Download the Best Song You Never Knew Existed: “In the Future” by David Byrne

I just turned on my local NPR station, WNYC, tonight and I heard this awesome song that sounded like the Talking Heads on John Schaefer’s show “New Sounds”…but I had never heard it before. Not that I’m a Talking Heads connoisseur or anything, so it wasn’t a surprise I didn’t know it–but I just couldn’t […]

NYC Record Shop Other Music to Sell DRM-Free Digtial Music Online in February…and Thom Yorke Likes Spank Rock

Lets face it, DRM MP3s suck because they ball and chain you to a music playing device. I rather buy CDs and rip them myself instead of buying stuff off the iTunes store. But now music geeks and devoted fans of indie record store Other Music will have a chance to buy DRM-free music off […]

Band of the Day: The Holloways

NAME: The Holloways HOMETOWN: London, Holloway, United Kingdom WEBSITE: HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was listening to my friend Imran’s awesome BBC 6 music radio show called This Music Week and The Holloways were doing a cover of “Starman” [MP3] in honor of David Bowie’s birthday. LATEST RELEASE: So This Is Great Britain? […]

Cinematics Cover Beck’s “Sunday Sun” and Go French New Wave with “Keep Forgetting” Video

Everyone knows I love The Cinematics AND I love Beck, so you can imagine how overjoyed I was to hear this cover of Scotland’s own Cinematics covering Becks’ “Sunday Sun”, which is featured on the ‘Matics “Break” EP. DOWNLOAD: “Sunday Sun” by The Cinematics The band’s debut full-length A Strange Education is due in late-February, […]