Shins Keyboardist Martin Crandall Get Thrown In the Slammer on Charges of Domestic Violence

If you are a lover of reality television, especially of Tyra Banks‘s hit show America’s Next Top Model, you will be amazed by the rest of this post. OR if you are a lover of The Garden State OR of sensitive music written by men, you will also be riveted. OK, so fans of ANTM […]

Fabrizio Moretti Crowd Surfs at The Vines Show in Brisbane

Aussie reader Kylie wrote in with a special report from The Vines (yeah remember them?) show in Brisbane, Australia on Saturday April 14, 2007: I thought you might like to know about a crazy 2002 moment I had on Saturday night. I went to see the Vines and the Red Riders play here in Brisbane […]

Fabrizio Moretti’s Downward Spiral Continues

Hanging out and smokin’ the death sticks with Kirstin “Kiki” Dunst is one thing, but hanging out, smoking, and then asking for some alcohol in a CHURCH WITH KIKI IN TOW? Oh Fab! You silly boy. A little “color” (that’s what we call it in “the biz”…and “the biz” is a term we use in […]

Conspiracy Theory: Why Does Pete Doherty Only Cover Gorillaz Songs While Shooting Up?

As you may have heard by now, Pete Doherty once again checked into rehab on Jan 30th of this year. The next day, video and photos surfaced of Pete shooting up two days after he and Kate Moss received Buddhist blessing for their romance in a commitment ceremony of sorts on New Year’s day in […]

The View: Wasted Little Terrorizing Rock Stars In Training?

Check out this item about The View (the Scottish band, not Rosie O’Donnel and co…who I saw earlier this month at Mercury Lounge) from this week’s edition of Popbitch (if you don’t read Popbitch, you don’t have a clue, do you?): The View rock the Liverpool Travelodge Indie hopefuls The View played a gig in […]

Dragging the (Assumed) Hilton Name Deeper into the Paparazzi and Courtroom Mud: Perez Hilton

Holy crap! I was in the magazine shop today and they had Fox News on their televisions. All I heard were the words “celebrity blogger” and “sued” and my ears perked up and when I looked up at the screen I saw a giant picture of Mario (aka Perez Hilton) staring back at me. “Celebrity […]