A Brush with McDreamy

As I mentioned yesterday, they’re filming Enchanted in my neighborhood. Actually right on my block, so on the way home tonight I caught Patrick Dempsey, aka “Dr. McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy, filming a scene. Looks like plays a daddy, b/c there was an adorable little girl by his side. No Idina sighting. 🙁

I can STILL hear the crew people yelling at folks on the street. Jeez.


Movie Mania in Manhattan

Movies are totally ruling my life today. As I was leaving for work I saw the building across the street from mine with a huge crane in front of it. Turns out the new Patrick Dempsey/ Idina Menzel/ Susan Sarandon movie, Enchanted, is taking over my neighborhood.

Then when I was leaving for work I was walking to the subway and came across a movie shoot a few blocks away at the weirdo health food store I always pass, now renamed “Weight Not”. Turned out to be Music and Lyrics By was filming. I walked past the set, right by the trailers and saw Hugh Grant by himself, coming straight at me wearing a grey-blue sweater and black pants. I saw Drew‘s “Sophie” trailer, but didn’t catch her to ask if and when she’s finally going to marry Fab.

music and lyrics by

The Beastie Boys at Union Square Theater

Tonight I got to go to a screening of the new Beastie Boys documentary, Awesome, I F*cking Shot That! at the Union Square Theater.

Note to those who plan on seeing it: Do NOT eat 1 and a half tacos with rice and beans 30 minutes prior to seeing this movie like I did–otherwise the first 40 minutes of the movie, with its shaky camera work, will totally make you queasy.

All in all I thought the movie was pretty cool. As you probably know already, the movie was shot in 2004 at a Madison Square Garden show by 50 fans who were given video cams by the Beasties. The result is a film that produces a true representation of a concert-going experience. That means bad sightlines, people crazy dancing, and camera work that looks like it was captured on the high seas.

It’s kinda like if you had 50 windows open to YouTube videos at the same time–totally baffling, yet totally loveable. There are some comedic moments produced by some low-tech video graphcs (like one scene where they superimpose footage of a girl dancing so it apears as though she and Ad Rock are having a danceoff) and some genuinely funny moments like the footage showing some dude going on a beer run in the middle of the show. (“I want two BEEEEHHHAAARRRRS!” he explains to the camera.)

In any case, after the movie ended, “three special guests” (aka- The Beastie Boys) popped through the side exit to do a short Q & A with the crowd. People just shouted out all sorts of random questions like “Do you guys play weddings?” “What is ‘Criters’?” No earth-shattering newsbreaks to report. Just stuff like, “Who do you guys like in hip-hop these days?” Mike D: Uhh…*smirking* there are many talented artist out there. “Who do you guys like in polka these days?” Ad Rock: There are many polka artists out there doing their thing. Polka is getting hot. At one point so many people were talking at once Mike D had to yell at everyone to settle down.

Here’s the world’s crappiest photo ever of the Beasties taken via my cameraphone:

beastie boys

Good times.

WATCH: Someone asking The Beastie Boys where the opening sequence of the movie was shot.

Oscar Updates by the Minute

Aw yeah! Right now I’m scooping someone’s wi-fi so I can blog and watch TV at the same time. Lucky me, because right now I’m watching the Academy Awards…I’ll be updating as long as the free wi-fi keeps coming. Here’s to the movies!

Uh oh. There’s some movie montage going on which basically looks like the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow movie posters. Is this a bad sign?

Opening.. Billy Crystal and Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Whoopi, Dave, Mel Gibson, Mr. Moviephone, Jon Stewart and Halle Berry, George Clooney. Big huge sign that says “JON STEWART” on the marquee for the people who are watching a movie awards show but apparently have no idea who the host is.

Um, is Catherine Keener checking her Sidekick behind Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Charlize not amused by sweatpants joke.

Why is Kiera Knightley sitting next to Jack Nicholson? Is it in his contract that he must sit next to someone under the age of 25?

Best Supporting Actor. STOP SAYING “OR” Nicole!! You’re killing me…OR I’m loving it.

Clooney gets the Oscar. Man, they start the playing the music right away now. I would love to see someone sing their acceptance speech.

Right now Ben Stiller is moving around looking like Kermit the Frog after eating too much candy. I’m laughing…but I’m not sure why. Is it the Jon Stewart effect?

It’s Reese looking adorable wearing a white and gold dress. I don’t know who designed it, but let’s just hope Kirsten Dunst hasn’t worn it first!

Helena Bonham Carter, what the HELL is going on with your prom queen/big country star hair and powder-blue bridesmaid dress? Oh my lord.

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Andrew W.K. (and His ‘Rents) Make an Apperance at Movie Screening

Yesterday I went to a screening of Andrew W.K.’s new live concert DVD, Who Knows?, at the Pioneer Theater. Andrew W.K. fans love Andrew W.K. so much that they freak out, stand up and dance when they are just watching a movie of Andrew W.K. performing. It’s like the power of fun overtakes them and makes them do things they can’t even remember later. Like the girl sitting next to me got up in the middle of one of the songs, “wooh!”ed at the top of her lungs–hands outstretched in the air as if praying to God, and then just sat down and proceeded to act like everything was normal. Ok, that didn’t really happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had.

As the credits were about to roll at the end of the movie, everyone started clapping and cheering, and stomping their feet. It was only then that I turned around and saw Andrew W.K., all dressed in white and walking down the movie theater isle. He walked up to the front of the theater, where his keyboard was set up, proceeded to play a 3 minute medley, and then got up and walked out the fire exit without saying a word. Brilliant.

Oh and believe it or not, Andrew W.K.’s parents (yes, he comes from somewhere) were sitting in the audience. They really do exist!

andrew w.k.

andrew w.k.

Gossip, Golden Globes, and The Simpsons

Yes yes, thank you to everyone who wrote in telling me that the White Stripes are going to be on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, but I thought this news was old…I could swear I heard about it ages ago…or maybe that was my psychic WS thinking. Is Karen officially pregnant yet?

Speaking of celebrity procreation, fellow musician Chris Martin and his Estee Lauder-hawking wife Gwyneth Paltrow are DEFINITELY having another baby. If you saw Gwynie on the Golden Globes you know this is true. My grandmother’s reaction to Paltrow when presenting the Cecil B. DeMille award to Sir Anthony Hopkins, “She looks fat.” It was only after I told her that she probably was pregnant that she found Gwyneth’s full face acceptable.

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Golden Globes

More on the Golden Globes, how retarded CUTE are Heath and Michelle? They are so the new Reese and Ryan, except in Heath and Michelle’s case they are both talented. Michelle was wearing the most adorable purple dress, and in every photo series of them there is at least one (if not more) photo of them looking at each other all googly-eyed. I usually do not fall for celebrity couples, but I absolutely L-O-V-E them. (What were you thinking Naomi Watts?!?)

Although it should be noted I still do kinda love Reese Witherspoon because I saw her being interviewed right after her Golden Globe win for Walk the Line by that woman Julianna from E! and she was so nice and didn’t throw up when asked lame questions.

Golden Globe couples

I didn’t watch most of the Golden Globes, but I did manage to catch Melanie Griffith looking like a train wreck. Woah! What happened there? What else was “yay”? Joaquin Phoenix, Mary Louise Parker, and Jonny Rhys Meyers winning. What was “boo”? Anne Hathaway‘s makeup and dress. Ugghh! Girl got attacked with super red lipstick and what looked like one of Sasha Cohen‘s old skating outfits. Um…and I don’t know what this is, but it’s a bit terrifying.