James McAvoy Hearts “The Goonies” and Why Paul Dano Had to Play Twins in “There Will Be Blood”

Newsweek recently had a round table interview featuring Angelina Jolie, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ellen Page, George Clooney, James McAvoy, and Marion Cotillard.

I skipped over reading anything Angelina said, but I was particularly intrigued by what James McAvoy had to say about the movie that inspired him to be an actor:

It sounds weird, but there’s a film called “The Goonies.” [Laughter] And I mean it with all my heart. As a young boy that film made me cry because it’s about how you still have your problems at 10 years old or 12 years old. When I was little, you didn’t get chased by pirates and you didn’t get chased by gangsters and nobody was trying to kill you with guns, but your adventures were no less exciting. It helped inspire my imagination.


james mcavoy goonies

Something that also sparked my interest was the mention that emerging hottie Paul Dano wasn’t originally cast as Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood–in fact he replaced another young actor about 3 weeks into the filming at the drop of a hat! Crazy.

But who did Dano replace?

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Paul Dano: Pictures of an Emerging Hottie?

Woah, this came out of nowhere! You’ve seen him play a moody, mute teen in Little Miss Sunshine, you saw him play a geeky nerd in The Girl Next Door, and you saw him play a religious fanatic in There Will Be Blood. But are you ready to see Paul Dano play HOTTIE? Behold–new pictures of him in the newest issue of GQ in which he stars in a pictorial, “So You Wanna Be a Rock + Roll Star?”.

If you remember from last year’s profile of Paul’s band, Mook, you know the Dano loves to make the music, but who knew that he’d look so great as a rock ‘n’ roller? His tall lanky frame looks fantastic in the designer duds, and his natural hair color is totally working for him.

Check out these photos. Hottie or nottie? Very cute IMHO:

Paul Dano dressing up as Jack White:

paul dano jack white gq
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Reviewing James McAvoy Movies, One at a Time: First Up, “Macbeth”

As you may have realized, I have gigantic crush on newly BAFTA nominated Scottish actor James McAvoy. Since becoming infatuated with him, I’ve started to rent and go see a good number of movies in which he’s starred in.

And since a good majority of other girls I have talked to about James McAvoy also seem to have swoon-worthy feeling towards him, I thought it might be a fun idea to review as many James movies as possible–but based on slightly different criteria than most critics would use. Basically the only criteria that will matter to my reviews pertain to how much screen time James has in the movie, how often he is shirtless, and other similarly important factors.

For my first review I’ll be tackling my most recent James-related rental, his appearance in the “Macbeth” portion of the “ShakespeaRe-Told” series.

james mcavoy macbeth
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Brad Renfro: Dead at 25

Holy sheboigies! I just got an alarming text from Sarah:

brad renfro is dead

Brad Renfro, star of films like The Client and Apt Pupil has died according to TMZ.com. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

Renfro recently finished filming on The Informers, a movie starring Winona Ryder and Billy Bob Thornton.


UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times reports that Renfro was found by his girlfriend this morning in his Wilshire home and declared dead at 9am by paramedics.

James McAvoy Is a Lightweight

…when it comes to drinking, that is… Check out this preview clip from the Golden Globes Dateline special where Atonement star James McAvoy (and my favorite Scottish actor of the moment) reveals how his inability to drink large quantities of alcohol prevented him from becoming the “rocker” child he longed to be in his youth:

Sadly, due to the WGA and SAG boycott of NBC’s broadcast of the Golden Globes, you will not see dear Jamesy pick up his award, if he is to win for Best Actor.

Cell Phone Drama at “There Will Be Blood”

So last night I went to see the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, There Will Be Blood, at the Union Square theater. Me and the BSB are running late, so we book it into the theater about 20 minutes before it starts. Lucky for us, they just let everyone in so we are able to get good seats.

So the movie is effing long, ok? It’s like 2 1/2 hours long, and my phone goes off RIGHT in the middle of this intense quiet scene. Yup, I was that person. But what I realized was that the movie is SO long that the theater didn’t have time to play that 30 second clip of the dancing popcorn telling you to shut your cell phone off–and since I was so rushed, I totally forgot, AND I had my phone on silent the whole day long, but I must’ve put it on ring when I was trying to locate the BSB, so I would here it if it went off. I promise you, I’m NEVER that person who leave their phone on during the movie.

there will be blood cellphone
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Ode to James McAvoy

Ever since he scampered onto the screen as Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, James McAvoy has been on my shortlist of most favorite movie star crushes. Sorry, but I’m a sucker for pale, blue-eyed Scottish boys. Throw in the fact that he’s wee (James is only 5’7″) AND has a vague resemblance to Sondre Lerche, and well, I’m hooked of course. Just like Scot hottie Ewan McGregor, James is a very fine actor, which increases his hottness by 10.

Anyhoo, I just saw him in Atonement, the film adaption of the novel by Ian McEwan co-starring Kiera Knightley. Having read the book before seeing the movie was probably the main cause of why I thought the movie wasn’t all THAT great, and I really wished that there had been more James (of course). Atonement still has nothing on his performance in The Last King of Scotland.

But in any case, I’d love to see him get recognized for his work in Atonement at this year’s Academy Awards, as well as Sondre for his music for Dan in Real Life. Just imagine it: James McAvoy AND Sondre Lerche at the Oscars. My head would surely explode!

Check out James being interviewed about being nominated for awards on “Shootout.” The full episode of him being interviewed alongside Atonement director Joe Wright) airs again this Sunday at 11am on AMC:

Here’s Sondre talking about music and blah blah blah to some dude from YeboTV:

Boring for the Holidays

Yes I know, my will to blog has been slowly waining. Heck, it’s the holidays, time to relax and be lazy, right?

What did I do over the holidays? During Christmas shopping I fell in love with two cool local stores: Sweet Tater and In God We Trust. Note to friends: Expect a steady stream of presents from these two shops from now on!

On Saturday I had “Fake Christmas” with one side of the family. The BSB brought yummy Christmas cupcakes. Mmmmm… Me and the fam played Wii for a good portion of the night. I almost fell over playing boxing– I was punching so hard.

christmas cupcakes

Santa got me a television. I have been living without a TV for the last 3 years or so–not having a TV has forced me to be semi-social in order for me to be able to watch “my shows,” but now that I have a television of my own I have a fear that this is the beginning of the end. I’m probably going to break down and get–*gasp*–cable so I can really be a hermit for the winter.

I looked up the cable prices and DEAR BABY JESUS, Time Warner is SUCH a rip-off, but it seems like they are the only ones who service my area and have a cable/internet bundle that I’d want. Uuuughhhh. Time Warner = so evil.

Well maybe this will be a good thing. Now I can host TV and movie nights if anyone wants to come over. And my apartment has been relatively neat for the last month and a half thanks to house guests and family visits. This little crack house is becoming a crack home slowly but surely.

Over the last few days I’ve watched: Surf’s Up (adorable!), Funny Face, Alpha Dog (Justin Timberlake actually… not bad???), a good number of episodes of “Californication” on Showtime and “Project Runway Canada” on YouTube (Iman is scary!), one episode of The Tudors, and Hairspray (the 2007 movie musical- LOVED IT!)

I watched some Yule Log on the internet and then on Christmas Day I had a virtual Christmas (via webcams) with folks far away and then I went out to have a family brunch at the Mercer Kitchen.

the mercer kitchen

I still really want to see Atonement as well. I did a book on MP3 and it was really good.

Right now I’m hoping to start planning some trips for 2008–wow is it really going to be 2008 in less than a week’s time? That’s crazy!

But if you are going to be in town for the start of the new year, head over to the After the Jump Festival at the Knitting Factory. Good tunes, good people, good cause.

after the jump festival

Who Is McLovin12four on AIM?

It’s a promo bot for the DVD release of Superbad which came out on December 4th. Ugh! This is what happens when some douchebag at a movie studio decides to get into “viral marketing” and the “interwebs” to reach “the kids.”

LAME. Kill the bot along w/ that Moviephone shiz they put on your AIM as well. Horrible.

superbad is superlame

Looks like other are saying “wtf” to McLovin12four–searches for the phrase are way up on Google Trends.