Jack White to Cameo as Elvis Presley In “Walk Hard”

According to internet buzz on Cinematical (via the Thigh Master), Jack White will be hitting the silver screen once again–this time in the comedy Walk Hard starring John C. Reilly. It’s a tongue-in-cheek spoof of musical biopics that have taken over Hollywood in the last few years like Ray and Walk the Line. Can’t wait […]

Who Would Win In a Fight: Patrick Swayze or David Hasselhoff?

I think we need to discuss this eternal question right now. Swayze has the dance moves and the abs. Hasselhoff has the leather jacket and millions of devoted Germans. But Swayze had a song (“She’s Like the Wind”) that was actually a hit in America. The Hoff had his hit German track “Looking for Freedom” […]

Golden Globes 2007: Live Until I Get Bored

9:08PM I started watching the Golden Globes about 20 minutes ago. So far Meryl Streep and Eddie Murphy won…I saw that Jennifer Hudson won for Best Supporting Actress. Right now Sarah Jessica Parker presented for SIENNA MILLER, WTF IS THAT FUG? She’s presenting with Terrence Howard for Best Actor Mini-Series or TV Movie. Her hair […]