Dylan Hears a Who = Brilliantastic

Bob Dylan–legendary troubador, zeitgeist-setter, famous mumbler, and enormous fan of Dr. Seuss books? Not sure if the last item really is true, but someone with an an uncanny ability to imitate Bob Dylan got it in their head to record a bunch of Dr. Seuss books to Dylan-esque music, and you can hear the results on the Dylan Hears a Who website.

Created by a mysterious person/collective called “Eye-Berried Pall“–who no one can seem to figure out who/he/she really are/is.

It’s a ridiculously elaborate project…this mystery person/people should stand up and benefit from the fruits of their labor!! Although they probably would stand a good chance of getting sued by everyone under the sun. Hahha.

Oh, and all the MP3s are available for download!

DOWNLOAD: “Dylan Hears a Who” by “Eye-Berried Pall”

dylan hears a whol

Download the Best Song You Never Knew Existed: “In the Future” by David Byrne

I just turned on my local NPR station, WNYC, tonight and I heard this awesome song that sounded like the Talking Heads on John Schaefer’s show “New Sounds”…but I had never heard it before. Not that I’m a Talking Heads connoisseur or anything, so it wasn’t a surprise I didn’t know it–but I just couldn’t believe that I’d never heard the song used in a TV commercial, movie, a hipster dance party, or MTV show… Here are some sample lyrics:

In the future everyone will have the same haircut and the same clothes
In the future everyone will be very fat from the starchy diet
In the future everyone will be very thin from not having enough to eat
In the future it will be next to impossible to tell girls from boys, even in bed
In the future men will be ‘super-masculine’ and women will be ‘ultra-feminine’

“What IS this song?,” I asked myself as I Googled “in the future there will be no religion or spiritualism”–which happened to be the lyric being sung at the time.

Low and behold–Talking Heads.net had the answer–it was a song called “In the Future” off a very rare album released by David Byrne called “Music for the Knees Plays” released in 1985 and described as being an album comprised of “a series of musical vignettes designed as ‘joints’ between longer scenes in a projected theatrical epic by Robert Wilson entitled The CIVIL WarS.”

david byrne in the future

The album was only released on vinyl and cassette, never released on CD. But that hasn’t stopped at least one person from digitizing it so that you too can enjoy this great, tongue-in-cheek song:

DOWNLOAD: “In the Future” by David Byrne

NYC Record Shop Other Music to Sell DRM-Free Digtial Music Online in February…and Thom Yorke Likes Spank Rock

Lets face it, DRM MP3s suck because they ball and chain you to a music playing device. I rather buy CDs and rip them myself instead of buying stuff off the iTunes store. But now music geeks and devoted fans of indie record store Other Music will have a chance to buy DRM-free music off their new digital download service beginning in late February.

You can see the site right here at digital.othermusic.com. There’s currently not much up there, minus an email signup, but if you want to learn more about what they are planning, read this Wired article that was written up about the project.

Here are some highlights:

WN: Other Music is known for booking some pretty great bands for in-store performances. Is that going to be an aspect of digital.othermusic.com?

Madell: We hope to have video, live streams, a cool radio player, guest curators, interviews. We definitely intend to make the most of who we are and our history, but we are in the initial stages. Right now, I just want to sell an MP3.

WN: How does Other Music plan to price the MP3s? And how will the revenue from digital sales be split among the store, labels and bands?

Madell: We will be selling high-quality files without DRM copy protection (our music is encoded at 320 Kbps rather than 192, the iTunes model, so the sound will be much better). All our pricing is not set yet, but we will definitely have to be a little more expensive than iTunes — probably $10.99 per album rather than $9.99. I hope we can more than make up for the price with our selection, service, knowledge, features and, of course, the quality files. As for the label deals, this business works on percentages; you split revenue with the label for sales, and typically labels make 65 to 70 percent of the retail price

If you’re still enamored with throwing your money in the trash can on iTunes store, Radiohead singer Thom Yorke is their current “celebrity playlist”. You can see the whole thing after the jump.
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Band of the Day: The Holloways

NAME: The Holloways
HOMETOWN: London, Holloway, United Kingdom
WEBSITE: http://www.the-holloways.com/

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was listening to my friend Imran’s awesome BBC 6 music radio show called This Music Week and The Holloways were doing a cover of “Starman” [MP3] in honor of David Bowie’s birthday.
LATEST RELEASE: So This Is Great Britain? [TVT Records, BUY]
SONG LISTENED TO: “Generator” [MP3 over at Denuvian]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Reminded me a lot of Hot Club de Paris with plunky guitar rhythms and choc full o’ melodies…oh and those trashy Northern accents. Hooray! The chorus states that they can “get a record player and a generator to generate the music that makes you feel better,” and judging from this song (about appreciating everything you have and looking on the bright side), I would have to say this is probably true. Catchy, upbeat, and almost completely free of irony. It makes you feel like a warm hug. Great motivational song for exercising…or carefree partying!
1 to 5 RATING: 5
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: Denuvian, You Ain’t No Picasso, Music Snobbery, Photo over at Gregory Nolan, Caught in the Crossfire
LISTEN TO MORE: “Dance Floor” and “Two Left Feet” on the Myspace

Check out this ridiculously awesome video with SAD CLOWNS for “Generator”:

Cinematics Cover Beck’s “Sunday Sun” and Go French New Wave with “Keep Forgetting” Video

Everyone knows I love The Cinematics AND I love Beck, so you can imagine how overjoyed I was to hear this cover of Scotland’s own Cinematics covering Becks’ “Sunday Sun”, which is featured on the ‘Matics “Break” EP.

DOWNLOAD: “Sunday Sun” by The Cinematics

The band’s debut full-length A Strange Education is due in late-February, with a full-blown tour of the States around that time.

But for now, view the beautiful French New Wave-inspired video for “Keep Forgetting” shot in black and white by Moh Azima, who has also done videos for The Hold Steady and Calla:

click to view video