Where’s Your Head At?

I know everyone is entitled to a good time, but don’t you sometimes wonder where some of these people come from? This woman and her dance partner (not shown) brought their own glowing ball to dance with–to TISWAS. Last time I checked, none of the songs ever played at Tiswas require a glowing bouncy ball…seriously.

tiswas crazy person

I Hope Marissa Cooper Dies a Slow and Painful Death

Earlier today I along with several other editors/ bloggers/ writer people received an email with one purpose: “Save Marissa Cooper from the OC!!!!!!!!”. No big deal, right? I don’t even watch The OC nor do I care about Mischa Barton so I didn’t even pay attention. But then I received ANOTHER email from a different person…but with the same subject line and email text. Then another. Then ANOTHER. THEN ANOTHER.

I don’t even know how many emails I received with the same lengthy email detailing out why I should care about saving this Marissa Cooper person–who I understand to be A COMPLETELY FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I’ve had to put a spam filter on “Marissa Cooper” on my email to stop myself from accidentally reading this ridiculous message over and over again.

I replied to one of the emails stating that if I read about saving Marissa Cooper one more time I was going to jump out a window and to stop sending me messages because I have no interest in the TV show. To which the reply was, “i have the power to make the emails stop… please post a mention of our campaign on ur site and the emails will stop!”. I refuse to link to the site and their cause because as an American I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

These e-terrorists then amended their manifesto by adding that they “would like to apologize for the harassment you have received today by the spamming of the Save Marissa letter: but that in their “experience” spamming writers is “the ONLY way to get heard.”

I would like to publicly say that yes, if you spam a long list of writers and bloggers you WILL be heard. But this is what it sounds like to us:


And then we’ll end up talking about how annoyed we all are by your emails behind your backs and tell you to STOP IT because it’s just plain impolite to bomb people with emails about stuff they don’t even care about. We’ll then go on to campaign for the death penalty for Marissa Cooper and declare an assassination of Mischa Barton’s career.


Best Interview EVER…CHECK!

You don’t have to know who Laura from Scott Mills‘ show or who Danny from McFly are to enjoy this BRILLIANT interview. All you do need to know is that Danny is a famous pop star and Laura is a massive fan who happens to work for one of the biggest radio shows in the UK.

Be prepared to wince and laugh your bootay off. “I was drunk.” “CHECK!”

I’ve listened to it about 20 times today.

DOWNLOAD: Laura from Scott Mills interviewing Danny from McFly

danny mcfly

Mike Skinner: Fit and He Knows It

The Streets show tonight at Webster Hall was beyond awesome. This show was 1000x better than the last time I saw them at Irving Plaza. First off, Mike Skinner insisted on getting the audience drunk, pulling out a bottle of whiskey, climbing atop the barricade and pouring it into the mouths of the kids in the crowd. Whhhaaatt??!?!

the streets webster  hall

Mikey was looking fit, decked out in a pristine pair of his limited edition Reebok Classics sneakers dubbed the “Streets Workouts” (see above — only 300 made, 50 for sale), a white undershirt, Levis 501 jeans, Gucci belt, and tastefully dripping in some impressive bling (see below). [EDITOR’S NOTE: Read my correction on the labeling of the photo]
the streets webster  hall

Pranging’ Out/ Don’t Mug Yourself/ Let’s Push Things Forwad/ All Goes Out the Window/ Same Old Thing/ It’s Too Late/ Could Well Be In/ Too Much Brandy/ When You Wasn’t Famous/ Never Went to Church/ Turn the Page/ War of the Sexes/ Has It Come to This/ Blinded By the Lights/ Weak Become Heroes/ Dry Your Eyes. ENCORE: Fit But You Know It

There were some snippets of “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” by Arctic Monkeys and “Don’t Cha?” by the Pussycat Dolls sung during the show, and Mikey kept mentioning various thoughts on the joys of poker and how he’s going to do the New York City Marathon this year in November. This was part of the reasoning behind pouring liquor into the audience–he was attempting to eliminate competition by getting other NYC marathon runners wasted. He also kept asking the audience, “DO YOU TRUST ME?” Yes we do Mike, yes we do.

Other memorable moments of this, the last night of the Streets tour, included Mikey demanding the audience on the ballroom floor to get “low” (meaning squat down) when the drummer stood up, and then leap up into the air and jump around when he sat. He threw a plastic cup full of vodka into the mezz, hitting some kid in the head. Later I heard the kid say it bounced off his head, but he still got alcohol in his mouth.

He put the mic up to some girl in the front row and asked her to give him some advice for training for the marathon. She slurred, “Your fit, but you know it!” Then Mikey said, “I have no idea what you just said.” Then he put the mic up to her again and she screamed something like, “WE LOOOOVEEE YOUUUU MIIIKEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!” to which he said, “You’re scaring me,” as he took the microphone back and launched into “Fit But You Know It.”

He proceeded to demand that the bottle of vodka and the bottle of whiskey be completely emptied out by the end of the song…No IDs necessary thanks to your friendly local bartender, Mikey Skinner.

During the song almost everyone on stage took of their shirts. When the backup singer threw his into the audience, the guy behind me caught it, and then when he threw Mikey’s into the crowd I saw a man LEAP into the air and snatch it. Mikey didn’t jump from the balcony, like he’s done a few times on the tour, but he did jump into the crowd from the stage…shirtless. Mikey Skinner is THE SEX.

BTW, the ladies weren’t the only one thinking that…I saw some dude throw his arm around the guy next to him and the side hug-ie stopped dancing and gave him a weird look. When I told Jeff about what I’d just witnessed, he said, “the guy behind me also did that.” Whatzup manlove at the Streets?

Speaking of “manlove”, check out more reviews over at Music Snobbery.

the streets webster  hall

Damnit I Missed Dance Month!

Here are some left-over misadventure pictures from last weekend.

You can imagine how delighted I was to see a MAY IS DANCE MONTH banner hanging over the street in Boston. Too bad I didn’t remember to post this picture until this month…maybe we can get some retroactive dancing in.

boston dance month

We also stopped in Vermont to get our gasoline on and when I was in the service station I perused all the junk food that I never eat (because I never go food shopping). Seriously guys, are we Americans so f-cking lazy that we now have to DRINK OUR JUNK FOOD? Why are snacks coming in cups now? So you can snack and drive? So you don’t actually have to move your fingers? What the HELL?

vermont drinkable snacks

In Montreal we ate lupper (lunch + supper = lupper) at a cafe and next to us was the most outspoken, outlandish, self-proclaimed Columbian Canadian “jewelery designer”. Not only did he have a baby pink phone (pictured), his friends were ragging on him for hitting on another woman IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE. He also kept using the word “bro” more than would ever be necessary. I think his name was Antonio or something like that. He was wearing mirrored wrap-around shades and faded jeans with rips up and down the inner thighs. The dude was so out of control that I took this picture of him so I could save it for when I have kids and pull it up and say “If you ever become this man, I will disown you.

montreal antonio

Walking down the streets of Montreal I saw many lovely shops and people (like that pair of girls wearing “beer goggles” that I SO wished I had a picture of), but sometime during that first day there I was walking behind these 14 year old boys (as per usual)

montreal boys

…no big deal, right?

montreal jams

…oh wait. Oh.. NO.. HE..DIDN’T!

montreal jimmy jams

…oh crap, YES HE DID!

That kid was wearing tie-dyed jam shorts WITH JIM MORRISON’S FACE ON THEM. I now totally understand why Vice magazine started in Canada.

montreal dirty car

We get it. You’re sportif. Now get yourself to a damn carwash.

Fall Out Boy Throw Down on…Kidz Bop?

In the funnest smackdown of the week, Fall Out Boy totally sticks it to pre-teen music makers Kidz Bop by putting a halt to their song “Dance, Dance” being included on Volume 10 of the wildly popular kids music CDs.

According to MTV.com, the band found out about their hit single being included on the tweeny-bopper-sung cover album via internet message postings/ emails/ and IMs. Pete Wentz (aka- Captain Harsh Face) wrote the following on FallOutBoyRock.com regarding the song inclusion: “Here’s the answer: We don’t know what’s going on, because they can use a song without your permission. However, I can’t imagine some young kids singing ‘crawling into bed with me’ and all. If they change the lyrics, I believe they need to get permission. We’re looking into it.”

As luck would have it, Wentz was correct, and if the KB folks changed song lyrics, they’d need the OK from the band. After what one would assume was a friendly call from the Fall Out Boy lawyers and/or management, “Dance, Dance” will no longer appear on Volume 10 of Kidz Bop. I’m kinda thankful that I will never hear the KB kids singing how misery loves them. However they will do a rendition of Nick Lachey‘s divorce song, “What’s Left of Me”. Just what I need, another level of depressing things to be associated with that tune.

Allo Montréal!

This weekend I did what most Americans wish they had done, I headed for the home of Celine Dion, The Stills, and Priestess–yes, that’s right, I ran for the border and frolicked in the beautiful Canadian city of Montréal with my homies.

But one of the most frightening/amusing things that happened there was we were walking down the street and on the corner was this guy that looked SO much like Pete Doherty from the back–tall, lanky, wearing a gray hat, and brown hair. And then when he turned around, even his FACE looked like Pete’s (it also didn’t hurt that he looked totally confused).

So for about 3 seconds I had a heart attack and was like “holy CRAP is that Pete Doherty?” Then I realized that #1) I was in Montréal and that it would make NO SENSE for Pete Doherty to be in Canada and #2) this guy didn’t look like a junkie. But for those 3 seconds I almost lost my lunch. Phew.

Here are the photos I took to commemorate the non-Pete sighting. The best part about these photos is the old man in the hot pants and pulled up athletic socks in the foreground of the second photo:

montreal pete doherty

montreal pete doherty

I also discovered my new absolute favorite clothing line: Space FB by designer François Beauregard. Think APC looks for Banana Republic prices. Lots of clean lines, beautiful colors, and cuter than cute dresses. I loved their creamsicle colored 3/4 sleeve hoodies, but unfortunately I’m not 6’1″ with a super long waist. Also sad, I asked the sales girl and she told me the line is only sold in Canada right now. Apparently it’s a very hip brand worn by a lot of trendy kids at McGill University.