank Engine, Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck will be performing. Also on the guest list: Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Caillou, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Digit, Noddy, Piggley Winks â„¢ from Jakers!, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Zaboo. You can see why Jeff calls this event “Woodstock for 2-year-olds“. Brilliant.

Soon I’ll Be Deported For Talking about Fall Out Boy Too Much

This morning Patrick from Fall Out Boy appeared in the Live Lounge on Jo Whiley. Poor little Patrick was the only one in the Maida Vale studio–his bandmates were most likely sleeping off the jet lag or taking promo pictures of their peens. (According to Pete Wentz‘s latest FOB Journal entry, he hasn’t slept in two days can’t get used to the time difference.)

patrick stump fall out boy jo whiley

Patrick performed acoustic versions of “Sugar We’re Going Down” as well as doing a cover of Ne-Yo‘s “So Sick”. Personally, I would much rather have heard Patrick do Arctic Monkeys’ “When the Sun Goes Down” or “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, but hey, you can’t win ’em all. Here are MP3s of the sessions:

DOWNLOAD: “So Sick” (Cover of Ne-Yo) by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump

DOWNLOAD: “So Sick” (Cover of Ne-Yo) by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump

DOWNLOAD: “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump

DOWNLOAD: Interview with Patrick Stump on Jo Whiley on Radio 1

Listen to the whole interview here.