Leaked “Nobody Knows How to Talk to Children” Footage Reveals…Nothing

So long-time White Stripes fans who attended the 4-night stand at the Bowery Ballroom in 2002 may remember sketchy peeps in white lab coats running around the building, filming something. As it was revealed later, it was footage being shot for a documentary entitled “Nobody Knows How to Talk to Children” shot/directed/edited by one George […]

Side Strokes Projects for Fab and Niko

Reports Pitchfork via Rolling Stone: According to a report on Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Daily blog, Moretti’s side project is called Little Joy and features the talents of Rodrigo Amarante (Los Hermanos) and Binki Shapiro [EDITOR’S NOTE: The project we mentioned a while ago which didn’t have a name], who Rock & Roll Daily […]

Chris Martin Stomps Off During BBC Radio 4 Interview

Last Friday the BBC reported an incident that occurred during a pre-recorded taping of Radio 4 arts show Front Row which resulted in Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin excusing himself from the interview, leaving drummer Will Champion to answer questions for almost the full remainder of the interview. [LISTEN TO THE CLIP OF CHRIS WALKING […]

Would You Let Ryan Adams Touch You There?

As you’ve probably already seen, some more pix of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have surfaced. Here they are at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California… and much has been made about the precariously “familiar” position of his hands on La Moore. Image via The Superficial I had the following conversation with […]

Newsflash: Albert Hammond Jr. Watches “Gossip Girl”

Dear Albert hearts him some “Gossip Girl.” The shocking (?) truth revealed in the New York Magazine cover story on the stars of the hit CW series: “Did I tell you I met Albert Hammond Jr. the other night?” he [British actor Ed Westwick, aka “Chuck Bass”] asked Leighton one afternoon at the Rose Bar, […]

The Death of Heath Ledger: Why Can’t News Sources Get It Right?

I have been completely saddened by the death of actor Heath Ledger. But I have also become completely INFURIATED with the mainstream news media, particularly at the NY Times, and their inability to report this story properly. I heard about the death when many people did, around 4:50pm yesterday when I overheard some male co-workers […]

Marty Crandall and Elyse Sewell to Be Free of Domestic Violence Charges

MTV.com reports: Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and prolific LiveJournal-er Elyse Sewell has been cleared of all charges of domestic violence against now ex-boyfriend Marty Crandall of the pop group The Shins due to insufficient evidence. Crandall will be arraigned on Wed, and it is assumed all charges against him will also be dropped […]

Post Chronicle Writer Jim Brogan Artlessly Re-purposes My Article

I woke up this morning to find my blog post about this weekend’s Marty Crandall/Elyse Sewell’s mash-up in Sacramento totally re-purposed without any attribution by The Post Chronicle writer Jim Brogan. (Thanks for the notes from readers who also noticed!) Mr. Brogan has blatantly taken my January 5th blog post–swapping in synonyms every now and […]