Kate Moss, Still Gorgeous…and Pissing People Off

Posters of Kate Moss reprising her role as the face of Calvin Klein Jeans have sprung up all around New York City. I happen to walk by a wall in NoLiTa plastered with three shots of her–and no matter how you feel about her personal life (she’s recently become engaged to her drug-abusing beau, Pete Doherty), you have to admit, girl looks good. She still is one of my favorite models and these photos are proof that she still has “it”. I think she looks absolutely lovely in a neo-Brigitte Bardot sort of way.

kate moss
Of course it can’t be a Calvin Klein campaign without someone getting their panties in a twist–this time it’s a group of Muslims because the topless photos are positioned on a wall across from a mosque. Oh deary me…

Haxor to Stereogum: Sufjan Will Be the End of You

Um so someone just asked me “What happened to Stereogum?” So I headed over and saw this:

stereogum.com hacked

[Click for larger image]

For those who can’t read minus 20 point font, it says:

Hello Scott.

What happened to my site?

Your server has been compromised on a root level and has at least 3-4 different exploits installed.

WTF? By whom? Pitchfork?

Perhaps SUFJAN was a poor password.

How am I gonna post that MP3 of snippets from every song on the new Dylan album? Sounds really promising! Heavy on the R&B swing that made Love And Theft his best album in decades.

Fix your fucking blog dude.

Yikes! Burn. 🙁

UPDATE: So according to comments, Scott put up that message himself…too bad, a hacker putting it up would have been better. Sometimes the truth is less interesting than fiction. I’m too busy freaking out about Pete Wentz’s GAP ads to care either way.

Do You Think Andy Pemberton Is Behind All of This?

So SPIN Editor-in-Chief Andy Pemberton resigned yesterday and now SPIN.com is down for the count. Coincidence??? Hmmm…

When you log onto the site you get a lovely GoDaddy.com message telling you the site is “coming soon”. But don’t start gearing up your WhoIs searches, the domain is not available for purchase. It’s parked until 2010…probably when they’ll get around to covering news from 2006.

I like imagining that in a fit of rage, just before resigning, Andy ran through the SPIN hallways and pulled out all the Ethernet connections on everyone’s computer and threw his shoe at the site server screaming, “TAKE THAT YOU BLOODY MACHINE!” What? You don’t think so?

spin is coming soon

Come on SPIN, we hardly knew ya!

UPDATE: SPIN.com is back up. They were switching servers when the glitch happened. Ah computers, gotta love ’em.

Monkey Business: Andy OUT Nick IN

To all bassists: consider yourself warned. From ArcticMonkeys.com:

Andy Nicholson

We are sad to tell everyone that Andy is no longer with the band.

Nick O’Malley, who stood in for Andy while he was absent from the recent tour of North America, shall carry on playing bass for the remaining shows this summer.

We have been mates with Andy for a long time and have been through some amazing things together that no one can take away. We all wish Andy the very best.

Alex, Jamie and Matt.

Hmmm…wonder what happened. Should Andy and former Panic! at the Disco member Bret Wilson start a support group for ousted bassists?

The kids on ONTD are excited about the hotness upgrade.

Nick Valensi Marries His Baby’s Mama

There were rumors about Nick Valensi already being married to Amanda de Cadenet because of the ring on his finger in the photo below taken on June 10th in Cali at 105’s BDF Concert…but according to this interview, Nick himself is confessing to being hitched by saying, “The coolest person I know right know is my wife.”

Julian, Nick, Nikolai…What’sup Fab and Drew?

nick ring finger

[SOURCE: Oh Someday, Photo found at WhatsThatSound.org] 

Strokes + Pearl Jam + QOTSA = Awesome, Strokes vs. Panic! = Not Awesome

Could a collabo between Casablancas, Vedder, and Homme be in the can as a b-side for “You Only Live Once”? The song? “Mercy Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye. SPIN.com reports.

In other Strokes news, what in the world is this “Hot or Not” video pitting Panic! at the Disco vs. The Strokes against each other? According to Much Music Panic! is HOT and The Strokes are NOT, calling them “New York City rich kids who have turned out some fair to middling vanity projects in the last few years.” What!? They go on to suggest that The Strokes are also potheads.

Was plugging Panic! part of the deal with getting FOB to be guests at the Much Music Video Awards next week?

WATCH: “Panic! vs Strokes” on “Hot or Not” Much Music

[SOURCE: Strokes MB]