The Les Miz Movie Preview Proves to Be Everything Normal People Hate about Theater People

Sad, but true. I know it’s hard for these Hollywood actors to understand but PEOPLE HAVE SUNG LIVE WHILE BEING FILMED BEFORE. These people are talking so self-righteously, it’s like they just stole a loaf of bread to keep from starving or something:

Really Anne Hathaway? “There seemed to be something selfish about trying to go for the pretty version” — really? Doing a wimpy sob/speak Rex Harrison version of one of the greatest diva songs in musical theater is definitely way “less selfish” because you are “applying the truth to the melody”? OMG PUllleeaaasseeeezzzzzz. Get off your damn high horse and give the people what they want!

How many down-on-her-luck front-toothless prostitutes were really singing ballads right before they died of tuberculosis right before the start of the June Rebellion? If you want to be in a Les Miserables musical, I honestly cannot listen to your talk of “applying the truth.”

Says Hathaway about her character Fantine‘s state of mind while singing “I Dreamed a Dream”: “She’s literally at the bottom of a hole, realizing that she’s never going to climb out of this.”

That’s how I felt after watching that extended preview.

Too bad the Les Miz movie wasn’t something more like this:

or this:

Saw “The Master” This Weekend…Eh

So I saw The Master yesterday at Nitehawk in Williamsburg, BK while stuffing my face with Nitehawk queso, a Nitehawk burger with tots, and croquettes. (What? The movie was 2 hours and 15 minutes long — what did you want me to do, starve?)

Despite what you may have read on the internet, I did not see this movie because I was wooed by some arty trailer campaign, I saw it because of my love for Philip Seymour Hoffman (in the early 2000s, I may or may not have ran a PSH fan page), Jessie Plemons (LANDRY 4 EVA!), and Joaquin Phoenix. Although I liked There Will Be Blood (cell phone ringing in the theater and all), I’ve never been a huge Paul Thomas Anderson fan.

And after seeing The Master, I can’t say he’s won me over yet. Although many critics have gone gaga over the film, I’m in the camp of Richard Corless of “Time” magazine, who originally titled his review “There Will Be Boredom.” Although visually beautiful, with some great moments, but the film ultimately fell flat by the end of the film. Boooo.

Two thumbs indifferent.

Watch the trailer… if you must:

Jesse Eisenberg’s Straightened Hair

This post is devoted to Jesse Eisenberg‘s newly straightened hair — which apparently is for a movie role, which Jesse says he has to “look Catholic.”

This hair change is probably the most traumatic coiffure shocker since Jesse’s Zombieland co-star Emma Stone went from her trademark fiery red to a golden blonde for her role in the new Spider-Man movie (coincidentally starring The Social Network‘s Andrew Garfield).

Even though the slick new style is a bit of a shocker from Jesse’s naturally curly hairdo, I kinda like this new look.
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Tiny Furniture Totally Blowing Up

Slowly but surely, seemingly everyone I know has been muttering two words for the last month, “Tiny Furniture.”

In case you haven’t heard of Tiny Furniture, the directorial debut of Lena Dunham has been getting great reviews, making it one of the movies I really look forward to seeing in the near future.

Check out the trailer:

Also something very cool is that the soundtrack was done by Teddy Blanks (formerly of TMA-approved band The Gaskets) and the best part is — it’s available totally free for download. Check it out!

Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach — Perfect Together

Last night I went to the NYPL Live event featuring a conversation between filmmakers Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach. I’ll be honest, I never was huge fans of either of them before going into the talk, but now consider me among the converted.

Their two hour long talk — where they divulged some of the details of the inspiration for their collaboration on their new movie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the stories behind some of their previous work — was one of the most engaging, entertaining, and absolutely fun times I’ve ever had listening to two people speak.

Untitled 0 00 03-29

Hopefully I’ll have time to write about it more, but some of the most hilarious stories included a scene witnessed by Wes Anderson during a rehearsal for a concert organized by Sheryl Crow in which estranged best friends Keith Richards and Eric Clapton had an awkward moment, and another tale in which Wes and Noah were looking through the archives of Robert Dahl and Dahl’s son revealed to them a pornographic story idea that his father had written down. (“She needs a belly full of hot c-m.”)

Afterwards I was lucky enough to attend a soiree for the Young Lions donors at the library, where Wes and Noah stopped by to mingle with guests. Of course they couldn’t even get past the door jam, but they were very nice and kind to everyone who approached them to talk.

Short little video of some tiny video clips I took:

Emo Crush: Gerard Way Talking About Umbrella Academy

I know many of you just DO NOT CARE about anything vaguely emo, but since I’ve kind of thrown So More Scene by the wayside, this needs to go on here.

I love Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. He’s so dishy. Here he is at the Watchmen premiere (My Chem does a cover version of “Desolation Road”…yes, it’s awful, but I love it anyway), talking about his own comic project, the Umbrella Academy: