Oasis Fans, Prepare to Be Pissed

…there’s a movie called “Definitely, Maybe” and it has NOTHING to do with Liam or Noel Gallagher.

Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? The crew will be doing a location shoot on E. 45th Street between Lex and 3rd on Monday, October 2nd. Dare you to get a boom box and continually blast “Live Forever” at them all day long.

Oh and PS- the film is written and will be directed by the same dude who did not do  Bridget Jones’s Diary but Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. And in case you were wondering, yes, he’s Canadian. Yeahh…..

definitely maybe

Summer’s Almost Gone

Oh summer, we hardly new ya! Now you’re already slipping away before our very eyes. Wah!

Although I look forward to wearing fall clothing, I’ll kinda miss summer. The outdoor events, the BBQ, the rooftop drinking, open toed shoes, sundresses, etc.

How do you plan on whooping up your last days of summer? By singing the Ataris version of “Boys of Summer” while riding in a convertable with the top down? Oh…is that just me?

Tricia Romano at the Village Voice did a round-up of how the usual NYC suspects spent their days of verano. Yours truly has gone on record by saying my summer was spent being (not-so-secretly) emo. I crack up when I read that. Hahahah.

READ: “Wish You’d Been There” by Tricia Romano

Music of the moment: s/t, Danity Kane; Inside/In Inside/Out, The Kooks

Kelly Clarkson Gets All Metal On Us

In a highly entertaining video of a performance of metal rock tribute band Metal Skool at LA’s Key Club, they “drag” Kelly Clarkson and new boyfriend Ryan “lead singer of Yellowcard” Key up on stage and do a rendition of “Sweet Child Of Mine” and later “Don’t Stop Believing”. Wearing a school girl-ish white shirt with Peter Pan collar and sweater vest, she looks totally out of place onstage with all the metal hair and spandex.

kelly clarkson
WATCH: Kelly Clarkson singing “Sweet Child of Mine” with Metal Skool

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson singing “Don’t Stop Believing” with Metal Skool

If it was truly spontaneous and not some organized PR stunt, Kelly was a pretty great sport about the whole thing, even swigging straight from a bottle of whiskey–and she sounded AWESOME btw. The most fun (and most talented) American Idol, for sure! I love her.

Link from Wampoon via Digg.

Read more over at SFGate.com.

Seriously, How Is this Dude Not Sweating?

Ok so part of me goes to Pool Parties on Sundays just to check out what people are wearing. Yesterday was no exception.

Now I’m sure someone who reads this blog probably knows this boy–so if you do, WHY IS YOUR FRIEND WEARING A BLACK LONG-SLEEVED SWEATER IN 80 DEGREE WEATHER? I mean, c’mon! How is he not soping wet with sweat? Peter thought that maybe he had his sweat glads removed, or there was also the theory that “some skinny dudes just don’t sweat.”

Meanwhile I looked like a clammy mess. Thanks guy, for making me look like an unkept, scraggly wet sponge, while you looked cool and collected, snapping your fingers and reading On the Road. Daaammmmnnnyyouuuu!

sweater boy

Ok, I can’t even make this stuff up…


Doesn’t the guy with the white shoes look like the dude from the Ataris circa 2003 Warped Tour?

That dude now.