The Notebook: Making Girls (and Guys) Cry Their Eyes Out Since 2004

Inspired by yesterday’s absolutely awful weather, I went to go see that new movie Half Nelson playing at the Angelika. It’s kinda a depressing film, but Ryan Gosling is really fantastic in it. At first it was hard to believe he was supposed to be a teacher, since he looks so young (he’s only 25) […]

Rachel Bilson: Official So Cute I Can’t Take It

What can I say…Zach Braff has a way of just looking at something longingly out of the corner of his eye and it immediately gets a coating of industrial strength quirkiness. Looks like Zach’s latest project, The Last Kiss, is no exception. The marketing campaign is geared toward “the kids” as it were–young adults on […]

Your New Movie Star Boy Crushes: The Treadaway Brothers

Today I went to the premiere of Brothers of the Head, a new British movie showing at the IFC Film Center. The film is about Siamese twins who rise to fame as a punk band in the 1970s. It’s basically the story of what would happen if Carl Barat and Pete Doherty had been born […]

Motherf-cker: An Affair to Remember

This year’s pre-Fourth of July Motherfucker bash included a performance by one of my favorite contemporary Brit bands, The Futureheads. I am tired, so I’ll update this space with some more interesting commentary later… For now, photos: I also got to watch Amanda Lepore and her crew film a segment for David Casey‘s upcoming film […]