Oh Crap, I’m a Teenage Girl

According to this article, Across the Universe is set to gain a cult following among teenage girls (probably bonding over their mutual lust for dreamy mcDreamstein JIM STURGESS). As you may recall, I called the movie a “magical train wreck” in my earlier review, but I have to tell you, I cannot stop listening to the soundtrack of the album which I bought on iTunes this week.

I spent a good portion of today bonding with my co-worker and my friend Alyse about how effing cute Jim Sturgess is and how AtU is the type of movie that is good in small doses. After listening to the soundtrack about a billion times now, I am almost certain that I will be buying this movie on DVD. This movie has grown on me, I like it more and more every day.

Swoon away by watching the cast appearance on GMA:

More Jim cuteness…oh and a so-called “confidence booster”–a photo of him with his girlfriend.

Movie Musical Time: “Control” and “Across the Universe”

Over the last week, I’ve seen two “movie musicals” of sorts–Julie Taymor‘s artful stab at a Beatles opera called Across the Universe, and Anton Corbijn’s Ian Curtis biopic, Control.

Both movies had their strong points, but both had their weaknesses.

The most succinct way of describing Across the Universe is to call it “a magical train wreck.” It’s a perplexing flick that seems to be one giant experiment in moving making–some things work, must most don’t.

Tied to using only Beatles lyrics within the musical numbers, Taymor isn’t able to tie together a story line that completely makes sense. The movie feels like a mish-mosh of short stories jammed into one big confusing story. Despite the fact that there are over 5 main characters in the central plot, only the two central roles of Jude (Jim Sturgess) and Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood) have a complete character arch.

across the universe

Taymor tries very hard to make every scene visually stimulating and give her little splash of artistry to it all, but I found the art direction sometimes went a little overboard and didn’t necessarily add anything to the scene or story.

However, the movie is memorable–it definitely makes an impression on you. And even though I thought the story line was a bit dopey and a little unbelievable, I would see this movie again on DVD, if only to watch my new imaginary boyfriend, Mr. Jim Sturgess–who’s puppy dog brown eyes and bashful grin made me swoon for the whole of 2 hours.

Speaking of swooning, let’s talk about Control, the much anticipated film based on Deborah Curtis‘s book, Touching from a Distance. My first impression of this movie was made from a seemingly unfinished trailer that was released on the internets in May. The trailer I saw at that time was horrible, so going into the film I had the lowest expectation possible. I was expecting to be bored and completely hate it.

control movie poster

I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie was far from being awful. The cinematography was GORGEOUS. Completely shot in black and white, everything seemed to have a soft glow about it–you could freeze frame any scene in the movie and it would look like an amazing photograph, guaranteed. You could really feel the influence of Corbijn’s rock photographer background seeping through every frame.
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The Movie I Can’t Get Out of My Mind: Ethan Hawke’s “The Hottest State”

On Monday I went to a screening of Ethan Hawke‘s new old movie, The Hottest State, which is based on his novel of the same name. William (Mark Webber) is a fledgling young actor who falls for a quiet, reserved girl named Sarah (played by Catalina Sandino Moreno) and the movie chronicles the rapid growth and equally rapid decline of their love affair.

the hottest state

I was wary about seeing it, I mean, we all know how disastrous the writer/director/actor thing can be–let alone doing the writer/director/actor thing when you’re an actor adapting your own novel. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie–although it seemed very close to the edge of being too self-aware and overly pretentious, it only teetered on that line, never quite spilling over into eye-roll inducing dialog. In fact, there were some pretty genius moments in the film.
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Your First Look: “Walk Hard” and the Battle of the Pompadours

Hey guys–sorry my updating has been very lacking of late. I’m steadily and rapidly falling into old lady-hood, as you can probably tell by my choice of delicious links. Oh yeah, and I started doing yoga again. I’m trying out a bunch of studios in downtown Manhattan, so if you have any recommendations, let me know. I’m at an advanced beginner-intermediate level.

Anyhoo, here’s a photo sent in by S. from Rolling Stone (?) showing Jack White in his Elvis role in the new mockumentary written by Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan, Walk Hard. As you can see from the battle shot, John C. Reilly stars in the film as Dewey Cox.

walk hard

The New Transformers Movie Hearts The Strokes

Something about the still below is “more than meets the eye”, no? Yesterday the Backseat Blogger and I were watching the new Transformers movie trailer when half way through I started bursting out laughing–someone in the costume department sure does love the scruffy lads from NYC, because they decked Shia LaBeouf‘s character in a classic Strokes logo tshirt!

I couldn’t focus on the fact that Shia was about to get pulverized by a Decepticon because all I saw was that blue and white logo!

transformers movie the strokes

Methinks the Strokes–who are children of the 80s–are probably psyched.

The Dog Whisperer and Sky High Are Amazing…Debbie Does Dallas Again, Not So Much

Two tv/movie related things I discovered this weekend:

1. The movie Sky High. Holy crap. No, it’s not a movie about smoking the pot. It’s a totally cheese-filled and predictable, but an all sorts of awesome tween movie starring Michael Angarano, aka the cute kid who played Jack’s son of Will and Grace. You will love.

2. THE DOG WHISPERER. Possibly the most amazing reality TV I’ve seen on tv in the last year (even better than “I Love New York”). It’s on the National Geographic channel (uh yeah, I know…they have a channel?) and it will BLOW YOUR MIND

If you love dogs/ reality tv/ makeover shows you will LOVE Cesar Millan‘s hour-long program in which he teaches dog owners how to deal with their pets so they don’t act all sorts of crazy. It’s really the “Dumb dog owner fixer” show…he doesn’t really speak to dogs, but this man has a pack of 30 dogs in his dog psychology center that he commands with a snap of his fingers. CESAR MILLAN IS THE MAN.

I watch like 4 episodes in a row before I started sitting on all fours every time Cesar made a “sstkks” sound.

3. The Debbie Does Dallas Again TV show will leave you numb all over. I can only watch so many Daddy Bad Touch babes in one sitting. I understand what porn stars do for a living, but the whole idea of having SEX as your “audition” for a “role” just made me sick to my stomach. The Backseat Blogger loves this show for the “drama”…if you think “drama” means “boobs”.