More Pregger News: Indiest Baby EVER

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard are engaged and having a baby. This baby is so indie-cool that it’s ALREADY “so over being born.”

First Heath Ledger, now this! Do you think working with the man-pretty Jake Gyllenhaal makes male co-stars immediately grab the nearest woman and impregnate her in order to prove his straightness? I’m just sayin’…

Hopefully this baby will be a boy so they can keep up with the double As and name him Aaron.

Link from Two Hundredth Couch.

Best/ Worst IM Conversation Ever

In which my friend Alyse and I discuss what Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is up to…

miss modernage: fall out boy lyrics don’t make any sense
alyse:: um
alyse:: do they have to make sense?
miss modernage: ” she says she’s no good with words but i’m worse barely stuttered out “a joke of a romantic” or stuck to my tongue weighed down with words too over-dramatic tonight it’s “it can’t get much worse” vs. “no one should ever feel like..” ”
miss modernage: wHAt?
alyse:: what’s next? are you going to watch pete’s guest star run on one tree hill?
miss modernage: ohmigod he’s going to be on one tree hill??
alyse:: yep
miss modernage: i <3 peengate
alyse:: he’s in like 3 episodies
miss modernage: i’ll catch it on you tube hopefully
alyse:: yah
miss modernage: i don’t think i can stand watching that show
alyse:: they put it up there
alyse:: which is where i’ll recap it
miss modernage: i HATE chad michael murry or whatever his name is
alyse:: heh
alyse:: i hate sophia bush
miss modernage: dude i read that he’s dating some 17 year old
miss modernage: that played a cheerleader on the show
miss modernage: wtf
alyse:: so pete is going to be back on the show
miss modernage: i don’t know anything about these ppl

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The Kids at ONTD Will Be Psyched to Here “Peengate” Said On Air

Yup, I said it…I used the term “Peengate” while talking about Fall Out Boy on Jo Whiley‘s show Tuesday morning. You can listen to the broadcast over at the Radio 1 site. Click on “Tuesday” and you should hear me talking about dodgeball, bling rings, Arctic Monkeys, and “Peengate” an hour and 40 minutes into the broadcast.

Also, anyone interested in the site I mentioned when talking about costume jewlery, head over to The Carrot Box.

For more info on dodgeball in NYC, head over to ZogSports.

LISTEN: Me talking about Pete Wentz’s “Little Pete” Photos on Jo Whiley

Jack White Don’t Like No “Intellectual Copyright Infringement”

I know I’ve been lacking on updates since I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I’m hoping to get all this down really quickly–just the highlights. As far as I know, the only Jack White related things I’ve failed to write about so far is that The Raconteurs have a new Blair Witch-esque creepy video for “Steady as She Goes” (why ARE the cows running?) and the Jack White vs. Billy Childish war of words has gotten totally touchy.

It was reported last week that Steve Lowe of the Aquarium Gallery (who represent Childish) had created a mock boxing match poster cartoonishly depicting Jack and Billy getting ready to slug it out that the gallery began selling on auction site eBay. White’s lawyers put a prompt stop to the sale of the poster citing that the image was an intellectual copyright infringement due to the usage of Jack White’s likeness–which was taken directly from a White Stripes press photograph taken by Patrick Keeler…who happens to be in The Greenhornes, and on the payroll as drummer of The Raconteurs.

In any case, Lowe removed the auction only to set a new one up with a modified image of the poster (below). Now where a photo of Jack White’s face once was there is now a rudimentary artist’s rendering of the Striped One. So now if you win the auction of the new poster, you also get a version of the original. The current bid is at 50GBP and bidding ends on March 22nd.

The gallery is saying that half the money will go to Billy Childish, and the other half will be “converted into gold,” and stuck in a pot for Jack White to come and collect “whenever he’s next in London.”

jack vs. billy

Well! As it just so happens, Jack will be in London on March 23, playing the Astoria with The Raconteurs in their very first live tour. I’m sure some cheeky bugger from NME will try to ask him about this whole thing, so I doubt this is the last we’re hearing about this whole bizness.

But here’s some good news, you can check out the designs for the upcoming 4-city Raconteurs shows in the UK over at Animal Rummy. They very much follow the whole black and green, 80s/ Atari/ Video game vibe that can be found on the Raconteurs’ official Web site.

raconteurs uk tour poster

Also the Raconteurs will play August 4th at Lollapalooza in IL.

The More You Ignore Me, the More Ubiquitous I Get

So I don’t really know anything about Fall Out Boy other than they sing the song that’s in that parody video and that they played a “secret” show at the Knitting Factory that people actually went to go see instead of The Strokes.

Now I’ve just heard about something called “Peengate” which involves photos of Pete Wentz (who apparently is the guitarist bassist in FOB) displaying a rather intimate part of his body which are spreading like wildfire on the internet.

The photos are up on Dlisted, but seriously, if you just ate, or have a fear of small oblong objects, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. Seriously, if you thought the MySpace worthy photos w/ a Morrissey poster in the background was bad, this is absolutely worse. For you, for me, for this dude Pete, for everyone. I probably shouldn’t even be linking this. Says Fo, “the wallpaper and morrisey poster makes this so worse.” Agreed.

The “not quite ‘good’ news but not really bad news” is Wentz’s is not of Durst-ian proportion.



Apparently the photos were *maybe* stollen off Pete’s Sidekick by a former friend, which makes sense because I give all my really close friends access to photos of my naughty bits. No I don’t. No really, no. NO!

EDITOR’S NOTE, JUNE 19, 2006: To anyone reading this post, I’ve started a new Web site: SO MORE, where I talk about Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday and other bands of that nature, so please check it out if you like reading content just like this!
(Dlisted via ONTD)

Nick Sylvester Suspended and Fired for Fabricated Story in the Village Voice

Woah. I know this has been written up everywhere, but I just found out about the Nick Sylvester scandal. In case you have been as in the dark as I have been, the story is that Village Voice senior associate editor (btw- who made that job title up?) Nick Sylvester’s cover story, “Do You Want to Kiss Me?”, contained fabricated stories and misrepresentations. The Voice has “suspended” Sylvester and further investigation into the validity of the story will occur…and based on the comments by acting Editor-in-Chief Doug Simmons to Gawker, a stern talking to about the “boundaries of journalism.”

Sylvester, who also wrote for Pitchfork resigned this Thursday from his associate edtior position at the Web site after being asked to quit. Because lord knows Pitchfork can’t afford to have its good reputation as a beacon of truth tarnished. And since Pitchfork updates so frequently, they’ve already taken the liberty of deleting his name from the masthead. (Compare with the cached version.)

Anyone else feeling that this title and headline of a story Nick wrote last month is…well…now filled with irony?:

Morals get fuzzy as biz tries to embrace the blog world


SPIN Set for New Blood?

According to WWD, San Francisco-based publisher Tom Hartle may not have sealed the deal with purchasing SPIN quite yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from quietly offering jobs to fill up his magazine.

Word is that Hartle is looking to tap former Blender editor in chief Andy Pemberton for the top position at the mag and former Blender and SPIN publisher Malcolm Campbell to head up the biz.

No word on what would become of current EIC Sia Michel or pub Jacob Hill if the rumors turn out to be true.

More info on Hartle and the state of SPIN right here.

“Stop F-cking Pop Stars, Michael” and Other Words of Wisdom from the New Streets Album

The tabloids are sure to be producing a nuclear-plant worthy smoke stack due to the amount of heat being generated regarding “When You Wasn’t Famous,” the first single off The Streets’ new album, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. The song centers around a supposedly true tale of Mikey Skinner trying to date an unnamed female pop star. (He also alluded to the pop star on the “Banquet” Remix (Bloc Party) he did as an apology for stealing Jo Whiley’s microphone during a 2003 interview.)

But hold up–it’s not all fuzzy wuzzies and romance. Skinner blames camera phones for impeding his ability to snort a line of coke in front of strangers and he remarks how “amazing” the pop star looks on CD: UK after a night spent having sex and doing drugs with him.

Want more? Grab the kids ’round the computer and check out the stylish video for the song which features Mikey checking into (and eventually out of) a rehab center. See him wear “Miami Vice”-worthy white- and an orange Creamsicle-colored suits, go to a group therapy session, try to pick up a pretty lady, text message for his getaway car, and have his manager scream “Stop f-ckin pop stars, Michael!” via his mobile phone.

Ok, don’t grab the kids.

the streets

VIDEO: “When You Wasn’t Famous” by The Streets

Want to find out more about the upcoming album? Read this preview from The Guardian and check out this MTV UK article.